Dary Redblossom today at 07:33

Potaco_nugget today at 06:29

I have a new boy
I love him
Much obviously I redid the original a lik

Manchinesandmonsters today at 03:47

A quick sketch l made of my main OCs. Let me know what you think of them :)

And if you want to find out more you can find the over at my deviantART.


Luna ✡ Saphiran yesterday at 19:54

Angie 1.0 heh. Angelina Saphiran Devonshire indeed pals. yes it is the purple crazy one. but before going crazy completely. AHH BACKSTORY U WON'T UNDERSTAND EEE (Dis gud momma cat ;w;)

Misty Devonshire yesterday at 13:54

Remember the old comic I made with Misty and Angie? Yay it's back alive, it was fun to actually draw a fight. You can see the old comic on the last picture. Oh and if you're wondering why Misty is attacking out of nowhere, it was because I was lazy to draw something first. She was triggered because of Angelina (as always).

Red: Luna
Dark red: Misty
Purple: Angelina
Green: Joel
(I just own Misty in this comic, the rest are owned by their creators.)
Luna ✡ Saphiran yesterday at 19:22 ah yes. some quality free art and dead ships which got revived x3

Skylar yesterday at 04:58

Gulfcoastfanfest day 2

Manchinesandmonsters 14 October at 23:32

This was part of a commission l did for Deviantart. Since I'm new here I'm going to host a minor event. First 10 to message me will get 1 free request.
Manchinesandmonsters today at 03:43 Skylar, Sure I'll have him done tomorrow :)
Manchinesandmonsters today at 03:44 Luna ✡ Saphiran , Once you have the refrences ready let me know ill save your spot :)
Luna ✡ Saphiran today at 13:55 Manchinesandmonsters, Aww thankiez, btw one of those love birbs is the one i drew and posted yesterday.

Luna ✡ Saphiran 14 October at 22:40

Luna ✡ Saphiran yesterday at 14:02 Misty Devonshire, Indeed. Old Angie is best mommy.

Kitty Allison 14 October at 04:47

this is my name main oc elenora lucilica i will make big bio later

Kitty Allison 14 October at 04:44