Potaco_nugget today at 03:18

Eyes and teef

Potaco_nugget yesterday at 05:24

Iv had extra bad motivation for weeks so, this is the only thing iv drawn in those weeks that’s actually good.. i have no real good things to post so bleh help
Potaco_nugget today at 02:43 Luna ✡ Saphiran , Thanks mom
Potaco_nugget today at 02:44 DocTenebrisXII, Thanks?? :,)
DocTenebrisXII today at 03:01 Potaco_nugget, you are welcomed :D

DocTenebrisXII yesterday at 01:38

Allistar being an idiot and Yuno about to punish him :V
Luna ✡ Saphiran yesterday at 07:27 For some reason i rlly love those jerk ocs that make fun of their best friends. But like, they ain't evil, they precious.
DocTenebrisXII yesterday at 19:48 Luna ✡ Saphiran , xD I guess most friends are like that, and also, you'll never get bored with them around x)
Luna ✡ Saphiran yesterday at 19:56 DocTenebrisXII, Indeed x3

Skylar yesterday at 00:37

Ballora cosplay tutorial
This is my first time doing a voice cover so please bear with me

Sanctuary99 20 February at 22:09

I've reached ten comics.
DocTenebrisXII yesterday at 02:15 congratulations, dude! :D
Sanctuary99 yesterday at 05:59 DocTenebrisXII, thank you.

Tsunamifualt 20 February at 09:01

Help I've become an otaku and i can't stop listening to j-pop
I'll never be American again
Luna ✡ Saphiran 20 February at 09:55 Oh noez. This is so sad. Alexa, play despacito.
DocTenebrisXII yesterday at 01:34 is only a matter of time...

Tsunamifualt 20 February at 08:59

Would you be interested if I started to post a comic series on here?

Also look it pixel me
Luna ✡ Saphiran 20 February at 09:56 A comic? Why not. Also, nice pixel u there, although the tiny ear bothers me a lil x'D
Tsunamifualt 20 February at 22:59 Luna ✡ Saphiran , lol thanks. Also the ear bit is kinda because i used a mouse :/
Luna ✡ Saphiran yesterday at 07:26 Tsunamifualt, Hm. Alright. I used to draw with a mouse so i get it.

Tsunamifualt 20 February at 08:54

This is Annie. You'll be seeing a lot of her.

Luna ✡ Saphiran 20 February at 08:11

Guys i wanna play despacito, this is actually sad. More then 3000 ppl on the site, yet only like 10 are online, thats an oof.

k nvm 8551 ppl on this site.
Skylar 20 February at 21:39 Oh wow, I never knew so many people are on here ○ _ ○ , but yeah you are right about the few people that are online

GAB-Bloodwing 20 February at 02:11

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