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MayJuneJulyApril today at 11:51 Bendy
Disgea Alice
Decided to put her with the most nice girly colours since this alice is evil and I find that ironic.
Was considering giving her an white dress but decided on purple purple may be my favourite colour but how she is in game don't indicate an white dress I should give the white bow tie to bendy it won't be much of an change
messed up her horn and accidentally made her face less grewsome then I was suppost to I hope you can see...
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Arbitrary today at 04:44


Norton yesterday at 19:18


MarieDraws yesterday at 17:57


Gameverse yesterday at 17:24

I feel like I must sincerely apologize for being so inactive for the last few months. As of late, I've been very busy with a lot of things, most of which is for my own graduation.
Add that to the fact that I mostly had no idea what to post here since I still have a debatably small viewership and I've been more active on my Deviant art (which I do suggest you check out if you want).
So to keep things going on my profile here, Here are some random kirby arts I did! while yes they are sorta recolo...
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Misty Devonshire yesterday at 17:23

I'm just desperate about my Ipad being a total idiot and not letting me draw on it, so I guess is better to deal with kids that scribble on top of my drawings only for fun :,)

I did a few more, but my small nut brain forgot to save. And on the first picture, my drawing is on the middle.

chilifry yesterday at 16:52

I haven’t been online in a rly long time ;-; i sry
Here are some things I drew recently that I’m kind of proud of

MarieDraws yesterday at 16:37


Sarabelez yesterday at 15:39

Hello! can anyone tell me how I can delete my account here?
Misty Devonshire yesterday at 17:16 Hi! I'm pretty sure Alexandr can help you with that.

Misty Devonshire yesterday at 14:32

Ignore those "outfit+horns" at the bottom :v

Yeah I've been gone but there's a reason for it.
(If I figure out how to upload pictures from a computer, I'll be able to show what I'm doing ;v;)

By the way, I drew this picture a few days ago, I just wanted to post anything here~
DocTenebrisXII yesterday at 15:00 At least she's asking nicely xD and is that that you don't know how upload a picture from a PC?
Misty Devonshire yesterday at 17:13 DocTenebrisXII, From my laptop it was apearing that this website wasn't safe, but I just figured out what was wrong. In my desktop, I have every website I go and when I checked instead of "" it had "weartsbox.ur". I'm gonna post the stuff that I wanted soon :v