Skylar today at 03:09

Wanted to try the #toonmechallenge that is going on, on Instagram
This was my take on it
MysterizMadi today at 03:28 That looks wonderful. pretty realistic.

D!E3Ø yesterday at 17:26

The panda of the future

D!E3Ø yesterday at 15:20

Meet the irritable bowl syndrome chan granny

MysterizMadi 27 January at 04:27


MysterizMadi 27 January at 02:30

I made these small foods for my doll

D!E3Ø 26 January at 01:00

CORONA CHAN bitch meme

Skylar 25 January at 18:00

Pink neon butterfly

Skylar 25 January at 17:58

Made this to celebrate for reaching 100 subscribers on YouTube
MysterizMadi 25 January at 22:45 Happy celebration! 100 subs is way more that any followers I've ever have. This must be a great milestone for you. keep making your Wonderful content.
Skylar 26 January at 07:29 Thanks! I'm really excited to see how the channel will grow in the years to come, and I will try my best \(^ヮ^)/

MysterizMadi 25 January at 04:04

Okay, so, my last post was of a doll I made. The day I posted that, something happened, and now it's in pieces (I need to string it back together). So, I deleted it. Dismissing that, today I finished sculpting a smaller doll. (Next post I might try posting it from my phone so the picture is better quality) For the smaller doll, I made the head myself, This is how it turned out. I will post a picture of the full doll once I string it together. Also, My birthday is coming up. I don't know if there...
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DocTenebrisXII 25 January at 03:33

Kyte and felyx udner a mushroom udner the rain :p