Top 10 video games which was filmed anime

based On the stories of anime are already making video games. But the reverse process occurs much less frequently. Some games made for the anime, just awful. But there are very decent options that were popular in the past. Ten of these video games we will present below.

10. "Final fantasy 15: the Brotherhood"

I Really hope that the producers of the game will not take for tradition to release the game on every single part of anime. But this version was very good.

9. "Inazuma Eleven lightning"

All well-known masterpieces such as FIFA and "Pro evolution Soccer", released for all gaming platforms. "Inazuma" is not inferior to them in level, though not as popular.

8. "Stay night/fate"

it Seems strange that the producers of the game have the basic plot of a romantic fantasy. But time has proved the correctness of their choice.

7. "Tangarana"

This series of games started back in 2010. And the anime adaptation came out quite late – in 2013.

6. "Hacking"

In video games is formed by four of the storyline of this magnificent series about role-playing game “World”.

5. "Valkyria Chronicles"

Cartoon with a unique visual style. Unfortunately, the producers of the game did not reflect this in the chart.

4. "Person 4"

this popular anime has also created a series of games for the platform "PlayStation". Now fans eagerly await the release of the fifth part.

3. "Eater of gods"

this series of Games is quite good, but differ in monotonous content. But the storyline of the anime is much wider.

2. "Stein gate"

Quite original videogame in which the main character opens the possibility of microwave and phone. It turned out that he can change the future, displacing his consciousness in the past.

1. "Pokemon"

actually the game is in the story of this anime appeared in the past on manual consoles “Boy”. But at that time it was not popular. The demand came only after the release of the 151-th limited edition of the game. Then followed a whole series of anime.