8 little-known facts about Jane Austen

If you love classics, you are probably familiar with the works of Jane Austen. To this day it remains one of the most outstanding British writers.

a Lot of details and secrets

In 2017, marks 200 years since the death of Jane Austen, one of the most famous figures in English literature. She was born December 16, 1775 and managed to write six novels long before he died at the age of forty-one years. Her ability to appreciate the society and incredible wit has secured her place in history. Surprisingly, even now, two centuries after she's done, the modern readers may not understand all of the information about Jane. With the writer connected with very interesting facts!

Jane was a model of disability of his time

By the time she was only twenty-three, Jane had already written a draft of version three of the six novels that she managed to finish. The book ‘Pride and prejudice”, “Sense and sensibility” and “Nortengerskoe Abbey» was in the preliminary version ready before the end of the eighteenth century. Novel ‘Sense and sensibility" first put into print, it was published anonymously. Jane paid for the publication of four hundred and sixty pounds, but then returned the money again, because all copies were sold out in the first months, which led to the publication of the second edition.

In 1813 he published the second work, the ‘Pride and prejudice”, which was originally a writer named “First impression” and published anonymously. The novel became a hit, even the wife of Lord Byron noted how popular it is to read. The book was published in several editions. In 1814 a print out ‘Mansfield Park" the author's name still wasn't listed on the cover. Anyway, the book again was a success and Jane got more money than with the previous two novels. In the same year appeared the novel “Emma”, which Jane has said that his main character no one likes, except her. New again captivated readers. The book “reason” many fans consider to be the best novel Jane, she was published after her death, like the novel “Nortengerskoe Abbey». In addition to these six books, Jane also graduated from the epistolary novel called "Lady Susan" and left behind two unfinished draft.

One she started in 1805, but did not finish, it was called “Watson”. The other was called “Brothers”, it was the story the writer began to create six months before the death-illness and vision problems prevented her from working. The unfinished book was published under the title “Sanditon” in 1925-m. in addition, the writer has created and poetry, and maintained a correspondence with her sister Cassandra. Unfortunately Cassandra destroyed many letters after Jane's death.

Work Jane was autobiographical

Many of the places and people in the works of the writer are similar to those that were in her real life. Jane was part of high society, so her work is full of subtle English humor, perfectly illustrate his life. After his father's death Jane and her mother and sister Cassandra are faced with a financial situation similar to that of the history of women of the Dashwood family of ‘Sense and sensibility". Jane spent a lot of time in bath, which is the Central point of several of her novels.

the Writer even uses the names of family and friends in his works. For example, relatives of her mother was Willoughby and Wentworth, prominent family of Yorkshire. It was thought that Jane's mother decided on a misalliance when she chose her husband, the priest by George Austin. The writer brothers were naval officers and often wrote letters home, stories of them Jane also used in the novels. Despite the fact that the novels almost always have a happy ending, the writer herself didn't marry. In December 1802, when Jane was 27, she for just one day was engaged to Harris Bigg-Whiteroom, the brother of her friend. Unknown cause for which she gave her consent, and then took back his words the next day, anyway, the writer did a happy relationship in life.

Jane was an incredibly rich social life

do Not think that the absence of a spouse means that Jane wrote his manuscript in solitude and was a sad old maid. Jane spent time very actively and were familiar with many people. After twenty years, she would often attend various events in London. In the city her brother Henry had a house where she was staying. Austin visited in galleries, at parties, socialized with the most famous personages of those times. Her brother Edward lived with rich relatives and then inherited their condition, so he and Jane often visited. Sometimes she stayed for months and all this time you led a rich life. This gave her the opportunity so well to describe the society in his novels.

Austen's Novels – it's not just ladies fun

Perhaps you once faced with the view that Austen's books – is nothing more than a ladies ' novels. In fact it is absolutely not true. Prominent historical figures loved working Jane. For example, Chesterton notes that it is wittier and stronger than Charlotte Bronte, and even than George Eliot. He was sure that Austin is the best was to describe the experiences of men.

Lord Tennyson equated the talent of the writer to the talent of Shakespeare, because she managed no less vivid images. Rudyard Kipling was an admirer of the writer and even wrote about her story. Of course, in the center of her books – romance and marriage, but not to mention that they are bright, witty, funny look at the British society of those times.

was Jane poisoned?

the Writer was only forty one when she died, in this respect there is a lot of gossip. Theory is very different, from stomach cancer to Alzheimer's disease. In March 2017, a new idea. It turns out that there is a probability that the writer was poisoned with arsenic. Developed before death cataract is one of the indicate this symptoms. The theory was first proposed in 2011, and it may be true. However, do not think that, in life, Jane was something sinister. In those days there were problems with the water supply, the arsenic was found in medicines and cosmetics. It should also be noted that with the death of the writer connected with other hypotheses, including the development of her diabetes. Many historians believe that Jane died of Addison's disease or Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Books Jane actively filmed

Austen's Books are ideal for film adaptations, it is not surprising that some of them have become movies many times. The most familiar to the audience the book “Pride and prejudice”. The latest adaptation of this novel came out in 2005 and has collected a great box office. There is even an unusual adaptation, for example the bollywood version of “Bride and prejudice”. Inspired by the work Jane and the story of Bridget Jones, which featured a character named mark Darcy.

Jane has a lot of fans

Fans of writer is extremely passionate about her work and very interesting time. Companies Austin exist in England and in the United States. Fans arrange a variety of events and festivals, lectures, costume balls, parties, in addition, they write novels. You can even go on a themed tour of the area where Jane was born and spent her adult years.