What are you hiding from us airline employees?

If you often travel by plane, then you should learn some interesting secrets. Each mystery, of which you will read most often not disclosed and hushed, and the employees of the airlines are doing everything to the passengers knew nothing about it.

Say no to vouchers, you are entitled to cash

If you are not allowed on the plane due to the fact that all seats are already occupied, should not be limited to vouchers, they have no meaning. The airline needs to find you another flight within two hours. If she doesn't, she's legally required to reimburse you for the cost of the ticket up to $ 1,350. But the airline instead trying to foist customers with vouchers.

Even at renewal to another plane you can get the compensation

now imagine a situation that you didn't get on the plane, but the airline was able to find you a flight for two hours, and you could arrive at the destination not later than one hour after scheduled arrival time. You have no grounds for complaint, and you will not receive compensation. But if the plane arrives later than one hour after the scheduled time, you can receive compensation up to $ 675.

You can cancel the reservation 24 hours before departure free of charge

it is worth noting that there are exceptions, so don't book all the seats on the plane just for fun. Most airlines offers you to return the tickets up to seven days before departure, getting back the entire amount. However, some companies will allow you to cancel the booking one day before departure, but in rare cases, cancellation can be carried out even for a couple of hours before departure.

If your plane is delayed, you can arrange a plane ticket to other airlines

During the Golden age of flight there was a Rule 240, according to which airline, which flight is severely delayed or cancelled, was obliged to accommodate you for free, even if we are talking about the plane's direct competitor. This practice came to an end in 1978 due to deregulation, however, airlines still can do it if you ask.

If your itinerary changes, you pay the difference

If your flight is badly delayed or has been cancelled and the airline arranged for you alternative flights, she should take care of all the expenses that will be associated with it. So if the flight were empty seats in the first class, it's yours, and it won't cost you a penny.

And you can save the ticket for later

what about this ticket on delayed or cancelled flight? You will still be able to use it in another moment. Think of it as compensation the airline for you experienced stress. If this was the last straw and you decide to never fly these airlines, even for free, you can require involuntary refund for the ticket you are unable to use.

Tickets are non-refundable, may be subject to refund

When the fault lies with the airline, as it owes you money. If the flight is severely delayed (usually two hours or more), was repealed, and if there is a change of departure time or route (for example, if your flight was a nonstop, and then became a flight with stops), you can get a full refund even if your ticket was sold as "nonrefundable".

Your additional expenses are also refundable

Although standards of decency and common sense and say that the money you paid for your Luggage, extra legroom, or to be on Board before the others, must also be returned to you if the flight is delayed or has been cancelled, but the airlines are not always in a hurry with it. So you definitely need to mention this when you talk about the return of the funds.

In Europe you are entitled to more

unlike other parts of the world, Europeans are notorious for creating a variety of rules that inconvenience corporations, while serving the good of the common man. Among these rules many are travel. The requirements for airlines are exposed incredibly tough, so if your flight, for example, from Madrid to Stockholm is delayed or postponed, you can get even more than anywhere else.

You have to pay for baggage delay is much more than you will be offered

If your Luggage arrived late, and was not lost, the airline will try to offer you from 25 to 50 dollars per every day of delay. However, there's certainly not enough to compensate for the spoiled vacation, wedding or important business trip. According to the law, you can claim from the airline up to $ 3,500, if you have remained in the hands of receipts.

If you have a small bag, you can get it for free

You do not need to bring a huge suitcase, filled with new sets of clothes for each day, and try to carry it through the terminal, but if you have a small bag which you are ready to leave for the flight, you will be able to save on paying for baggage, but also to respect employees as you are willing to sacrifice something for the common good (though in reality you just want to save).

If the plane does not take off within three hours, you can leave it

If the airport had been delayed and the plane takes off over a long period of time, the airline may not keep passengers on Board longer than three or four hours (depending on flight) without allowing you to get off the ground when you first will. So the movie is playing, once again will not save the airline. In addition, flight attendants are required to begin to deliver food and drinks after two hours of waiting.

Buy large quantities of tickets at a time can be expensive

You can seem more effective booking from a large number of tickets in order to then spend a lot of time to make sure everything got on my flight. However, with this you can spend much more money. Airlines sell tickets in different price categories. So if the flight is available two tickets for $ 99, and the rest are $ 299, and you try to buy four tickets at once, you will pay $ 299 for each of the four tickets.

You can get seats in the first class for free if you want

You should pay attention to when you exit. Most often, your neighbor on these sites is the invisible man, and behind him will follow travelling home flight attendants and pilots, which these places are given at the last minute. Do you know why? Because these places are more expensive and they remain empty even on the most crowded routes. So you should definitely give it a try.

Credit card can cover the travel insurance and paying for Luggage

Credit cards airlines often try to lure you with promises of free Luggage, but other credit cards can also have a similar function, if you buy tickets through them. Therefore, you should spend five minutes to call the Bank where you ordered your credit card to clarify if there is something similar in your case. Moreover, many credit cards automatically offer you travel insurance, which means you don't have to pay for it separately.