The most luxurious cruise ships in the world

there was a time when cruise ships exclusively associated with the queues in the canteen and play cards or Board games between pensioners. And although for many people this idea still remains the ideal holiday home industry since evolved. Cruise ships today are cool and luxurious way to spend a vacation. If in the last few years you go in any cruise, it's time to change it, 2018 will be a great time. Gone are the days when ice sculptures and poker tables were the main attractions of cruise ships. To date, every floating city that descends to the water, raises the bar higher and higher, and in all respects such as size, facilities and amazing entertainment. That is why you should take a look at the most beautiful and spectacular cruise ships that will be launched and will be available to the public in 2018.

Carnival Vista

The largest and newest cruise ship lines Carnival was launched in late 2016, and it could boast a full variety of previously unseen features. First on Board you will find a brewery, which became the first in the history of the brewery, located on Board the vessel. And the beer here is made from distilled sea water. On the upper deck you will find cycle track, on which passengers can ride high above the sea level, enjoying panoramic views. Also on Board is a private water Park where the rides are in no way inferior to those you can find in the best water parks on land. Even on rainy days, this liner can offer you a lot of entertainment options, starting with a barbecue restaurant and an ending cinema.

Silver Muse

If you are looking for the perfect European luxury aboard a cruise liner, the largest ship of the line Silversea is perfect for you. In the upper cabins can be found beds made by the famous design company Savoir Beds, whose clients were people like Winston Churchill. On this ship you will find a huge variety of different cabins, among which there is a room area of 93 square meters, where you will see chairs, armchairs and Ottomans Chesterfield, as well as an impressive collection of vintage port. Also on Board is a large library and art café, which allows passengers to enjoy exhibitions of paintings and sculptures. As for the food, you will definitely find something that suits you, in one of the eight restaurants on Board.

MSC Seaside

This cruise liner easily will pass all the parameters most of the ships that depart from southern California. This dvadtsatimetrovy giant looks like a floating skyscraper of Miami, and on Board you'll find the boardwalk, the upper deck is the impressive pool and the stern of the ship is another pool. Between decks it is possible to move the elevators with glass walls, which are just next to the swimming pool at the stern of the ship. This giant is one of the most high-tech biggest ships in the world. For example, the water Park introduced the same system as in the leading parks on land, which allows to get rid of long queues.

Viking Sun

Cruise ships of Viking line will never be described by such loud phrases like “the world's largest cruise ship” or “we can fit the entire population of Luxembourg at a one-deck”. However, this new ship offers a sufficient number of spacious cabins, the smallest of which has an area of 25 square meters. Also you will find an impressive cabin with tiered glass panels, allowing you to enjoy 180-degree views. Also aboard this ship is much larger gym than with his predecessors and the ticket price includes beer, wine, wireless Internet and a tour from one of the ports, the liner visits along the way.

Symphony of the Seas

When this ship will be operational, it will become the world's largest cruise liner. Its length is 265 metres and it can accommodate up to 6800 passengers. This floating city includes all amenities, which is famous for the cruise line Royal Caribbean, such as bar, Aqua Park, giant waterslide with a height of about thirty meters. But will appear on the Board and new facilities such as a sports bar, more restaurants, and a family room. You will also be able to enjoy the show on the ice and in the water, which would be demonstrated to Olympic athletes.

Norwegian Bliss

Although the newest ship cruise lines Norwegian Cruise Lines was designed with consideration of where it will float (on Board a 180-degree viewing platform, ideal to enjoy with birds and glaciers), classes that will be offered to passengers will help them to forget exactly where they are. You can start with the largest in the history of cruise liners go-kart tracks, which looks like someone placed onboard a miniature version of tracks for "Formula-1". You will also find water slides, which are located on the sides of the ship, and passengers can ride right over the waves of the ocean.

Carnival Horizon

Cruise line Carnival Cruise Lines has achieved incredible success with his previous ship, so the new ship, which she wants to introduce, represents the best of the previous model, combined with a large number of new concepts. For example, you will find on Board a theme Park and a brewery that makes their beer from desalinated sea water. Along the perimeter of the ship the cable car. Also on Board are crafty cocktail bar, Asian restaurant, and also a huge screen that constantly films will be shown.

Majestic Princess

the Newest ship cruise lines, Princess Cruises, built for the Chinese market, might be the best way to see the far East from the observation deck. The most amazing aspect of this ship is a glass walkway that extends over the side of the ship at eight and a half meters. Passengers can walk through it, admiring the ocean waves right under my feet. If you wish, you can stay at the bar, which is also located on a glass floor located directly over the ocean. In addition, on Board this ship is a restaurant voted the best new restaurant on cruise liners.

Seabourn Ovation

This incredible ship will sail routes, the duration of which will be from seven to twenty-one days. It will travel through Central Europe, Morocco, the Baltic sea, Scandinavia and almost any other place in Europe where you may want to go. But cheap this cruise will not be exact. However, there is nothing to pay, because this ship brings together luxurious as cruise ships are famous for, and elevates it to a superlative degree. One need only look at its size: 12 decks and a capacity of 600 passengers.

Harmony of the Seas

you should Start with the obvious: this cruise liner will be the largest in the history of cruise liners. Yes, this ship can fit 5397 passengers in some of the biggest rooms in the industry. The rooms will have their own private balconies, however, they will be divided into seven unique “areas”. And, of course, there will be one of the largest water parks on Board cruise liners that will offer you a huge variety of attractions, among them will be the biggest water slide with a height of about thirty meters.