Planning a vacation in February? 13 best holiday destinations this month

February – one of the most exciting months for travel. It was at this time in Rio de Janeiro is the carnival, in Beijing begins the Chinese New year celebration, and Sweden watching the Northern lights. In fact, the options for a memorable February vacation countless. In our review presents the best ideas.

New Orleans, USA

In February, New Orleans is a perfect combination of good weather, a variety of entertainment and delicious food. The town hosts the Mardi Gras carnival, which is often called "the greatest free show on earth". In the period of the festival on its streets, parades and boil around the clock noisy festivities.
if you don't like large crowds of people, New Orleans will offer you many other exciting ways to have a good time. Explore the cosy bars and restaurants on Frenchmen street, where you can enjoy the sounds of live jazz or take a stroll through Jackson square, one of the best places to observe city life.

Park city, USA

This is the true Paradise for fans of winter sports. Park city offers tourists more than 400 trails for skiing and snowboarding. At the Olympic games of 2002 there was held competitions in skeleton and bobsleigh.
in Addition to the magnificent slopes, you will find in a lot of other interesting things. You can visit the local Egyptian theatre, as well as to explore the main street of Park city-main street in the style of the Wild West.

Maui, Hawaii, USA

In February, the Hawaii significantly reduced prices on hotels, so the rest goes relatively low. This month also is the best time to spot humpback whales. To get acquainted with the marine animals during the annual festival of the whales on Maui.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This beach town is ideal for February travel. In Puerto Vallarta, warm soft weather with an average temperature of +21...+26 ºC and not a lot of tourists. In addition, in the vicinity of the town is the famous Hidden beach, which tourists love for its unusual rocky landscape and secluded atmosphere.


curaçao – a real find for fans of winter recreation and the most affordable Caribbean destination. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches and rich history, reflected in the local cuisine, music and art scene. Curaçao's capital, Willemstad, is full of bright buildings of Dutch colonial architecture and quaint streets lined with a myriad of authentic restaurants and bars. The city is also the owner of an unusual floating market.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is considered the birthplace of the most brilliant and impressive carnival in the world. A Grand festival is held annually in February, in the midst of the Brazilian summer. At this time in the city for hundreds of thousands of tourists to see the Samba parades and take part in the festivities. The biggest parades are usually held on the street in Rio de Janeiro, where Samba schools compete for the title of Champions, however, to enjoy holiday almost at any point of Rio de Janeiro.


This is another South American area, which is worth a visit in February. During this period, the picturesque Patagonia is perfect for kayaking, horseback riding, camping and Hiking. Especially delightful scenery you will see in the Argentine city of San Carlos de Bariloche and the Chilean national Park Torres del Paine.

Abisko, Sweden

Abisko (on the main photo) – the perfect option for travelers-adventurers. Located in the Arctic, this city is one of the most Northern points of Europe, where the day lasts only for a few hours. In Abisko you will have the unique opportunity to observe the Northern lights and spend a night in a hotel made completely of ice. You can also ride a sled pulled by dogs, enjoy Hiking and magnificent national parks.

Venice, Italy

Venice is extremely picturesque, not only in summer but in winter, when the winding canals of the city wrapped in thick fog and silence. Feel its magical atmosphere, a short walk from St. Mark's, or drinking a Cup of hot chocolate at the café Florian, where once sat Charles Dickens and Marcel Proust.
If you want a unique experience, watch colorful performances of the Venetian carnival. The celebration takes place in the city in the first half of February.

Beijing, China

In February falls the most ambitious celebration of China – New year. If you happen to be at this time in Beijing, you will find as many as 15 days of countless entertainment, delicious food and a fireworks show. This year residents will mark the entry into the new year from 16 February to 2 March. According to tradition, it will end with the lantern Festival.


Singapore is one of the most grandiose celebrations on the occasion of Chinese New year outside of China. During this time, local residents organize large-scale parades in the streets and a fireworks show on the river, Hongbao.
in Addition to entertainment, Singapore will give you an exciting cultural experience. Use the time free from the festive celebrations and visit the Malay, Indian and Chinese neighbourhoods, explore local temples and sample delicious street food.

Goa, India

This Indian area will provide you the most comfortable and peaceful winter vacation. In February, the Goa is not so crowded as in other months, and the prices are much lower. In addition, there are many pristine beaches, beautiful nature and rich culture. If you are interested in history, visit the Old Goa-this city is full of centuries-old Catholic churches of the times of the early Portuguese rule.

Cape town, South Africa

Cape town – the best February destination for lovers of good wines. Once you are there, enjoy a wine tasting and the beautiful scenery of the Constantia valley, dotted with small wine farms and streets, framed by oak trees.
In Cape town also many great beaches where you can plenty enjoy the sun, surf and socialize with the wildlife. For example, on the beach of Boulders you will get a chance to meet the African penguins.