You will be shocked to learn that in these countries, on the seafront so cheap to live

Shore and beach – is your dream? Then the sea is waiting for you! Here are ten of the most affordable coastal towns in the world.

Algarve, Portugal

it is Hard to believe that the region with hundreds of kilometers of beaches, cobbled, quaint streets and a large amount of sunlight than anywhere else in Europe, can have such a low subsistence level. Moreover, a large part of the region is English-speaking, and there are more than a hundred thousand of immigrants from around the world.

Cartagena, Colombia

Life in Cartagena is akin to a vacation in the Caribbean Gulf, but only for many years. And this place is perfect for all the party lovers, and fans of history and lovers of outdoor activities. For scuba diving and the region is one of the best in the Caribbean.

Hoi an, Vietnam

for More major Vietnamese cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, attracting the largest number of immigrants, but none of them can boast of beaches. Hoi an, in turn, not only one side has beautiful green mountains, it is also on the opposite side completely is a beach, so you will definitely find a place to enjoy life in solitude.

Taghazout, Morocco

Working in the sphere of high technologies? Then you have to go to Morocco, since this country, thanks to the incredibly high speed Internet connections and proximity to Western Europe, has become an incredibly attractive place for entrepreneurs who want to cut the costs of their high-tech companies.


to Live on five hundred dollars a month in one of the best surf cities in the South Pacific ocean seems impossible, especially given the fact that he's been attracting large numbers of immigrants and Americans who want to work remotely. However, it is true, moreover, here you will find artists, designers, yoga instructors and other foreigners from all over the world, calling Canggu their home, so the city is young, though, and a rustic atmosphere.

Split, Croatia

Although the European coast can be relatively expensive, you can still find great places, such as Split. This small town on the Adriatic coast has beaches that attract tourists from all over the world who travel days, to be able to rest there.

Gulfport, Mississippi, USA

of Course, in comparison with the developing countries of Asia and Central America Gulfport doesn't look so cheap. However, there are those people who want to live cheaply on the coast of the United States of America. In Gulfport the lowest property prices in all the coastal cities of the country, and it is located right in the middle of the greatest artistic region of the US.

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Although the Dominican Republic has some of the most beautiful and affordable places on the coast, Las Terrenas attracts the fact that it is almost entirely composed of immigrants. Thirty years ago, Europeans considered this city as a great place to spend a vacation, but are unable to leave and stayed to live there.

San Pancho, Mexico

Almost every coastal city in Mexico will be a real boon, particularly in financial terms. But San Pancho – a special place. Here there is an atmosphere of California surf town, and you will also find high cliffs, impressive waves, and also the center of the city where there are numerous restaurants serving dishes exclusively from the freshest and natural products.

of Phi Phi, Thailand

This is one of the most underrated places for honeymoon in world, however the island of Phi Phi is the place where a married couple are sitting in their last honeymoon night and say, “why we are here not to move?”. Of course, they were joking, but why not? If nothing is keeping you home, you can rent here are spacious and beautiful apartment with ocean view for about $ 700 a month.

Granada, Nicaragua

since Granada is one of the best preserved Spanish colonial cities in North America, it attracts many tourists interested in history. These tourists bring with them the opening of chic restaurants, cool bars, as well as the emergence of a large number of immigrants that will make you life here much easier.

Las Palmas, Spain

If you've ever been in Las Palmas, you may be surprised that he turned out to be in this list. However, as with many other cities, and life – they are two completely different things. Apartment for rent on the beach will cost you only $ 500, but if we are talking about a spacious two-bedroom apartment, you will be able to meet and 700 dollars.