What you need to know the passengers of a cruise ship?

review the information from the staff of cruise ships – many of these secrets passengers don't know!

do Not trust the promises that “all inclusive”

actually marked as «all inclusive” - pure Convention. Usually such a journey does not include expenses for alcohol, gratuities, excursions, Internet, trips to the casino. Remember that the cruise always involves quite heavy expenses.

make sure you choose a cabin

Always carefully study the layout of the ship before selecting cabins. Do not select a cabin directly under the gym, the main deck, the disco. Remember that the space in front of the ship pitching will be more noticeable.

Prepare charger

If the rules of the ship allows, be sure to bring an extension cord. Often, the cabin turns out to be only one outlet and this is clearly not enough to charge all your gadgets. Take need a charger and an extension cord or a battery it to be comfortable.

don't leave the car at the port

If you come to the liner in the car, do not leave it in the Parking lot at the port – usually there inflated prices. Any other Parking nearby will allow you to save.

Be careful – the violence is real

According to statistics, the ship is a likelihood that you will rape doubled. Investigations in such cases are difficult because often the matter involved alcohol, in addition to the Board of police. Take care of your safety and always be in the company of a friend.

do Not book excursions from the cruise company

You can book the same excursions and other tourist companies. If you order from cruise company, you seriously overpaid.

Try to wash hands frequently

cruise ships regularly occur in the epidemic. The most common cause is getting the norovirus, which causes abdominal cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. Follow hygiene, to avoid this.

don't be surprised shortcomings service

Laws relating to the organization of labor in a particular country, the ship shall not apply, so the working day may exceed twelve hours. The staff of the ship get quite a bit, working overtime and not getting a prize. Don't be surprised if all this will affect the service during your travel.

do Not guess, where does fresh water

I can Not understand how on the ship are placed all the reserves of fresh water? They are not! Water is purified on the ship, removing it from salt and impurities, making it safe for consumption.

Use the Internet on land

Often on cruise ships incredibly high prices for the use of wireless Internet. Better to use the Internet only in the port. Can ask the Desk staff where the nearest cafe with free Internet – they also can't afford Internet on Board and certainly will know where you will be able to connect to the Network.

Book in advance

Procrastinators need to fight with you! In most cases, Parking may be at a discount only when you book it much in advance. Remember that the cheapest cabins sell out first. If you want to get a lower price, book the trip for eighteen months before departure!

Beware of robbery

If you get robbed on the ship, this shall not affect the employees of the liner. The theft in small amounts, they are not misleading, so for a minor crime no one was watching. Better leave your valuables at home, not to risk to remain without them.

don't be afraid of the pirates

Employees of the liner prepared to attack the pirates, but that happens very rarely. Details of the preparation of the travelers won't share, but the program is considered to be really effective.

travel in December or January

Many people don't like to go on a trip right before the holidays or immediately after, so the price of the cruise is markedly reduced. Another budget option – the first week of September. Try not to go on a cruise during the holidays.

don't forget to choose their own entertainment on Board

Cruise companies compete with each other to see who will offer the most interesting options for leisure and entertainment, so you can find ships with ziplines, water slides, climbing wall and rope maze. On some ships there is even a surf simulation! Be sure to check the holiday deals and find something for everyone.

Keep your child in the pool

the ships often sink, because the lifeguards at the pool often not. The exceptions are American ships Disney. In other cases, for the safety of the child better watch themselves.

do Not think that the ship will wait for you

the Ship will wait for about an hour, if you do not have a large number of tourists. If there are one or two passengers, sending one to delay will not. If you are late, you will have to pay the costs to get to the next port, which will stop your ship yourself.

don't expect to get Luggage right

Take in your hand Luggage everything you need – a swimsuit, a change of things, the tablets and all you need to watch first, because you will not get your Luggage as soon as will be on Board.

don't assume that all employees have high qualification

don't be surprised if the photographer on the ship are poorly versed in photography, and the dancers don't dance perfectly. On the ship are gaining a huge number of people, and salaries are quite low, so a collision with unskilled people among the staff is just inevitable.

don't be surprised that the Board has a secret bar

Employees of the liner also throw parties and drink alcohol to relax. But do not think that you will be able to join them – on Board there is an indoor bar, a location not open to tourists. Employees are prohibited to establish friendly contacts with the travelers, so in any case you are unable to become a part of their free time.

Bring your own alcohol

Many cruise ships allow you to carry on Board one or two bottles of wine. If you buy wine on Board, take the whole bottle – this is much more economical than buying one.

Remember that you can actually fall overboard

According to statistics, about twenty people a year falls overboard. Many of them are drunk or jump in an attempt to commit suicide.

You can order a lot of food

can't decide between two appetizers? Long wanted to try snails? Many passengers do not know can ask them to bring two appetizers or an extra main dish. You can ask for and additive.

Expect special treatment if you are wealthy

Passengers luxury often receive special treatment, for example, a separate area with Concierge service, Butler, swimming pool and restaurant, and free from crowds of tourists. On a show for these travelers allocated a separate space, and on land they are waiting for an exclusive tour.

Be careful in the port

In some ports, a relatively high level of crime, so you should be extremely careful.

Look for discounts before booking

Special offers are available for the elderly, former military, teachers. In addition, discounts are offered to those who have already traveled on the liner of the company. You can check about discounts when booking.

Get magnetic hooks

Magnetic hooks that you can attach to the walls of the cabin, will allow you to store things not only in the closet.

don't delay booking your next trip

If you love to travel, book the next trip on Board. It gives a big discount.