Winter beauty of European cities: the 11 best destinations

There are staunch fans on holiday in warmer climes who never go on a trip to the North. Nevertheless, winter has its charm. Cool days in Europe can be wonderful. Moreover, in the cold season a popular town almost free of tourists, and prices are falling. You may want to choose winter direction – you will be captivated by the beauty of these places, the coziness of small cafes and the atmosphere of the Christmas markets.

Vienna, Austria

a vein not so long ago have chosen the best city in Europe, this title remains relevant in any season of the year. In winter, the Austrian capital is especially beautiful. You can treat yourself to hot chocolate and cake "Sacher" enjoy Opera performances right on the street, listen to classical music and to do scenic photography.

Bruges, Belgium

This medieval city has been preserved better than other European cities, which gives it a special charm, especially in the holiday winter season. Walk through the cobbled streets, ice skating, warm up with a Cup of hot Belgian chocolate café.

Edinburgh, Scotland

the Edinburgh festival Hogmanay – a three-day celebration of the new year, followed by a concert in the streets, fireworks and dancing. If you are not too fond of parties, you can go shopping and spend the evening in a cosy pub with a glass of whiskey. The nature lovers can go to national parks or Botanical garden.

Budapest, Hungary

Winter is the best time to visit in Budapest. You will be able to admire the Parliament reflected in the Danube, on which floating ice. Even the most dedicated fan of the beaches will not be disappointed. You will be able to visit great cafes, interesting museums, to visit the thermal baths, where so nice to warm up after a long walk in the cold.

Prague, Czech Republic

a Little town so reminiscent of a winter Wonderland as Prague, when the snow covers the Charles bridge and the Old town rooftops. Moreover, in the Czech capital is one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, where even the most experienced traveler can't resist a mulled wine and trdelnik – this is a traditional Czech pastry.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen has all the features a perfect North village – there are attractive wooden houses, a beautiful Marina, breathtaking views of the fjords. This place looks great in the summer, but in winter months you can see the Northern lights. What is not a reason to freeze a bit in Scandinavia?

Paris, France

Paris is always a wonderful choice. No exception and winter, when the streets are opened Christmas shops and stores have themed decorations, worthy of a Museum. Not to mention the fact that in winter virtually no queues to popular attractions.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

the Capital of Slovenia seems truly fabulous place in the sun, and on a snowy day. Go in December to enjoy the Baroque architecture in light of the holiday lights. You can avoid the crowds and enjoy the Old town, and visit the atmospheric cafe by the river. You can go also to lake bled and visit the Julian Alps.

Venice, Italy

in the Summer the city is crowded with tourists, but in winter the streets are empty. Channels shrouded in silence and fog, hotels offer great discounts – this is the perfect moment.

Berlin, Germany

In Berlin are the best Christmas markets, a very picturesque and atmospheric. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the restaurants with Michelin stars, popular Nightclubs and original museums.

Luzern, Switzerland

Make a winter trip to Switzerland a unique and gorgeous head to Lucerne, where you will find interesting museums and even the ferry ride across the lake.