Wintering in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia?

Wintering in South‑East Asia is a long-term trend, so we will not write a lot about the benefits of heat and swimming in the winter months. The only question is how to choose where to go this year. Five years ago, the main direction was considered Thailand, but with the tightening of visa policy in this country, the situation has changed. Stream freelancers (and just those who have had enough of work and wants to relax a little longer) partially spilled over into neighbouring Cambodia and Vietnam.
Before we talk about what the countries of the region are different each other, highlight the common features, leaving out the obvious like the tropical climate, the sea and varieties of fruits. Winterers always chose Thailand because of the low crime rate and overall favorable attitude toward immigrants. On the issue of Vietnam and Cambodia did not yield.
the Cost of food is about the same in all the countries of the region — you can lean on nuts and seafood. Cambodia is poorer than its neighbors, so the food there will cost a little cheaper; however, this does not apply to restaurants. The Internet is everywhere relatively good, so that problems with the work on remote should arise.
Monthly expenses makes no sense to consider, we are too different people needs. However, other things being equal cheaper still in Cambodia. A modest holiday here will cost $ 500 per month, and in Vietnam and Thailand — in the $ 600-700 per person (if you regularly fly from Thailand to update the visa, even more expensive).
we Now turn to the specifics.


Wat-Angkor, Cambodia
Visa conditions: visa is bought upon arrival. In a month it can be extended for a year.
the Main wintering location: Sihanoukville.Flight: in December prices even below average. Peak value — November. There is every chance to leave before the New year.Weather from December to March: dry, warm, no precipitation and winds.
rent a small apartment or a modest house: $ 200-300 a month.
bike hire: 60-80 dollars a month.
Entertainment: attacks in national reserve, Paradise, snorkeling on Bamboo island, visiting temples, waterfalls, shopping in the industrial market.
travel within the country: should go to the city Siemreap, which serves as a base for exploring the huge temple complex of Angkor. By staying at Samrai, go to the Old market.
Tourist infrastructure in General: growing (3/5).
Safety: a lot of burglaries, so choose a housing with bars on the Windows and secure locks. There are beach fleas — necessary insect repellent. Poisonous snakes are only in the jungle.


Nha Trang, Vietnam
Visa conditions: visa for three months, you can get at international airports. You need to have a confirmation letter of the Immigration Department of Vietnam, a completed visa application form (all this is documented on the Internet) and two photos 4 × 6.
Major wintering locations:Nha Trang, MUI ne.
Flight: it is best to go immediately after the New year — in January, the tickets are much cheaper than December. Where to find the best deals: all Arab airlines.
Weather from December to March: the season ends in December. January — warm and dry.
rent a small apartment or a modest house: 300-500 dollars a month.
rent a bike: 70-90 dollars a month.Entertainment: MUI ne — surf and all related sports. In Nha Trang — the Vinpearl amusement Park.
travel within the country: most of the wintering recommend the trip to Hanoi, Mekong Delta, Halong Bay, monkey island is hon Lao.
Tourist infrastructure in General: developed (4/5).
Safety: petty theft, ripping bags. Wild animals and insects can not be afraid. The same applies to viruses and diseases.

MUI ne, Vietnam


Phuket, Thailand
Visa conditions: visa entry to the country only for a month, then you can depart (the cheapest low-cost airline in the neighboring country) and re-fly that hits the pocket. The second option is to get a visa to Russia for two months, then extended for another month in Thailand.Major wintering locations:Phuket, Koh Samui.
Flight: the airfare in December (except new year week) is not significantly different from other months.
Weather from December to March: Phuket — season from November to April; the area from January to September.
rent a small apartment or a modest house: 300-500 dollars a month.
bike hire: 80-100 dollars a month.
Entertainment: kayaking, diving, snorkeling in Phuket and Samui. A tour of the national parks, zoos, farms. The famous Thai massage. In Phuket there is a school of the mahout of the elephants — you can officially learn this business.
travel within the country: Khao SOK — and can be reached from Phuket, and Samui. If you want to see Liana-entwined ruins of ancient palaces, get in Sukhothai.
Tourist infrastructure as a whole: perfectly developed (5/5).Safety: crime in tourist areas is almost there. Sometimes there are snakes and Scorpions.

Samui, Thailand
whatever country you choose, it will certainly seem magical — especially if you're traveling to Southeast Asia for the first time. She always adapts to the traveler. Want to lie in a hammock and watch the sea? In Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam quite secluded (but totally safe). Love the night life? This is enough, especially in Thailand. My dream is to explore the nature of the region: waterfalls, mountains, bays, underwater, lakes and jungle? National parks and untouched corners waiting for you at almost any time of the year (but best in winter).It is also important that traveling in Southeast Asia is not accompanied by a headache in the dreary visa or binding hotel reservation. This is the case when you can just pick up and leave, abandoning in the backpack shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops. The main thing is to take a plastic card with a certain amount of cash to obtain insurance on the web and download application on the smartphone Navigator with offline maps that will show you the hotels prices on your route, advise the secret trails seasoned travelers, will help you find a café, an ATM or supermarket.