Double bottom: what are you hiding from us hotels around the world?

Secret bunker, invisible, fifth floor, hidden under water beach — some hotels have a lot of mysteries. Talk about the surprises that can emerge in ordinary, at first glance, the hotel.

secret platform

the Waldorf Astoria in new York city famous long history, stunning views of Park Avenue and the trendy restaurants. However, his main "trick" — an isolated railway platform "Track 61", which, according to legend, has been used since Franklin Roosevelt.
the Private part of the 32-OGO the US President arrived at the station where the lift he went up to the room. Or in case of an attack from this station Roosevelt could go in any direction.

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Fortress instead of a hotel

If you decide to stay at the hotel, No Man's Land Fort in the UK, prepare to rent a boat. The fact that the hotel is located... in the middle of the Strait, between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.
in Addition to strange locations, brilliant and the hotel itself. This is a real Victorian Fort of the XIX century, turned into an impregnable hotel. Looking at it is hard to imagine that in this bleak fortress could accommodate 22 luxurious rooms, a nightclub, shops and even a Jacuzzi on the roof.

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Secret exit

the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco‑a favorite vacation spot of the stars and world politicians. Many of them are staying in the penthouse of 560 square meters and 15 000 $ per night.
One of the reasons to choose this self — guarantee total secrecy. In the library of the penthouse there is a secret passage that leads to the roof of the hotel. So it is possible to get to the helipad, avoiding the prying eyes and cameras of the paparazzi.

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Hotel bunker

Luxury hotel Greenbrier in the U.S. city white sulphur springs is famous not only for design. The hotel is one of the largest in the world bunkers. Here is almost meter high walls and a special system of air intake that protects from the threat of precipitation in the event of a nuclear explosion.
the Bunker, has 1100 beds, was built on the orders of President Eisenhower. It was assumed that in the case of nuclear war there will be members of the government of the United States.

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the Hotel Crab Manor in North Yorkshire and can offer guests to be in different centuries and countries. Because in this hotel you can choose a room decorated in the spirit of the Georgian mansions of the XVIII century rural mansion, and Scandinavian huts.
But the best feature of the hotel — a secret faucet from which the river pours free beer. They say he is somewhere on the site.

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Library with a secret

Madrid hotel Wellington there is always a real pandemonium. The thing is that this hotel is the famous restaurant Kabuki, a prestigious guide Michelin.
However, for its clients the hotel took care of silence and editnote. The secret door in the library is hiding a large living room where guests can get a cocktail and read a newspaper.

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Missing floor

North Korea secrets than any other country in the world. So, the hotel Yanggakdo in Pyongyang, who happens to be among the three tallest buildings of the DPRK, in the Elevator there is no button for the fifth floor.
And if you get up to this floor on foot, you can discover the mysterious concrete bunker with walls covered in Patriotic slogans, and locked doors.

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Bathroom Cabinet

the Hotel Coombe Abbey in the English County of Warwickshire was built in the XII century. Since then, he has long been converted into trendy modern hotel with 119 rooms. However, the restorers didn't touch the juicy details. In one of the bedrooms behind a bookcase there is... a luxurious bathroom.

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for its

the Hotel UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa in a remote fishing village of Trancoso in Brazil, known for the secret room. The guests who come to this hotel not for the first time, you can stay in a secret Casa Dona Frozina, which is not listed in the sentences on the website UXUA.
the apartments have a private garden, two bathrooms and a small patio.

Photo: UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa

Beach underwater

Maldives hotels are able to surprise. However, the famous resort Kuramathi Island Resorts, perhaps, have not yet managed to outdo anyone. This hotel is a hidden beach that appears only during low tide.
It's not just a strip of sand. White kilometer beach available for the guests equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and a mobile bar.

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