Greece: 6 main resorts

This summer, vacation in Greece — doubly good idea, because the local hotels were not to the season to raise prices for accommodation. Tell about the main resorts in this hospitable country and give advice that I definitely need to do once on Rhodes, Corfu and Crete.


the Peninsula of Halkidiki is divided into three regions — the sacred and exclusively male Aion‑Oros (Athos), resort Sithonia and Kassandra. Sithonia is a more relaxed, distant from other resorts, many historical attractions, monasteries and caves. Here there are natural pearls type resort with an exotic name Vourvourou or village Metamorfosi. Coast Cassandra's built tighter, the infrastructure is better, but peace and quiet here, less in Kalithea life in General is humming 24 hours a day. For families with children who need not only to sunbathe, swim and explore the history of Ancient Greece, but also to entertain, it is better suited Cassandra. Moreover, there are quiet towns like the village of Chalkidiki or "compromise" there, where Mature reasonable balance of nature and civilization.
What to do: spend the day in Thessaloniki — second in importance to the Greek city after Athens, to sail a boat around mount Athos Peninsula.
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Santorini is the most photogenic Greek island. Its mention brings to mind a definite visual dressy donkeys, pulling uphill journey, towns, descending to the sea, beaches with black volcanic sand. It's the beaches — the main criterion for selection of the resort. So, the famous black-sand beach, convenient for families with children, but very young: here's a gentle entry into the water, but the bottom is paved with small smooth pebbles (water is therefore very clear). Kids are known to prefer sand, but the children older than seven years (and adults too) will get great pleasure from snorkeling. Akrotiri and Monolithos can seem a little more expensive than Perissa, with the world famous Red beach of Akrotiri — more wild than civilized. And for those who have the opportunity to rent a house for a few weeks, and want to ventilate the lungs and to train the muscles of the legs, you can suggest the elevated resort Ia with well-developed private sector and a lot of pensions.
What to do: to get familiar with the history of the island on trips to ethno-village, visit archeological city once buried under the ashes of buildings.
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the Relaxed Rhodes with magical streams, family fish taverns and the green hills equally welcoming to eager to new experiences party goers and those who dream of a secluded holiday. Well-equipped beaches in the area of Ixia and Kallithea, surf centres and schools — in Ialyssos, clubs and restaurants Faliraki. As always, do not have to choose a hotel closer to the nightlife: Rhodes is a small island, its dimensions are only 78 38 kilometers, so the clubs in Faliraki or Kolymbia fish taverns you can come as needed in a rented car or by public transport.
What to do: to be cleansed from sin in ice sources, look at the flocks of butterfly‑moth, ride the ferry to the colorful island Symi.
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Most of the resorts in Crete are concentrated in the North of the island. If you go to swim, sunbathe and have fun, take a look at Rethymno and Hersonissos. The choice between them depends on what kind of life is more important to you — night nightlife or daytime beach. The first boils in Hersonissos, but the quality of the beaches it is slightly inferior to Rethymno. However, in the area of Hersonissos you can find quiet places for families with children — focus on hotels with big territories. But if in the evenings you are planning to dance and drink cocktails, and walk in the fresh air — choose a Agios Nikolaos. The area around this town is hilly, so while walking at the same time and figure tighten. The quiet town of Crete — green Chania with its picturesque surroundings and pristine sandy beaches.
What to do: ride on the leper island Spinalonga, "mark" on the ruins of Knossos, climb Dicheskul cave.
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KOs Island

the birthplace of Hippocrates and the perfect place for a healthy holiday: the air here is so clean that it is nice to breathe in, the water is clear and tasty, the food is light and nutritious, and accepted way of life — active. It is common to get around by bicycles and lots of walking. Good location and good waves attract to this small island windsurfers from all over Europe. Special attention lovers of boards and sails deserves the resort village of Marmari and the ten-kilometer strip of beaches near Marmari. Overall not that important where you stay — in range you'll definitely find like well-groomed, organized and wild beaches.
What to do: to swim to the nearby island of Nisyros and Kalymnos, rejuvenate at KOs, take a dip in a hot spring Empros Termi.
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Quiet and rather sedate island known for expensive hotels. Last but not least the high cost stems from the fact that in the summer on Corfu love coming financial movers and shakers, transforming the resorts in the informal branch of the Davos forum. But there are affordable hotels with good beaches. The North island is more suitable for families with children — the beaches are small, the water is warm, the sand soft to the touch. West side, facing Italy, washed by the water cooler, but there is a very picturesque shores and clean beaches with smooth pebbles. However, there are exceptions, for example, a popular resort the Odysseus shore in these places sheltered from the waves by coves and bays, and the entrance to the sea is shallow and sandy.
What to do: to reach the "mouse island," Pontikonisi, climb "the throne of the Kaiser", admire the environmentally friendly lake Korission.
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