Greece: why I can't go back, even if I will pay for it

as a child I adored Greek history, all without exception knew of the gods, their attributes, someone with whom he lived, who slept with whom and who is a party to any of the myths were. Later I even read the "Iliad" and "Odyssey" of Homer, which is a bit shaken my love))))), but in principle I have long been faithful to this country and wanted to meet her. In addition, my close friend was half Greek and I thought all Greeks must be as beautiful as she is.
However, this story was a lot of "but".


Crete, Greece
unfortunately, this factor does not depend on the country, and then blame Greece unfairly. But the rain that met us right at the ramp, and then another few days banished from the beach to the hot tub where we could not get warm, at once hinted that to me in this country do not like.


Thessaloniki, Greece
the Garbage — part of the culture of almost all southern countries. And I do not scare. For example, the picturesque pile of Naples for me was part of the local color and negativity is not caused. But Greece somehow colorito dirty. And this applies not only Greece itself, but the tourist area, which is usually in the resorts still try to lick.
my friend and I climbed the mountain to enjoy great views, but didn't know where to tread.
the Apotheosis was our trip to Thessaloniki. Despite the fact that the architecture of the city we liked, turned out to be an unforgettable journey beyond the center. Behind the ancient city wall, the local population not only caused the trash, but also shamelessly ponakidali there the corpses of animals.

Lack of transport between cities

We lived near the village of Neo‑Kallithea in Halkidiki. Close — it's a 40 minute walk away. On foot, because the buses from this area do not go. Only a taxi ride, but the prices they lomyat such that to get from Barcelona airport to the city center will cost you less.
Exactly the same principle, impossible to reach, even from Kallithea to Thessaloniki, although the distance is 30 km away. you know the secret Local trails, but would rather hang myself than to share them with you. And a taxi, alas, not an option: for the price tag it turns out hardly more expensive than to take a tour of the city.


And here we come to the very unpleasant discovery for me: the pathological greed of the locals. I visited more than 30 countries, including the resorts of the premium class, but anywhere, even in impoverished Cuba, I have never had such a strong feeling that: a) I was trying to breed at every step; b) I'm terribly poor, because at all desire can not in such quantities to sponsor the Greek economy.
case in point: I go to the gift shop, while my companion behind me a few meters, something watching. The shopkeeper reacts quite violently, immediately begins to ogle, and then, looking MacLennan eyes, says: "buy something from me, I'll-take". Dumb.
And so at every step. Excursions here, by the way, some of the most expensive in Europe. And to hell with them, with the money, if not disgusting organization process.

Hideous tours

Athens, Greece
the Distance from sites in Greece has been impressive, and therefore the duration of moving from point a to point b is not inspiring. But I must give the Greeks credit, they are masters of sales. Rather, they hire people with so luxuriously gab that doesn't buy their unctuous speech impossible.
So the guys we met at the resort, went to the same Olympus, seat of Zeus the Thunderer. In the end, the tour ended in a lecture on botany — the mountain was unremarkable, and they just told me what the flower where it grows and what it is called. More video on the tour did not go.
We were stupid. That is, the tour of Thessaloniki has given us relatively problem-free. The time that the organizers devote on shopping, we spent sightseeing. By the way, shopping is given three hours, while on a sightseeing trip, God forbid, half. Not walking distance, but inspection of the bus window. That is, neither in the Church of St. Demetrius, in any other notable places you will not fall, hands will not felt and carefully inspect. All are focused only on the fact that you bought more packages of clothes and was afraid to leave them alone with an empty bus.
Athens, the situation was worse. We painted, yeah, we drive 8 hours in the bus. But during these 8 hours will see all of Greece — and that's fine. All Greece is dull, monotonous, and not very rich vegetation, and the road to Athens goes to bypass the settlements. In the end, we exhausted terribly. Left at night, and therefore didn't get enough sleep. To Athens took us 5 hours of free time was a little over an hour (again, all of us oriented exclusively at stores). In the afternoon we had to pull back to after 8-9 hours to be at the hotel.
But the saddest thing, of course, when already in place, we announced that in addition to the cost of the tour will need to buy the ticket even in the Acropolis. The ticket cost 8 Euro and the trip itself 100 + Board (this was 10 years ago). It is with one person. And if we, of course, immediately decided that being in Athens and not to be at the Acropolis is nonsense, the people who went here with the kids, was confused. We really saw how broke up the family. As moms and dads painfully decide who will take the kids to the Acropolis, they just didn't bring enough money, not expecting that, paying 400 euros for the tour, they will have to pay extra for something else. We have seen how the children cried, not wanting to be separated from their parents who passed them under the patronage of those who had agreed to look after the kids while visiting the sights. We saw with sadness in the eyes of the merged people who pull money out of your pockets and understand that there is not enough.
it would Seem, was that so hard to warn that there will be additional costs? But no, then it would be typed bus. Deception it somehow easier. And Yes, we were also provided with a disgusting‑food Greek, which Russian language was known only nominally, but because the tour was led almost by the book and could not answer a single question.
the Last tour, which we decided was one of the main Orthodox sacred places Athos. And there was a little but sad episode: the seats were not reserved for people. And if there we were able to sit together, as we picked up the hotel one of the first, then on the way back, the crowd flew into the bus and began to share, to sit one behind the other in the Windows. Not so sad, that we with a companion were sitting in different parts of the cabin, somehow, when all the different parts of the bus sat mothers with children who, like us, did not take a cabin on Board the ship. Kids were crying, but everyone except us and their mothers, did not care.

spiritual culture

Athos, Greece
In this regard, I have three illustrative of the point.
the first: we go the centre of Kallithea with us together go the crowds of tourists with children. In one of the buildings, directly above the gift shop, behind an openwork lattice of a balcony, of course, does not hide anything, a bunch of Greeks having fun with a prostitute Slavic appearance, which at this moment does Blowjob to one of these guys. On the street hours 7pm.
Episode two: we come to Athos, in a Holy place. And we find that there is no Holiness during the tour does not smell. The organizers are doing everything to ensure that a ship travels for a distance of 450 meters from the beach (that is the distance you can get closer to Athos to girls) have more fun and more drunk. Therefore, there dancing and even Stripping drunken Greeks with beer bellies, and other entertainment events.
And the third episode occurred in the same place. Immediately in front of Athos as the doorway into it, sits the town of Ouranoupoli. Very nice picturesque area. If not one "but" — the locals. While my friend and I were walking around the city, they shouted after us: "Hey, Barbie, get over here, throw your Ken".And Yes, I forgot to tell about the poor food and tasteless wine, but it's certainly the little things in the background.