Why Naples is not necessary to wear skirts and to explore the city centre

"If you wear a skirt, I'm with you in Naples will not go, then my life way", — categorically said my friend.
this, of course, was about the short skirt. Because in Naples the amount of testosterone off the charts, as the number of individuals who are not burdened with high courtesy. The fact that the center of Naples is a Bastion of crime, a sort of Sicily on the mainland. From the main street depart picturesque alleys, you'd love to explore, especially not for a curious traveler like me. But doing this is absolutely not worth it. Here are the so-called "Spanish quarters". That doesn't mean they are Spaniards. There are immigrants who have been unable or unwilling to properly get in Italy. And therefore, they lust waiting for the tourists, who are willing to Rob. That is to kill will not kill, but will gut everything.

Gianni, my friend's husband, at whose invitation we went to Italy, recommends that those who still want to explore all the beautiful places in the centre, to take a guide from the Neapolitans. He was born near the Spanish quarters and knows all about them. So the next time I come I seriously plan to use his services because the city is so delicious in appearance that beckons in every area.
Interesting point: traditionally the center are people with income above average. And Naples is no exception. Near the center are really wealthy areas, but between their residents and inhabitants of the "Spanish" neighborhoods there is a tacit agreement: police turns a blind eye to the excesses of the visitors, in return they did not touch the houses of the rich.
It is important to understand when, driven by curiosity, you go on to explore Terra Incognita: the guardian of the rule of law and not lift a finger, even if you will steal from under his nose.

And another interesting tip from our Neapolitan friends: a trip here be sure to take the backpack and hang it on the back and on the chest. Bags love to Snitch on the speed of the owners of the scooters. "Hard" compressed objects miraculously end up in the pockets of local kids. Kids acts as a well-coordinated football team: all positions are chosen perfectly, rebyatishki move you to the beat, and you do not know, will not even notice that you're being watched. I knew, and will never forget the six pairs of children's eyes, intently watching my old "soap box".
And Yes, back to the skirts. If she travels with a knight, in this case, a dress code involving a mini is not forbidden. If the lady attached Prince charming, then it is better to stick to a closed clothes — Italians are perfectly read what you have under your clothes and no explicit outfits.

Although sometimes you do need to speak the language of the body. So, I extremely liked it body in one of the Windows (and in Naples wonderful and cheap shopping, I want to buy everything). Went to the store to buy it, but he was tight in his chest.
I came out of the dressing room and tried on his fingers to explain to the seller that everything is cool, but the size would be bigger. However, the unfortunate word didn't know English. 5 minutes we were tormented with a friend, trying to explain on the fingers, until something happened that usually only happens in comedies: my Breasts have overcome the obstacle in the form of buttons and jumped out — I was standing while facing the window. Needless to say, this made the day passing by the Italians? But the seller I immediately understand))))