Journey to Latin America: is usually forget to take with you

Imagine that you have already read everything you can on request "journey to Latin America". It is therefore advised to not be obvious: the Internet, everybody can find basic information about the countries of the continent. So, you got acquainted with the history and geography of the main States on the mainland, experienced advice on various tourist sites and forums and finally decided on the route. Now the practical part: what services will help you out on the road and on the spot?

Service with maps

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
for Example, MAPS.ME — national maps produced by the community of users from around the world. The app compares favorably to themselves such as those that work without Internet connection without traffic (important while roaming). Connection requires only a "tube". The service is able to plot Cycling routes: this is useful if you want to rent two-wheeled transport. In addition, the application running on the OpenStreetMap database, you can find the secret Hiking trail. And another point: even if you plan all the major nights in advance, there may be unforeseen circumstances. In this case, the application will display all the offers from directly on your route. In addition, the service works as a complete guide to the countryside: use it to find sights, catering establishments and many more.

Service tickets

When choosing a flight take a look at Anywayanyday: service it allows you to vary arrival and departure. Journey to Latin America, generally include three to five countries. Rarely, hop the ocean, the pleasure of a visit to, say, one of Argentina: most people want to see Brazil and neighboring Uruguay. At Anywayanyday conveniently in one go to book a ticket Moscow—Rio de Janeiro flight to Russia from Buenos Aires.

Services housing

Salinas, Chile
I would Like to advise some sort of secret service for local delivery of cheap apartments, but anything was better than Airbnb, residents of Latin America was invented. Range of proposals for every country on the continent is impressive, there are plenty to choose from. A fully furnished Studio can be rented for $ 300 per month or $ 11 daily.

search Service

the national Park Torres del Paine, Chile
Wi‑Fi Finder app that will find everything available in the area free Wi‑Fi points and show them on the map. The service works in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia and Uruguay.

Service to transfer currency

Machu Picchu, Peru
XE Currency — a universal app for the traveler. Translate any currency to clear native tourist equivalent. For example, Brazilian real to Russian ruble. And do it offline (according to the latest update).

a Service for finding ATMs

the Iguazu Falls, Paraguay
ATM Hunter service that will find your nearest ATM. Unfortunately, only works when connected to the Internet. Therefore, before to use it, turn to paragraph 4.


Cartagena, Colombia
Google Translate — with the application can be translated into Spanish and Portuguese text, but the phrase: the app is the voice translation. Only works online, but there is one life hack that allows you to use the service offline: you need to add common phrases into favorites in advance and keep a history of translations.

Service for travelers

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Brasil Mobile — Guia Turistico — this application actively used by the local population, so when traveling to Brazil, there is a particularly long stay, it is very useful. With it, you can get the most relevant information about cultural events, shopping and clubbing.

Service warning about earthquakes

Valle de La Luna, Bolivia
Earthquake Network — Realtime Alerts — a service that warns of a coming earthquake for a few seconds, using the detectors of the smartphone. As some countries in Latin America such as Ecuador, Peru and Mexico — are zones of high seismic activity, we recommend you to install one application which notifies users about an emergency and the distance to the hearth of a natural disaster.


angel Falls, Venezuela website company that provides mini cruises Intentionsa ocean from Buenos Aires to the Uruguay city of Colonia de Sacramento, Montevideo. According to traveler reviews, it is the most reliable and the cheapest carrier on the local market. Tickets sold out like hot cakes, so take care to their purchase in advance. The website has an English version (in Spanish "ingles" — icon in the upper right corner).