5 tourist mistakes in Lisbon

In ranking of popular tourist destinations in Europe Lisbon is very far from Paris or Berlin. And if it is about the capital of France and Germany much known even to those who have not visited, Lisbon is a different situation. Knowing little about this city (read it detailed guide), many tourists run the risk to spoil your holiday slipped from common errors.

Attack public transportation

In many cities of Russia arrival of the bus at a stop in rush hours like the siege of an impregnable city. Passengers, shoving and pushing each other, I hasten to enter the salon to take up space. In Lisbon is a manifestation of his combative nature will be at least inappropriate, and as a maximum — you can get a lot of nasty words in Portuguese. The passengers at bus stops lining up, and the place occupied by those who came before the others.

Confused the river with the ocean

Lisbon stands on the spot where the river Tagus flows into the Atlantic. Tagus — the river is wide and sometimes turbulent, and tourists walking in the center of the city and once on the promenade, happily taking pictures, thinking that went out to the ocean. Actually the ocean you need to go. The place where the Tagus merges with the ocean, can be seen on the way to Cascais, after the tower of belém. In the centre of Lisbon to seek the ocean is useless.

hope to have dinner before 8 PM

while most Europeans are accustomed to dinner right after work, no later than 8 PM, the Portuguese have other eating habits. Restaurants in Lisbon are closed after lunch and just before 8 PM. If hunger caught you off guard until that time, will have to go to McDonald's or some shopping center with a food court. When you are waiting for your order in the restaurant, the waiter may bring you a basket of bread, dish of olives or other symbolic snacks. In many other Portuguese cities, they will be free, like spices or sugar. In Lisbon, as they will have to pay 2-3 euros. If you are not willing to pay or not to touch them, or ask the waiter to take them back.

to tempt fate in the criminal districts

Although Lisbon is clearly not the crime capital of Europe, it is worth careful. You need to follow a number of universal for any major city rules: do not bring original documents, going to walk, do not put purses and valuables in back pockets, hold your bags and do not go to dangerous areas. In particular, at any time of the day or night you go around the quarter area Chelas, be careful in Casal Ventoso, who several years ago had the honor of shooting gallery, and do not appear in the dark in the parks, Eduardo VII and Monsanto.

Heading here in August

Select the last month of summer for a trip to Lisbon is only for those who are not afraid of one of the hotels, no unbearable heat, no a lot of closed shops, owners and employees are in unison go on vacation in August. The best time to visit Lisbon is considered the spring and autumn months, when an equally pleasant and the weather forecast, and rates — for accommodation and various goods.

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