To purchase travel online: how to do it nice and easy

book tours, hotels and tickets online is now available at many tour operators and agencies. However, not all hesitant to take advantage of this opportunity, fearing for the safety of their money. Rambler/Travel tell how to buy the tours via the Internet without risk for the wallet and the nervous system.

What documents and when to give away?

you can buy a package tour, which in the classic version includes flights, accommodation, transfers, insurance. Packs are tour operators who, according to the law on tourist activity are obliged to provide all the necessary documents in advance.
"There are tours in which the documents can be downloaded immediately upon booking. But more often the operator gives the documents closer to the departure. Before departure be sure all documents should be on hand, including issued ticket (with a number from the airline and not confirmed by operator). Delivery of documents at the airport practiced with the visa countries, if there are problems concerning the visa. In the regions it happens more often, than in Moscow", — says the head of partner online sales "AlfaStrakhovanie" Kirill Tikhonov.
"Voucher, tickets, insurance — all the documents — you get a few days before departure. I want to note that the time of departure, the airport, the plane may be changed at any time. The Agency where you bought a tour, be sure to contact you and warn you about it. It can happen, unfortunately, even for a few hours before departure and is dependent on the tour operator and not from the Agency," says the Rambler/Travel.

I bought a tour, but the money just do not charged

to Survive in this case not worth it. Most likely, all business in features of forming a packaged tour.
"When you buy tour online you will immediately receive confirmation that the paid tour and it is on the confirmation from the tour operator and the contract. The confirmation can take a few business days. At this point, the money you card will not be charged, and preauthorized (that is, they are in your account, but frozen in favor of the Agency). Once the tour operator confirms the trip, you will receive a letter about it, after which the funds will be debited from the account", — explained in the Rambler/Travel.
Unlike the tours when purchasing tickets or booking hotels online, you will immediately receive a confirmation and the money is debited from the card at the time of purchase.

I arrived at the hotel, and no armor

If you book a hotel online, this situation, of course, possible, but it can be prevented. In the service suggest before you go to request service internal room reservation and request a confirmation from the hotel.
"Request confirmation on the letterhead of the hotel or a printout of the email from the hotel with confirmation. So you make sure that the hotel has received your reservation. Write down all possible contacts with booking service. Pay attention to the means of communication: often it is not only the telephone and mail. In we use social networks, instant messengers, chat, — all these channels of communication will enable great save on calls within roaming. Finally, install the mobile app. It will help you quickly find information on your booking, relevant phone numbers on the spot", — says Artem Kubatkin from the team marketing the service for booking hotels
If, however, your booking got lost somewhere, keep calm and give the staff the fullest possible information on the booking confirmation letter, the names of all trip participants, type of room, the internal room reservation.
"Contact customer support service for booking from whom you have purchased the service, since you have taken care of the contacts and downloaded the app. The support personnel are required to solve your problem in the shortest time and place you in hotel accommodation according to the booking. In extreme cases you will provide alternative accommodation of the same level or above but not below. You are entitled to claim compensation for the cost of communication and transport, if you need to move. Order a statement of calls from the mobile operator and retain transport receipts," — adds Artem Kubatkin.

If you have any problems with check-in tours

the Problem can occur if you bought a package. Of course, in this case it is better to look over everything but emergency is still possible.
"If you do not see your booking, then you first need to contact the host company, and then to the Agency and the operator. In the process to find out there was a kind of pad at work, and it can be solved, or a tourist is faced with unscrupulous company. Sometimes the Agency issued fake documents, but then usually the whole package is fake, and not just the reservation. Sometimes the operators overbooking happens, and then they have to provide hotel of same category and quality," — said the head of partner online sales "AlfaStrakhovanie" Kirill Tikhonov.
"You first need to contact the place where you bought the tour. Also, you should call the tour operator (telephone hotline is on all documents received on the tour), and, of course, look for a representative of the operator at the hotel. It is very likely that you will have to pay out of their money for a number of nights until the tour operator dealt with the hotel, but you then must return the (most likely already on arrival home). So I highly recommend to have a credit card with a normal limit so as not to spoil his vacation because of the incompetence of some people" — recommend a Rambler/Travel.

And if the tour operator goes bankrupt?

In 2014, this was the question asked by almost every tourist, who was going on vacation. Then, the market has left few major players, including "Neva", "Labyrinth", "versa" and "southern cross". Hundreds of thousands of people are unable to go on vacation or could not return home — all returned to the Association "Turpomosch". Compensation for a spoiled holiday then we have very few.
"In practice all the money back difficult. The operator must have a contract with the insurance company, giving financial guarantees, but they do not always cover all the expenses of the tourists, and sometimes that refund 10-30 %, but sometimes I come back and all the money. It all depends on the specific situation. The timing is long. Now the operators form the Foundation of responsibility, which implies a greater protection of tourists in case of bankruptcy of the operator. But this Fund is only this year formed and have not yet been used," says Kirill Tikhonov from "AlfaStrakhovanie".
to Comfort in such a situation can only be that after 2014 high-profile bankruptcies in the tourist market was no more, as scandals defrauded tourists. In tourism argue that the after shocks were only good companies are able to provide the Russians a decent vacation.

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