Without alcohol and salami: customs regulations of different countries

In Israel — no new equipment in Europe — without the apples and grapes: Rambler/Travel tell you what can and cannot be imported duty free into the territory of the most popular among Russian tourists countries.


For countries outside the European Union apply a unified customs rules. So, when traveling by plane or by sea, to import duty-free up to 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, and 1 liter of spirits (alcohol content more than 22 %) per person, up to 2 liters of wine and liquors (less than 22 %), up to 4 litres of still wine and 16 liters of beer.
If you are traveling by car, you can bring 40 cigarettes, 20 cigarillos and 10 cigars.
Probably would look like Paradise if it were in the North. In the transparent Finnish rivers are stocked with trout, forest edges growing cranberries. No wonder Finland at the time, was chosen by the Russian emperors - Alexander II hunted bears here, and Alexander III - passionately fished, leaving the Royal case. In this country you can relax in the sauna and score the trunk of a car shopping, or take a walk in the wonderful local museums and impressive ancient fortresses.
Rules of import apply of certain foods. In particular, to bring into the territory of the European Union can be no more than 500 grams of coffee and 100 grams of tea. While children's and health food in sealed original packaging, you can enter up to 2 pounds per person. In addition, you are allowed to import up to 3 kilograms of citrus fruit and 5 pounds of fruit and vegetables.
At the same time to import some vegetables, berries and fruit, particularly quince, apples, pears, Rowan berries, grapes and potatoes, the necessary phytosanitary certificate.

personal items (Souvenirs or gifts) can be imported to an amount of 300 euros per person when travelling by train or by car or up to 430 Euro on the plane. While this amount does not include the cost of drugs, alcoholic beverages and food.
Between Russia and Spain there is a secret attraction: Spain, Russian love, not only for fat wallets and pretty women. Perhaps the fact that we are similar. So that Russian feeling among the Spaniards at home, only much better due to the clean beaches of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, good roads, delicious cheap food and, of course, the romance of the Spanish language.
Special rules apply with respect to drugs. In the countries that form the European Union, it is possible to import duty-free up to 10 drugs, and each in an amount of not more than 5 packages. For transportation of narcotic or psychotropic drugs must have a prescription from your doctor. Remember: medications must be in the original packaging.
Individual countries have specific requirements for age Pets. So, in Germany and France it is forbidden to bring animals under three months. Animal feed in the European Union it is possible to import up to 2 kilograms (mandatory condition — undamaged packaging), and medicines — up to 5 drugs, and each name up to 3 packages. However, for drugs intended for animal use required a prescription from a veterinarian about the need for medication.


the Main rule: to import alcohol into the Maldives is strictly forbidden. Strict customs inspection takes place, all baggage arriving into the country, therefore, to hold alcohol, even under the form of juice will not work.
in addition, the ban on importation applies to salami sausages, pork, and any products from it.
to Import cigarettes duty-free in quantities up to 200 pieces, and spirits to 125 milliliters.
the Technique is allowed to import for personal use only.
From the Maldives need to bring peace of mind and t-shirts with the inscription speaking "No news, no shoes". Shoes are really not needed. White sand, soft and gentle, embracing a wide strip all 1,200 Islands of the archipelago. To circumvent any of them, you need only some 20-40 minutes of slow pace. News, especially from TV, and did not get along with thatched roofs of local bungalows. So peace to find in these parts easily. Important thing is to follow a simple daily routine: alternate sunscreen with aromatic oils in the Spa, cocktails on the beach - with candlelit dinners, floundering in a warm ocean with walks on uninhabited Islands.


to Import to Turkey duty-free up to 600 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, 1 liter of strong alcohol (over 22 %) and 2 liters of alcohol up to 22 %, and tea and coffee for personal use. In addition to these limits in the zone duty‑free before entering the country it is possible to purchase 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars. However, the Turkish border guards are loyal enough — and generally turn a blind eye to the import of alcohol and tobacco in excess.
With expensive equipment and sports equipment like photo - and video‑cameras, diving equipment or underwater hunting, it is possible to import free of duty not more than one item or set per person.
For most of our compatriots, this country has long turned into a major national resort, compared with which the popularity of no Yalta or Sochi Adler combined. And yet, Turkey is much more than just a chain of all inclusive resorts. And having arrived here, should not be limited to "Bermuda triangle" beach-restaurant-disco.


200 cigarettes or cigars, one liter of alcohol per person you can enter Thailand duty free. And yet — a baby carriage, sports equipment (e.g. Bicycle), laptop, photo and video camera and other equipment for personal use, if the total amount of goods does not exceed 80 thousand baht (about 133 thousand). However, if you are traveling alone, the amount allowed is doubled.
Prohibited to import into Thailand products made of leather, fur, shells, teeth, bones of rare animals.
Elephants-and elephants are the players-artists, flower markets, orchids for the price of Russian bagels, representatives of the "third gender", working stewardesses (or stewards), beaches with white as flour sand and transparent as a tear the water - everything is Thailand, the former Siam, a magical and sometimes shocking Kingdom.


the territory of Tunisia it is possible to import duty-free up to 2 liters of alcohol strength of up to 25 % and up to 1 liter — strength of more than 25 %. Also you can take up to 400 cigarettes per person.
Tunisia - one of the oldest resorts on the planet. Healing properties of the local sandy beaches, thermal waters and tuna phosphorus found another Phoenicians. They were replaced by the Egyptians and later the Roman legions to the patricians treated on the Tunisian coast their rheumatism and gout, and they knew a lot about good rest!


Duty-free import into China up to 400 cigarettes (or up to 100 cigars) to one and a half liters of alcohol. The cost of household electrical appliances, which the tourist takes with him, must not exceed 2 thousand yuan (about 17 thousand).
it is Also possible to import duty-free equipment — cameras, camcorders and laptops, but on one subject per person. Remember: all the techniques you need to specify in the entry Declaration and at departure from the country to show it.
China is the third largest country on the planet and the most ancient civilization. The industriousness of the Chinese people is proverbial, and the diversity of landscapes gives the impression that the country consists of many small, quite similar to each other States. There are beaches, and skyscrapers, deserts, and glaciers. Any contact with this amazing world for Europeans is tantamount to a journey to another planet.


Israel it is possible to import duty-free 200 cigarettes, 1 litre of spirits and 2 liters of wine and other alcoholic beverages per person and not more than 3 pounds of food. Besides computers, laptops and tablets, as well as any other equipment for personal use: all of them at the time of entry should be used.
not All prohibited goods can be imported for a total amount of up to $ 200 per person over two years (this does not include alcohol, perfume and tobacco).
there are Few other countries in the world can change the feeling with the same frequency as in Israel. Then in the morning you can descend from the snow-capped mountains in the afternoon - soak up on the beach in the evening - dinner in the desert, and the dawn of a new day to celebrate one of the oldest cities in the world - Jerusalem. And all this - without leaving the territory twice smaller than Moscow region.
to Exceed the maximum rate not worth the baggage, the Israeli customs check zealously and meticulously. From their gaze and nose‑sniffing dogs will not escape anything.
it is Also possible to carry duty-free equipment for active tourism. For example, tent (one per person) or a Bicycle (one per person).
In case the equipment looks like new and Packed, customs officers have the right to charge a guarantee fee in the amount of dues established for the importation of a product. Upon departure from Israel, the fee will be returned upon presentation of the receipt and the unopened item.
the importation of drugs is better to carry prescriptions from your doctor.
In Israel are prohibited for import of rare and dangerous animals, including snakes as well as dog fighting breeds, including bull Terriers. In addition, it is forbidden to bring animals under four months.

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