The cheapest and expensive cities for travel

the British consulting company Hoppa presented its annual rating of the cheapest and most expensive tourist cities in the world. This study is interesting because the authors analyze the cost of those things are required by most travelers — accommodation, food, drink, taxis, sightseeing, city tours.
overall rating 2017 fell 84 cities. For comparison, in last year's list had only 46 seats.
the Most expensive city for tourists this year recognized Zurich: for food, accommodation and entertainment in this Swiss city, the traveler will have to spend 170,43 pound a day. At the exchange rate on February 17, 2017 is approximately 12 200 rubles. The cheapest place to stay recognized as the capital of Bulgaria Sofia: there are subsistence costs will not exceed 38,21 lb (2 720 rubles).
Moscow is in the list occupies 51-e a place: experts believe that the average traveler in the Russian capital it will be able to meet the 67 pounds (4 800 rubles).
Zurichguidethe Roman customs station Turicum appeared in 15 BC, on a high hill, the Lindenhof, was intended to protect the Northern borders of the Roman Empire. Recapture the city the tribes of the Alemanni made it to Zurich and founded the convent of Fraumünster. Then for four centuries the authorities in Zurich in the hands of the Abbesses of the Abbey Fraumunster. In their place came the independent mayor, the former head of the guilds of urban artisans, and since decisions about the development of the city took artisans and merchants. Thanks to their balanced and practical steps, Zurich began to flourish. Here quickly developed the production of silk fabrics and opened the jar. From here was started the first train to Baden. And today it is the largest city in Switzerland.

Next, we consider the cheapest and most expensive places in the world depending on costs. For convenience, prices from a study of Britons from going to translate into rubles.
Most expensive hotels in the world — new York. The average traveler in the U.S. the city has to pay 13 100 rubles per night in a double room. The leader of the ranking — Zurich — at the cost of the hotel accommodation occupies the second place: there's accommodation will cost approximately 11 750 rubles. On the third line — Rome: 11 300 rubles per room.
Next on the list of most expensive hotels are the cities — Caracas (11 250 rubles), Copenhagen (11 000 rubles), Amsterdam (10 300 rubles), Havana (9 950 rubles), Oslo (9 700 rubles), Cartagena (Colombia) — 9 600 rubles and Paris (9 200 rubles).
the Most expensive hotels are located in the Bulgarian resort of Sunny beach: there is a night stay will cost a traveler just 2 660 rubles. Compared to a one-day stay in new York to Sunny beach for the same money it is possible to rest almost five days.
in addition to the Bulgarian resort list by cheap hotels has also entered the Romanian capital, Bucharest Turkish Antalya, Siem reap in Cambodia, Egyptian Cairo Philippine Manila and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Jakarta (Indonesia) and Bangkok (Thailand). The cost of a hotel room in these cities is around 3000 — 3500 rubles.
new YorkguideOnce the first time in new York, it's hard to escape the feeling of being in an animated movie. All around familiar – brisk yellow taxis, neon signs in times square and benches in Central Park, no times have been featured in American films. A huge metropolis composed of Islands and made from brands. Of overgrown skyscrapers and stuffed with money of Manhattan, from the series "Friends" and the famous Broadway musicals, strewn with shops of Fifth Avenue and who are frequent with the romantic postcards of the Brooklyn bridge. The Americans hyped the whole world wall street, with its sleek stock traders. A tear squeezed out of millions of moviegoers, dropping king Kong with the Empire state building. And we all of course saw the Statue of Liberty – even if you have never been to new York but still come to see her.


dinner in the restaurant

In their study, the experts analyzed the cost of a meal for two in restaurants of the middle class, excluding drinks. According to this indicator the cheapest place in the world recognized as the Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The cost of lunch there will cost an average of 700 rubles.
Not burdensome for the budget to eat in restaurants of Havana, Cairo, Marrakesh, Mumbai, Siem Reap, Cartagena, Kuala Lumpur, Tenerife and in Antalya, Turkey. The cost of the trip to the restaurant there varies from 800 to 1000 rubles.
on the other hand rating according to the cost of lunch located European city, where one meal can cost more than weekly trips to restaurants in Asia. For comparison, the cost of lunch in Zurich for two on average will cost about 6000 rubles. And that's without drinks. In addition to the Swiss cities in the list of places with the most expensive food got Venice, Oslo, Copenhagen, new York, Stockholm, Helsinki, London, Honolulu and Brussels.
DubaiguideDubai is growing outwards and upwards like a rocket. Its landscape is constantly changing. Where else in the beginning was the scorched desert, in the middle of the already laid miles of new city streets, and in the end rose forest new gleaming skyscrapers. In this crazy variability - the secret of attraction of Dubai. No matter how much I come here every time the city will offer new experiences and boast of the achievements that are to come only ten years later.



the cost of drinks in different countries should be discussed separately. Lovers of alcoholic drinks you need to prepare for big expenses, primarily at resorts middle East countries. The most expensive cocktails in bars discovered in the capital of Bahrain Manama — on average 1,300 rubles per glass. Also in the list of the most expensive places for a cocktail party hit Doha (Qatar) and Dubai (UAE).
In Europe the most expensive drinks discovered in Zurich, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm, and in Asia — in Hong Kong and Singapore.
on the other hand less likely to spend time in bars in Havana, Kiev, Cape town, Siem Reap, Cancun, Sofia, Budapest, and Mexico city. In these cities the average cocktail will cost 200-300 rubles.
as for the wine, the most expensive would be in the restaurants of Dubai — approximately 2,200 rubles for a bottle, and the cheapest — in the Spanish Benidorm (Alicante): a bottle of local wine there costs about 230 rubles.
Separately, the researchers assessed the city for the cost of a pint of beer (about 0.6 liters). Most troublesome to drink beer in Doha (about 500 rubles), and profitable — in Manila in the Philippines, where a glass will cost only 30 rubles.

Fast food

the Most expensive street food in the world — in Europe: ten cities, nine are located in the Old world. The most expensive burgers researchers have found in Venice — almost 1000. Slightly cheaper sandwich in Zurich — about 850 rubles. Also the list includes Oslo, Copenhagen, Brussels, Paris, Rome, new York, Dublin and Amsterdam. Moreover, in the Dutch capital, the Burger was twice cheaper than in Venice.
The cheap street food in Manila and Kiev. As for cups of coffee, the most expensive to drink in Copenhagen (360 rubles), and cheaper than in Kiev (about 70 rubles).
Veniceguidethe birthplace of the carnival and the "Golden lion". The city of dreams, romantic, love confessions and secrets. Even "Mr. Mystery" johnny Depp after a whirlwind of running around the rooftops of Venice with Angelina Jolie in the movie "the Tourist" I bought this house - Palace for 13.5 million dollars.


by Taxi

The cheapest taxi in the world — in Cairo. For a trip length of 3 km will have to pay only 60 rubles. A little more expensive (about 10 rubles) this trip will cost in Bangkok. Also the cheapest taxi traveler will meet in Caracas, Mumbai, in the Canary Islands, in Kiev, Bucharest, Casablanca and Jakarta.
the most Expensive to use a taxi in Zurich for the trip to a distance of three kilometers will have to pay around 1200 rubles. Slightly cheaper than a taxi in Tokyo and Copenhagen.
EgyptguideThis country is able to face a foreigner in any form. For some, it's a fun resort, for others a Museum of world significance, for the third - bustling marketplace for the fourth - dump surrounded by barbed wire and equipped with a sign "no photographs!". And all this is Egypt, an ancient state that had such an impact on the present civilization, even major Western countries consider it an honor to put on the main square of the capital of the Egyptian obelisk or stone sphinxes on the embankment. And as a symbol of the earth civilization, Egypt was suffering all its problems, but it can boast of considerable advantages.


Bus tour

the Cost of bus trips, the researchers analyze for the first time. Cheapest daily ticket for the trip to the city attractions will cost Kiev — about 550 rubles. In second place for the availability of such excursions — Moscow (800 rubles). Cheap bus tours around the city offer Cape town, Paphos (Cyprus), Budapest, Johannesburg and Krakow.
And that's where the sightseeing bus will cost a pretty penny — so it's in Dubai. There is the cost of the tour is almost 4000 rubles per person. Cheaper tour cost in new York, London, Oslo and Paris.
Kievguidethe Mother of Russian cities. Stolny Kiev-grad. The cradle of Russian Orthodoxy. The third largest city in the USSR after Moscow and Leningrad. Finally, the capital of independent Ukraine. It is surprising that such a set of statuses and regalia this Golden-domed city was so cozy, friendly and completely devoid of Metropolitan snobbery.



Another novelty rating is 2017 — a comparison of cost of entrance tickets to the most popular tourist attractions in different places. As it turned out most have to pay to travelers in Florida (USA) — entrance ticket to the Park Universal Studios in Orlando will cost 9,000 rubles per person.
compared to this visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, you will have to pay 800 rubles, looks not so expensive.
BangkokguideIf before all roads led to Rome, now they are in Bangkok. In any case, the city has long been a major transportation hub and travelling around South East Asia, it could not be avoided in any way.


summary of rating

One of the most popular cities of Europe — Rome, Amsterdam and Paris were the most expensive cost of hotels.
it is Cheaper to live in Asia — the most affordable hotels in the capitals located in Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.
Fast food in Venice is not "cheap and cheerful" food can cost 1000 rubles.
Wine is most advantageous to book in Benidorm, Cyprus, Lisbon and Tenerife.
the Most expensive alcohol in the world — in Qatar, Singapore and Dubai.
Bus tours are a great way to relax a bit and see the most emblematic sights. Be sure to purchase a daily ticket to the cities in South Africa — Johannesburg and Cape town — where the tour cost is inexpensive.
the Most expensive public transport in the world — in London.
Europe boasts some of the most affordable attractions in the world — the Guinness factory in Dublin, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and Prague castle: all tickets will cost 1000 rubles.