5 reasons to go to Hawaii

Almost the most famous Islands in the world, the fiftieth American state, the birthplace of Barack Obama, a huge surf crowd, a lot of simple routes for Hiking, good weather all year round and small eruptions on schedule — all of Hawaii. Why "change" with Hawaii to the usual destinations?


Name of the world's most popular surf spot Waikiki beach — known even to those who had never stood on a Board and has no plans to do that. But the number less "hyped" the surfing beaches off the charts. And on any of them for a few twenty dollar bills you can hire an instructor and get your first surf lesson. A then light up and come back to Hawaii already aiming for "wheelchairs".
For those who prefer quieter entertainment, the shores of many Islands full of diving spots, including coral reefs and wrecks. Of the unusual places we can recommend islet of Molokini is sticking out of the water semicircular part of the crater of the volcano, which are now home to exotic fish. If you want something really unusual, try a night dive in the habitat of giant manta rays (focus should be on the words Manta Ray Dive). But even a leisurely self-Snorkelling close to the shore can bring a lot of impressions.

On any surf beach for little money, you can hire an instructor and get your first surf lesson.

pearl Harbor

Battle marked the beginning of the US involvement in world war II occurred in two steps from Honolulu. Learn about one of the most significant battles of military history of the XX century can be directly on the scene. The result of the base attack pearl Harbor thousands of people killed by the USA and the minimum casualties among Japanese soldiers.
Now in the Harbor you can see what is left from the military airport to Board the cruiser "Missouri" and the submarine "Bowfin", to visit the memorial and Museum of Pacific fleet. The most unusual monument — the structure over the sunken Japanese battleship "Arizona" — it is viewed directly through the water column over the platform with a glass bottom.

memorial of the battleship "Arizona", Base pearl Harbor

Hawaiian style

Hawaiian Islands — birthplace of a special, relaxed and a bit gaudy style. Characters in American comedies usually return from vacation in a colorful Hawaiian shirt and floral necklace around her neck that immediately points to the place where they have the time spent. No wonder the most famous Slippers"flip flops" on the planet are produced under the brand Hawaiians. Classic souvenir from Hawaii — pearl necklace with pendant in the form of a fishing hook. It should be borne in mind that the price of some instances is 200-300 dollars, and combine such jewelry with a typical Hawaiian clothing — which right now on the beach.

Hawaiian Islands - birthplace of a special, relaxed and a bit gaudy style


Residents of Hawaii live in the literal sense of the words on the volcano. Yes not one, and tens. Most of the natural attractions are somehow connected with volcanoes or impacts of eruptions. On an extinct volcano diamond head climb to admire the views of Oahu, Hawaii volcanoes Park see small outbursts of lava, on the island of Hawaii washed away call in eruption village Calapan.
From vacation, you bring not only the pictures, which would be the envy of the Rover Curiosity, had he ambitions of the photographer, but killed by "zero" sneakers (and better purchase a well-ventilated shoes for Hiking in the rainforest is wet and slippery), as well as pretty postroynevshaya lower limbs.

Hawaii volcanoes Park

popular culture of Hawaii

Islands were born the first black US President and Nobel peace prize laureate Barack Obama, actress Nicole Kidman. In the Hawaiian Islands lives a little Lilo, the heroine of the movie "Lilo and Stitch". It is not only a favorite cineplaza, but perfect kingunge for many Directors. The local lush vegetation served as the backdrop for "Jurassic Park" series, "lost" (LOST), thrash Thriller "Soldiers of failure" and even (who then say that the filmmakers are not liars?) for the fourth part of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Local landscapes became backdrops to the most famous Hollywood movies.
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