Kuramathi: one of the biggest resorts in the Maldives

you've Probably seen a picture where a man goes on a narrow sand spit, with both sides washed by the ocean. This place can be found in the Maldives island Kuramathi, where is Kuramathi Island Resort is one of the largest resorts of the archipelago.
Tourism in Kuramathi was born in the late 70-ies. Moreover, at that time the island was inhabited by locals, and for tourists was available a few huts. Subsequently, all the local moved to the neighboring island, Kuramathi completely given away.
seaplane Flight from malé to Kuramathi takes 10-15 minutes and the journey by speed boat in just over an hour. And plunge into excellent service Kuramathi Island Resort you can already on arrival in malé: especially for guests of the resort last year it opened a refurbished lounge, Thundi, where you can expect your flight to Kuramathi with more comfort. In addition to modern design, lanug features large space and relaxing atmosphere. Here you can take a shower and freshen up, using Irish organic beauty products Voya, made from natural algae.
From the Maldives need to bring peace of mind and t-shirts with the inscription speaking "No news, no shoes". Shoes are really not needed. White sand, soft and gentle, embracing a wide strip all 1,200 Islands of the archipelago. To circumvent any of them, you need only some 20-40 minutes of slow pace. News, especially from TV, and did not get along with thatched roofs of local bungalows. So peace to find in these parts easily. Important thing is to follow a simple daily routine: alternate sunscreen with aromatic oils in the Spa, cocktails on the beach - with candlelit dinners, floundering in a warm ocean with walks on uninhabited Islands.

Kuramathi is one of the largest resorts in the Maldives. Its length of over 1800 metres, while most of the resort Islands in the archipelago is not more than 500-600 meters in diameter. So, for lovers of Hiking — Kuramathi is an ideal option.
Today, the resort boasts the real jungle, though cultivated, where you can stroll in the shade of the trees. There are also unique beaches, a sandbar stretches for almost a kilometer (a thin strip of white sand, with both sides washed by the warm waters of the Indian ocean), has now become almost the most photographed place in the Maldives.

resort offers several hundred villas ranging from four dozen to three hundred square meters, located in the garden, on the beach or on the water — literally for every taste and budget. But don't worry that in high season the island because of the number of tourists turns into the waiting room of the airport, which because of bad weather canceled hundreds of flights. The villas are so well thought out that it seems that you are on the island alone and relax on your own private beach. Moreover, the government of the Maldives is strictly controlled by the ratio of the number of villas to the size of the island: to build more than the island can take is not allowed. And this is done not so much with the care of tourists, but with the care of nature.

Beach Villa

Delux Water Villa
for Example, Kuramathi Island Resort created by the Eco center for environmental protection of the Maldives archipelago. The purpose of its creation was to spread information about the nature of the Maldives, which is not only very beautiful but also very fragile. The centre organized a unique Museum which shows the different types of underwater inhabitants and all information about them. Also, there are film screenings and lectures. And the main exhibit is the 11-metre whale skeleton. And although it looks like left over from the filming of "Jurassic Park", actually a skeleton — the real coming from one of the Islands nearby.
Another project of the environmental centre is unique to the Maldives hydroponic garden. There are herbs, which the local restaurants use for cooking.

Now the main thing — the food. Kuramathi — Maldives record the number of restaurants per square meter of floor area. According to this indicator, Kuramathi Island Resort can compete with the most famous tourist streets in Europe. In addition to the three main restaurants with buffet, the island has nine à la carte restaurants and six bars. In General, on the study of the gastronomic offer of the resort, holidaymakers take a few days.
Almost all restaurants spetsializiruyutsya on the major cuisines of the world. For example, The Reef with a beautiful view of the lagoon, this year offers as many as 10 new dishes. Among the novelties: caramelized scallops and lobster ravioli.
Updated menu Asian restaurant Inguru replenished with far Eastern dishes, among them fried crab with crisp, leg of lamb with sauce "miso", and the list of desserts appeared fruit spring rolls and Panna cotta with lychee jelly and pomegranate.

restaurant Inguru
Gastronomic restaurant Duniye offers 4 types of foie Gras, salmon tartare in far Eastern style marinated tiger shrimp, carpaccio of Thai freshwater shrimp.
restaurant is Siam Garden will be acquainted with the sweet and sour tastes of Thai cuisine. A restaurant, Tandoor Mahal offers all the masterpieces of Indian cuisine and its extraordinary desserts.
For those who can not live without a Cup of strong coffee at the resort is always open Island Coffee Shop.

Island Barbeque restaurant

Sand Bar
At the same time, it doesn't matter if you live on one side of the island, and the coveted restaurant is located on the other — make their way on foot to a mile to favorite places do not have. On the island every 10-15 minutes as shuttles are free electromobility: all the way from one end to the other takes about five to seven minutes of time.
For children in Kuramathi Island Resort created by the club Bageecha. Its name translates from the Maldivian language as "Park" or "garden". Indeed, this place is a real amusement Park for young travelers. For children from 3 to 12 years here have prepared many fun activities from treasure hunting to beach games and exploring the mysterious underwater world of the Maldives.

in the meantime, little children occupied with games to be a pirate, parents can enjoy a Spa ritual for two. This procedure is called Couples Rebirth. Massage based on ayurvedica techniques and will allow guests to truly relax. During the procedure, use of special Indian oils, chosen individually. The gentle hands of the masseur will help to plunge into Nirvana, and the perfect end to this magic will be a bath for two with unusually fragrant oils and herbs.

to Continue the romance with dinner on a sandbank wishing to arrange a truly romantic meal.

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