5 resorts near Barcelona

Sea, hot sun, deep caves, narrow Straits, cozy coves, Golden strips of beaches and the school, which are taught to swim with a mermaid tail: Rambler/Travel to talk about five resorts located near Barcelona.


Second largest city of Catalonia — Tarragona — located about 100 kilometers from Barcelona. Get on the suburban train Renfe for an hour on the bus for a half.
Resort is famous for wide sandy beaches with gently sloping entrance to the sea, making Tarragona is an ideal place for a family holiday. The coastline stretches for over 15 miles, so even in peak season here you can find a secluded place to relax. The coast is very clean: beaches awarded the Blue flag.
In the historical centre of town — Part‑viola — preserved fortifications of the former capital of the Roman province of Iberia. In addition, in Tarragona you can see Roman forum, the arena for Gladiator fights and amphitheatre, Dating from the II century ad, and visit the Cathedral, built almost nine hundred years ago. Ruins of Roman buildings preserved in Tarragona, was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO in 2000. And in Tarragona has its own Academy of mermaids, where everyone is taught to swim with a mermaid tail.
12 kilometres from Tarragona is the largest in the South of Europe the amusement Park "Port Aventura", on the territory of which — nearly a hundred rides. Here and water slides, and loops, and free fall: most of them — not for the faint of heart.


Sitges, located on the Costa del Garraf, youth resort for those who like noisy parties and fun. It is the European capital of gay tourism: international LGBT festival is held in early summer. The city is located about 40 kilometers from Barcelona; the road to the suburban Renfe train or bus takes about 40 minutes.
However, like here and your family. Sitges has three hundred Sunny days a year and 11 beaches, most of which in different years was awarded with the international certificate of quality Blue flag. They are equipped with changing cabins and showers, sun loungers and parasols. On the beaches of the comfortable shallow entry into the water, so the rest is comfortable here and with the kids. Swimming in Sitges, even in windy conditions thanks to the breakwaters.
In the late nineteenth century lived in Sitges Catalan post‑impressionist artist Santiago Rusiñol. At that time the resort has been a center of modernist art and art Nouveau. Today the house Rosignol turned into a Museum, the exhibition which presents not only his works but also works of Salvador Dali, El Greco, Pablo Picasso and other Spanish artists.
Sitges — the birthplace of the legendary don Facundo Bacardi. Here is the house‑Museum of the Bacardi company, founded in Cuba in 1862. The exhibition displays 150-year history of the brand. A tour of the Museum takes less than an hour, at the end awaits a master class on making cocktails — Mojito and Cuba Libre — tasting on the terrace.


Small town Calella is a half hour drive from Barcelona. Golden beaches stretches for three kilometers, a cozy Bay surrounded by sharp rocks. It is comfortable to stay even during peak season: enough space for everyone. From the cold North‑West winds resort protects the ridge of low hills. Calella beaches, awarded the Blue flag.
In the list of attractions of Calella — built in 1959 lighthouse and built in the XIX century towers optical Telegraph Las Torretes, with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Santa Susanna

resort of Santa Susanna you can feel the true spirit of Spain, sandy beaches, liters of sangria and caressing the skin the sun. The city stands on the hills, so the views of the Mediterranean sea opens from almost anywhere on the resort. Santa Susanna is located about 50 kilometers from Barcelona; travel time — about half an hour.
Wide, sandy beach stretches almost three kilometers. This place is fine sand and azure water — perfect for a relaxing family holiday with children. There is almost never windy: surrounding Santa Susanna hills protect the town against the strong vortices.
Around Santa Susanna, where there are excellent conditions for trekking and horse riding and for mountain Biking.
And directly on the territory of the resort is amusement Park Activnatura where you can go Quad Biking, climbing, motocross, or orienteering, paintball, and also to walk along through the treetops trail. In the children's area there is a rope Park and trampolines.

Tossa de Mar

This lush resort is one of the most beautiful in the vicinity of Barcelona. At the turn of XIX and XX centuries it rested rich Europeans. And in the middle of the last century in Tossa de Mar, on the sandy shores of the Gulf, starred the legendary British film "Pandora and the flying Dutchman." The town is located 90 kilometers from Barcelona; to get on the suburban train Renfe for an hour on the bus for a half.
Only sung by poets of the resort of Tossa de Mar three long sandy beach. This created excellent opportunities for outdoor activities — diving and snorkeling.
Main attraction of the resort — the fortress Vila Velha, built in the XII century to protect against attacks by pirates. It is located on the cliff, near the Platja Gran beach. From the fortress opens up views of the rugged cliffs of the coast of bays. And inside, in one of the towers, is City Museum, in the exposition of which presents a mosaic of the V century and other masterpieces from the heyday of Romanesque art, and the painting of Marc Chagall's "the celestial violinist", the work of Claude Monet and Spanish artists.

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