6 best resort towns of the Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a tidbit for tourists and the most popular coast of Spain among Russians. Here picturesque cliffs, tall Mediterranean pine trees‑pine and great beaches, each second of which has the prize "Blue flag", that is consistent with international environmental standards. Called the most interesting resort towns in Costa Brava.


This beautiful old resort town, one of the oldest in Spain (archaeologists believe that the first settlements appeared here already in the I century of our era), perfect for romantic walks, quiet and relaxing holiday with the whole family or secluded searches of inspiration. Nature did not regret for landscapes Blanes the bright and juicy colors, and for its beaches of soft Golden sand. All four-kilometer-long coast, is entirely sand, rugged in some places picturesque rocky bays.
SpainguideBetween Russia and Spain there is a secret attraction: Spain, Russian love, not only for fat wallets and pretty women. Perhaps the fact that we are similar. So that Russian feeling among the Spaniards at home, only much better due to the clean beaches of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, good roads, delicious cheap food and, of course, the romance of the Spanish language.


L'estartit is a small fishing village, turned into the middle of the last century in a bustling European resort. The main attraction of this place — wide sandy beach, which lies a few kilometers from the coast protected hores.
This is the true Paradise for diving, but because the waterfront of the town of L'estartit is full diversity centres, shops and points of hire of equipment. From the Bay to the Islands several times a day, boats with a transparent bottom, and even a submarine.
Costa BravaguideWhen Salvador Dali was a young artist at the beginning of XX century, this land looked wild. "The wild shore" is the translated name of one of the most scenic areas of the Mediterranean coast. Today the Costa Brava turned into a titbit for tourists from the past, and wilderness that inspired the artist's extravagant, almost nothing remained. Although rocks, pine trees and great beaches (every second of them has the prize "Blue flag", that is consistent with international environmental standards) – all in the same beautiful, albeit not intact.

Tossa de Mar

This is perhaps the most quiet and peaceful resort town of the Costa Brava. There are plenty of hotels, but they are all low rise and not crowded, plenty of bars and restaurants, but no noisy discos and drunken crowds. Therefore, tasse will be well to romantic couples, families with well-behaved kids and those who want to be alone with myself and the sea. The tiny town can safely get around by bike, taken in many locations.
Main local landmark — towering above the medieval Tossou fortress Vila Vella, one of the most beautiful in the whole Catalan coast, which is well preserved for its more than 800 years. Rise to it can be straight from Main beach — on the serpentine road paved with stones — fun on wheel train or on foot.


resort City Palafrugell shrouded in romance and Mediterranean charm. Here, as hundreds of years ago, moor fishing boats and the restaurants serve seafood prepared according to traditional recipes. In this town there are no tall buildings, noisy discos and major shopping centres — only a tiny coves, long sandy beaches and lovely three-storey houses with terracotta roofs and colourful shutters. They say that travelers in Palafrugell nothing more than fishing boats. Perhaps that is why vacationers love to escape here from the resorts of the Costa Brava, to get away from the hustle and scurrying crowds and get lost in the maze of narrow streets.


In the resort town of roses as in Greece, has it all: luxurious sandy beaches, and rocky foothills of the Pyrenees, and the best in the area water Park, and the most suitable for Windsurfing and kitesurfing winds. This is truly a universal place where everyone will find an occupation for himself. Here you can see the fortress‑monastery of the XI century, diving, buy early morning the boat fresh fish and ask to cook it in one of the many taverns on the shore.

Lloret de Mar

Like all the coastal cities of Spain, Lloret, too, was once a tiny fishing village. Now it is a famous place for recreation and entertainment of the Spanish and European youth. There are a huge number of all kinds of pubs — from Mexican bars to Irish pubs, and night clubs, discos, casinos, music café and more. Here even from Barcelona go on the weekends the capital's party people to dance until 6 am, then sleep until lunch, then bathe in the warm waves of the Mediterranean, and at night — back to the dance floor.

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