7 reasons to visit Nha Trang in winter

Nha Trang is hardly the main resort of Vietnam, wide beach area which stretched for seven miles. To develop it began just a few decades ago. Rambler/Travel tell you why in Nha Trang need to go now.

to Try Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is no mouth burning spices, no tear sharpness: try any dish without fear for your stomach. Main dish — soup Pho here and the meat and vegetables, and the noodles and the bean sprouts, and paludina herbs. The Vietnamese eat Pho for lunch and dinner, but often Breakfast: aroma of food, which is not to confuse, spreading at the resort early in the morning. In Nha Trang, as throughout Vietnam, a strong culture of street food.
don't forget to try the Vietnamese coffee — bitter, tart, with the flavor of Robusta. Coffee is not boiled, and passed through fin — special filter with the smallest holes. Then drink diluted sweetened condensed milk and serve.

From Nha Trang there are at least three trump card, transforming it into one of the best resorts of Vietnam. First, semikilometrovaya beach, which the sand quality is only slightly inferior to their Thai competitors. Second, in Nha Trang very good diving: red sea underwater beauty of course, should not wait, but well to dive at the nearby Islands is possible. The third advantage of the resort – nautical kitchen. Giant grilled lobster and crabs, various shellfish, tuna fish and crocodile you can eat at dozens of local restaurants – Vietnamese for mere pennies.

Riding the cable car

Over the Nha Trang Bay, one of the most beautiful in the country, to the island of hon tre stretches longest sea cableway on the planet — length of 3.3 thousand meters. The trip will be an unforgettable experience. Cableway was built in 2007. One way trip takes about 10 minutes.
On the island of hon tre is a huge hotel complex Vin Pearl, as well as amusement Park with an area of 200 thousand square meters. Interesting here will be to both adults and children: in the territory — dozens of rides, slot machines, an aquarium with marine life and a 4D cinema.

Relax on the beach semikilometrovaya

One of the longest in Vietnam beaches is located in Nha Trang: its length is seven kilometers. Most of the hotels in town is located across the road from the beach. The entrance to the sea is gently sloping, so ideal for families with small children. However, it should be wary of jellyfish, only those who swim in great depth.
Resort area includes the city of Nha Trang and the coast, and the Islands along the coast. So to sunbathe and swim not only in the city, but also to the many Islands of the Bay: one of them is a large amusement Park, on another — live hordes of monkeys, the third — ranked farms that grow the swallow's nest.
From the point of view of the Russians, Vietnam has a lot of advantages. Here speak good Russian, and Vietnamese summer lasts all year round, it does not need a visa, and the local beaches are considered among the best in Southeast Asia. And indeed, much seems familiar and even native. For example, the red flags on the streets or thongs-"flip flops" the most fashionable beach shoes in the Soviet Union.


Nha Trang is a great option for those who want diving. Training here will be much cheaper than in Thailand or Bali. The ecosystem of this region of Vietnam unique in these waters are home to 350 species of coral and many species of fish.
However, sunken ships and caves in these waters no. Maximum depth of the dives is 40 meters. That's why Nha Trang and scattered in the Bay of Islands (especially mun) as one of the best places in the country for diving.

Make a mud bath

In Nha Trang are the mineral and mud springs under the open sky. The most famous — Thap BA. Here you can not only take a therapeutic mud bath, but to try treatments using natural hot mineral water. Also to services of tourists — steam room, sauna, reflexology and relaxing massages — body, legs and head.
Despite the hot weather, relax in Thap BA quite comfortable: go for a refreshing dip in a cool pool with mineral water or shower with hydro-massage and relax in the sun loungers in the blossomed garden.

going rogue

Nha Trang is famous for its night life, the resort never stops for a minute. Along the coast stretches a chain of clubs and bars that are visiting DJs. One of the most unusual institutions of Nha Trang Ice Bar. It is designed specifically for those who missed the winter and frost: the inside temperature does not rise above 0 °C, and give visitors a warm jacket and a vodka in glasses made of ice.

Try the heart of a snake

In Vietnam the snake blood is a delicacy: it is believed that it is very useful for health. And snake meat and snake blood, and heart are considered to be powerful aphrodisiacs, as well as firming and rejuvenator. Residents believe that man eating snake, gets her strength and cunning. To try this delicacy in the restaurants of Nha Trang Checkpoint, and also a snake farm where tourists are show with the snakes.

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