5 best Spa resorts in the world

Active modern life leaves little time to care for the body and soul, although everyone knows that time passed a course of anti‑age procedures and proper massage at the Spa guarantees many years of health and beauty. Rambler/Travel is recommended to take a vacation and go to one of the Wellness resorts.

Mii amo SPA, USA

This Spa complex in the Arizona desert near Sedona in the USA, is considered one of the best in the world. It is situated in an idyllic canyon Boynton (Boynton Canyon), famous mountains deep red. Luxurious, stylish rooms, impeccably trained staff, wonderful service, excellent cuisine and the magnificent spa‑procedures — all this makes the guests relax and have fun.
United States is insatiable in his desire to be "the best". The planet was built Chicago's skyscrapers, the biggest blockbusters are shot in Hollywood, the best vacation for kids at Disneyland, and the most frantic of joy for adults - with a steep drive from the strip in Las Vegas. Here, deep canyons, vast deserts, and the Great lakes resemble seas.

Photo: Mii amo
Program is aimed to complete the detox range of treatments designed to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. Main program — De‑Stress Mind, Body & Spirit ("get Rid of stress mind, body and spirit") provides lymph drainage massage and stone therapy, body wraps and Facials. Effect on the body is enhanced by the massage Watsu (delaetsa in the pool or tub, the water temperature from +34 to+38 C) _, group Wellness classes, tai Chi and many hours of meditation on the terraces, which offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape is fantastic. SPA experts claim that even mere observation of local rocks has a strong therapeutic effect.
Another program — Rites of Passage — will help to move to a new level of perception of reality and our place in the Universe. It includes specially selected massage for body and face, sessions, Watsu and craniosacral therapy (manual techniques to work with the bones of the back and skull for harmonization of the Central nervous system).

Photo: Mii amo

Huvafen Fushi the Maldives

Thanks to the first-ever "underwater" spa center, the hotel Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives has acquired the status of resort‑deluxe. The highest level of service meets the requirements of demanding clients, including many celebrities, including Kate moss, Alexander McQueen, Beyonce, and others.
From the Maldives need to bring peace of mind and t-shirts with the inscription speaking "No news, no shoes". Shoes are really not needed. White sand, soft and gentle, embracing a wide strip all 1,200 Islands of the archipelago. To circumvent any of them, you need only some 20-40 minutes of slow pace. News, especially from TV, and did not get along with thatched roofs of local bungalows. So peace to find in these parts easily. Important thing is to follow a simple daily routine: alternate sunscreen with aromatic oils in the Spa, cocktails on the beach - with candlelit dinners, floundering in a warm ocean with walks on uninhabited Islands.
level of the resort and spa says at least the fact that Huvafen Fushi is included in the "Golden list" British Conde Nast Traveller and Harper's Bazaar Travel Guide named it "the best beach hotel in the world" (Best Beach Resort in the World). And these rewards are not limited.

Photo: Huvafen Fushi Maldives
as for the Spa, the popular 2,5 hour program Purify Me Ritual. You lay down on the couch, surrounded by transparent glass, you can observe shoals of tropical fish. First make a body scrub using salt. After the body is evenly coated with the local yellow clay, wrapped in foil and covered with thermal blanket. After a 45-minute relaxation massage followed, and while you are recovering from your immersion into Nirvana, is a healing hair mask.
in Addition to a variety of spa treatments at the resort can get advice on healthy eating, dine in the restaurant of Raw, offering nutritional meals, or Salt, which is located on the platform right in the middle of the lagoon and specializiruetsya Mediterranean cuisine.

Photo: Huvafen Fushi Maldives

Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang, Vietnam

In Vietnam at the amazingly picturesque island of hon tre, in one of 30 world's most beautiful bays of Nha Trang, located six-star resort Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang Resort.
This is the first resort with spa treatments, located right above the sea surface. Only a couple of minutes leisurely stroll from the Villa and you find yourself in the world of spa over water "Over water spa".
From the point of view of the Russians, Vietnam has a lot of advantages. Here speak good Russian, and Vietnamese summer lasts all year round, it does not need a visa, and the local beaches are considered among the best in Southeast Asia. And indeed, much seems familiar and even native. For example, the red flags on the streets or thongs-"flip flops" the most fashionable beach shoes in the Soviet Union.

Photo: Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang
Unique Oriental technique of restoring health and beauty, high quality cosmetics made from natural ingredients, the skill of the massage therapists and spa‑specialists and you will completely relax and forget about everyday problems and chronic stress of the metropolis. "Over water spa" will awaken all the senses, rejuvenate your body and bring your spirit into harmony with the Universe.

Photo: Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang

Les Sources de Caudalie, France

at the end of last century it was proved that grape seed contains large amounts of active substances, polyphenols, which have the unique ability to bind free radicals produced in the body by sunlight, cigarette smoke, stress, polluted air. Free radicals are one of the causes of aging and the occurrence of malignant and cardiovascular diseases. This discovery became the impetus to create a cosmetic range "Kodaly" and the centre of Wine therapy.
There are male countries, and there are definitely female. France falls into the latter. Controversial, mysterious, changeable, attractive. This is probably the most romantic country in the world. The alluring aroma of perfume, fashion clothes, sounds of chanson, fine dining, expensive wine and sensual French language, dedicated to declarations of love.

Photo: Les Sources de Caudalie
At this spa‑resort in France offers a variety of procedures. Among the most popular — "Relax", which includes a bath with mineral water and extract of the vines of red grapes, bath Barrick, massage under shower with mineral water, struevoy shower, massage "Sauvignon", hydromassage, wannamethee wraps, wrap "Merlot"), as well as the advice of a cosmetologist.

Photo: Les Sources de Caudalie

Le Mirador Resort & Spa, Switzerland

a few minutes away from Montreux and Vevey, in the heart of the wine region Switzerland on the mountain of Mont‑Pelerin, is a complex of luxury Mirador.
This is a real oasis of peace surrounded by beautiful nature. The hotel is built in the style of a Grand country estate. In the exquisite spa‑center Givenchy, you can choose a variety of treatments for body and face, massages, cosmetic dentistry.
Guests of the center fed by a special system that includes activated water, water enriched with oxygen, do fitness on an individually designed program that includes, for example, Nordic walking and a variety of spa‑procedures.

Photo: The Mirador Resort & Spa
in Addition to the adoption of Wellness you can walk around and explore the area: close to the famous Chillon castle and the valley of the Rhone, a little closer, on the shore of the lake lies the town of Vevey.

Photo: The Mirador Resort & Spa