5 top beaches on Koh Samui

the Second largest island in Thailand — almost one continuous beach. On the shoreline there are 34 recreation areas. Rambler/Travel chose the best of them.


This beach is the touristic centre of the island. Two kilometers of clean sand, which in places resembles powdered sugar. Chaweng — the rave place: all day here is rattling music in bars and clubs, shops. Along the shore are scattered a luxury five-star hotels, and a simple, secluded Bungalow. And to take a sunbed and parasol can be rented for a nominal fee. This beach has the best diving centres of the island, so you can explore underwater worlds near the island of Samui.
and, of course, it is important that the depth of Chaweng allows you to swim for adults and children: sheer failures in depth here. The Northern tip of the beach is the perfect place for a quiet and relaxing holiday. However, perhaps you will have to divert planes take off: because right behind the beach there is the runway of Samui airport. But in this show there is something fascinating.
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In the 70-ies of the two languishing in the heat of a tourist swam to Koh Samui in the hollowed-out palm trees from the boat and were stunned in front of them stretched a Paradise hitherto unknown to anyone from Europeans of the island. Of the signs of people – only a few huts in the coconut grove. And miles of white sand and green valleys and not at all looked as if we never knew the tracks "Homo sapiens". The happy couple, of course, immediately trumpeted his discovery to the whole world. Samui began a rapid development, and through three decades of peaceful aboriginal island caught up on the tourist scale with huge Phuket.


Separated from Chaweng scenic Coral Bay Lamai beach is four kilometers large and immaculately clean Golden sand. And the landscape at this distance is changing dramatically. Sloping entrance to the sea on the background of traditional Thai vegetation to the steep cliffs.
Sea on Lamai deeper than on other beaches of the island, so there are always many surfers. And here is one of the most famous Spa resorts in Thailand — The SPA Resort, Lamai. And, of course, hotels, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, strip clubs and clingy merchants here are also available.
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Luxury hotels, leisurely, peaceful vacation — this is all about the beach of Bo Phut, which stretched for three kilometers. In the evenings there are musical concerts of all kinds of styles. And on Friday, the tourist area of Fisherman Village becomes a large pedestrian area, where there is a lively trade and where tourists are treated to local delicacies.
Beach is well protected from the open sea, so waves here do not happen. But there is a private dock where the tourist boats stick. So here you can take a fascinating boat trip.
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Me We

Another quiet beach, ideal for families with children or honeymoon, but it is not suitable for noisy partying holiday.
Golden sand, turquoise waves, palm trees, overhanging the water, cliffs and caves — all this sets a contemplative mood. And there are some Eastern churches, a waterfall and a Thai village where you can buy Souvenirs.
On the beach should be aware of several nuances. First, it almost immediately becomes deep. Secondly, from the mountains flow three streams, which in the rainy season becomes a fully-fledged rivers. Because, the sea water may seem not very transparent. And the choice of housing it is better to stay away from streams.
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Taling Ngam

This is perhaps the most secluded beach on Koh Samui. Ideal to survive the attacks of misanthropy: to meet people here, we must try. But with the underwater creatures you can communicate without limits: take a mask for snorkeling and forth in the clear azure waves.
Sand here reminds semolina, and the entrance in the sea smooth and gentle. Taling Ngam beach also called five Islands, to which shore has a beautiful view. And yet, this beach is a great place for watching sunsets.
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