Without a visa: 8 Asian countries, in to go right now

the Volcanoes on Sumatra, abandoned monasteries and temples in Angkor, dozens of beaches on Phuket and much more you can see, not thinking about the visa. To cross the borders of most States in Southeast Asia required, only a passport with a couple of blank pages. Tell, in what country of the Russian tourists can be broken at any time.


From the point of view of the Russians, Vietnam has a lot of advantages. Here speak good Russian, and Vietnamese summer lasts all year round, it does not need a visa, and the local beaches are considered among the best in Southeast Asia. And indeed, much seems familiar and even native. For example, the red flags on the streets or thongs-"flip flops" the most fashionable beach shoes in the Soviet Union.
Visa: the Russian citizens wishing to visit the country for up to 15 days, a visa is not required regardless of what it should be is a tourist, business or guest.
don't miss: one of the world's longest cable cars, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in Hanoi Halong Bay, where they filmed the bond movie with Pierce Brosnan.
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"Unity in diversity" slogan could use any multi-ethnic country in the world, but I fixed it somehow, in Indonesia. This country is like a mosaic assembled from 18 thousand Islands, of which foreigners often there is only one Bali. But the rest of the island is no less interesting: you can go in Java with its ancient monuments, to sail to the carnivorous "dragons" of Komodo, to watch the funeral ceremonies on Sulawesi, to hug an orang-utan in Sumatra, to communicate with the natives of Kalimantan and Irian Jaya.
Visa: starting January 2015 Russians will be able to visit Indonesia without a visa (previously, you had to draw up the documents upon arrival at the airports in the country).
don't miss:beaches of countless resorts in Bali national Park Kerintji, Seblat in Sumatra, Buddhist complex Borobudur and volcanoes in Java.
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Thanks to angelina Jolie in the zero word "Cambodia" recognized by millions of people previously and not suspecting about existence in South‑East Asia little Kingdom with the same name. Here the jungle was filmed one of the most spectacular episodes of the Thriller about Lara Croft in execution than-their-girlfriends-star — battle with the many-handed monsters. Meanwhile, the Russians (or rather residents of the former Soviet Union), Cambodia is well known since 1980s. Then the Union actively helped her to build socialism by supplying all kinds of professionals, and consumer goods. The memory of the times of the "great friendship" was still: "Russian market," "Russian restaurant", "Russian street" and even a "Russian city" Sihanoukville. Will be in Cambodia, don't miss. A great reason to feel pride for their homeland.
Visa: for up to 30 days is made as simple as Turkish, arrived.
don't miss: monastery of TA Prohm — the abandoned city of "Mowgli", Sihanoukville — the main resort of Cambodia, the largest temple in the world Angkor Wat.
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Noisy Chinatowns and vivid Hindu temples, glittering skyscrapers of glass and concrete and is perched on the bottom of the decrepit mosque, the faces of every possible shade of skin and shape of the eyes on the streets is the Kingdom of Malaysia. It consists of two separated by the sea parts — West Malaysia on the Malay Peninsula and East Malaysia on the island of Borneo. In fact, these pieces — two different countries United by a formal state borders. Different history, different languages, different cultures. Even nature is different.
Visa: is not needed if the duration of stay in the country does not exceed one month.
don't miss:Sipadan island one of the best places in the world for scuba diving, beaches island of Langkawi restaurants on Penang.
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South Korea

Among the places where now you can look into the near future of the planet, South Korea is one of the most preferred options. Judging by the main Korean cities, the yard here has long been the XXII century. Under the earth flying trains futuristic metro metropolis covered with ubiquitous free Wi‑Fi and toilets, even in the cheapest cafes are equipped with control panels.
Visa: from 1 January 2014 for the Russians visa-free regime.
don't miss:Jeju island, which is called the "Asian Hawaii", amusement Park Lotte World in Seoul fish market Jagalchi in Busan.
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With the Maldives need to bring peace of mind and t-shirts with the inscription speaking "No news, no shoes". Shoes are really not needed. White sand, soft and gentle, embracing a wide strip all 1,200 Islands of the archipelago. To circumvent any of them, you need only some 20-40 minutes of slow pace. News, especially from TV, and did not get along with thatched roofs of local bungalows. So peace to find in these parts easily. Important thing is to follow a simple daily routine: alternate sunscreen with aromatic oils in the Spa, cocktails on the beach — with candlelit dinners, floundering in a warm ocean with walks on uninhabited Islands.
Visa: she's being processed at the border: upon arrival at malé international airport you need to show a passport, a return ticket with a specified departure date and the voucher of the travel Agency or hotel booking. The validity of the visa in the Maldives — 30 days.
don't miss:Addu Atoll freshwater lake and rare birds, Haa Alif Atoll with swarms of turtles, rays and reef sharks Great mosque in male.
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it is Not immediately clear what part of the world are these Islands. Geographically, like South‑East Asia with its exotic and bright colors, palm trees and beaches. But the style of life it's more of Latin America with a love of songs, dances, and fleeting love relationships, and more — with thousands of Catholic cathedrals, religious fanaticism and solemn processions with the removal of statues of saints. In an abandoned Spanish colonial towns like the Philippines to Europe, and in the capital — more on the US, with unfathomable love for fast food, shopping malls, skyscrapers and giant billboards.
Visa: not necessary if travel is for tourism purposes and does not exceed 30 days. At the border ask the foreign passport (its validity should not be less than six months from the date of entry) and return ticket.
don't miss:old area Manila, rice terraces the Philippine Cordilleras, White beach on the island of Boracay.
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Elephants elephants and the players‑artists, flower markets, orchids for the price of Russian bagels, representatives of the "third gender", working stewardesses (or stewards), beaches with white as flour sand and transparent as a tear the water — everything is Thailand, the former Siam. It's a magical and sometimes shocking Kingdom — a Paradise for sedate family holidays and for lovers of sex tourism, as well as divers, surfers, rafters, backpackers, downshifters, gay, ecotourists, ethnographers, kickboxers, writers and just slackers. Just need to know who what part of heaven go.
Visa: is not needed if the trip will be travel and will not exceed a period of 30 days. At the border ask the migrant card, filled in by hand, and the passport — valid at the time of the planned departure from the country, with at least one blank page and not too shabby — the border guards can deny visa if a tourist passport crumpled, wet, greasy and strong.
don't miss: cine Koh Phi Phi, canals of Bangkok and half a dozen beaches in Phuket.
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