Forget the slopes: what else to do at ski resorts

Shopping, hot springs, a visit to the Yeti and walk on the highest suspension bridge in the world — the Rambler/Travel what can be diluted with skiing and snowboarding on the most popular resorts of Russia and Europe.

Krasnaya Polyana, Russia

On the territory of the famous ski cluster in Russia Krasnodar Krai there are three major complex "Gorky Gorod", "Rosa Khutor" and "Gazprom". However, come here not only for the groomed slopes, extreme slopes, ski schools and impressive types. Surroundings Krasnaya Polyana rich in attractions, in the winter you can see everything in the summer is usually not enough time.
So, just a half hour drive from the resort is a Park of extreme adventures Chinatown. Here you will find Skybridge — 439-meter, the longest suspended pedestrian bridge in the world. To walk, gripping the handrails: design located at an altitude of 207 metres above the river Mzymta. The most desperate can the thrill of bungee jumping, jumping from a height of 207 meters.

Among other special attractions around the resort — the "Russian Disneyland" — the"Sochi Park". On the territory of 20.5 ha is located 16 rides — you can experience the tower free fall "the Firebird", look to the factory of Santa Claus, ride the fastest and highest in Russia an extreme hill "Quantum leap".
other activities in the vicinity of Krasnaya Polyana — the ride tribal trout plant "Adler", as well as a trip to the mineral source in Chvezhipse of water which is especially recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Photo: "Sochi-Park"

Sheregesh, Russia

This ski resort in the Kemerovo region boasts 15 slopes, long ski season (November to may), a height difference of almost 700 metres and the biggest in Russia snopescom.

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And for those who go outside the company, Sheregesh offers a good après‑ski. The resort has an indoor ice rink and ride "Upside down house", karaoke lounge and a cinema, nightclub Ays‑Bunker, as well as spas and saunas almost at each hotel.
for Those who prefer outdoor activities, is to get to the scenic mountain Green, to see the Memorial cross with a weight of 7,500 kg on the mountain mound and to go to Azassky the cave. In winter you can admire the huge ice stalagmites and stalactites and listen to the legend of the Yeti. It is believed that in the cave lives Asashi snow man.

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Abzakovo, Russia

Most famous resort in the Urals is located 22 km from Beloretsk. Here opened 13 tracks with elevation changes of up to 320 metres, there are areas for slalom and giant slalom, ski school, slopes for tubing and 10 km of trails for cross-country skiing.

Photo: "Abzakovo"
And while some conquer the peaks, others can walk around the resort and explore all the local attractions. For example, in Abzakovo is Russia's only zoo, located in a forested area outside the city. Here there are about 30 types of animals, including Amur tigers, brown bears, peacocks, deer and deer. It is also worth to look into the water Park, the holiday house "Abzakovo" and count the dinosaurs in the Park "Dino".
For fans of sports entertainment there are snowmobile and horseback riding, trap shooting and Nordic walking. And for all there are the beautiful surroundings of the resort. I get Blue rocks, view of lake Jasper belt, to visit the waterfall "Marini tears" and lemon farm.

Photo: "Abzakovo"

Borovets, Bulgaria

Ski resort "number one" in Bulgaria is located 72 km from Sofia, at the foot of Mussala — top point of the Balkans. It is often called "the Alpine" resort of the country — conditions for the sport here is really excellent. In Borovets there is a cableway with a length of almost 5 kilometres long and over 40 km of trails of varying difficulty.

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number of tourist attractions the town is also not inferior to the resorts of France or Switzerland. Here you can ride on a sled, drive a snowmobile or dog sled, as well as to evaluate the mechanics — the local cafes.
tours are especially popular in Rila monastery — the main pilgrimage place in the Balkans, and in Sofia. It should also highlight the day in the Spa resort of Sapareva Banya, where is the hot spring of mineral water in Europe.

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Escaldes, Andorra

tiny state Andorra there are 152 ski slopes and 6 from Europe-renowned ski stations. The most popular of Andorra, near Andorra La Vella. That's why skiing or snowboarding is easy to combine with urban rides. For example, with shopping. Andorra belongs to the zone of free trade — things here are 20-40% cheaper than other European countries. It is particularly interesting to shop in the winter sales, when stores offer extra discounts.

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Another center of attraction — the thermal centre Caldea. Here, the water is present in all manifestations — in the form of ice, hot springs, geysers and baths. There are pools with thermal water in the form of labyrinths, hydro and manual massage, Turkish baths, saunas, circular showers, waterfalls, streams and many baths.
it's also Worth a trip to the Museum of historic cars in encamp, go to the matryoshka Museum in Escaldes and go on a tour of Europe. Because Andorra is easy to get to Barcelona or to give up for a day in Toulouse.

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