The place where wishes come true

In these places go from all over the world, to RUB, to touch, to spit, to pray or to perform any other manipulations that are guaranteed to fulfill the most cherished desire. In anticipation of the New year Rambler/Travel tell you where you should go next year to fulfill a dream.

Bay of Petra tou Romiou

Paphos, Cyprus
make: to swim around the rock at night to avoid the daytime rush hours, and during the full moon and even to recharge magical energy (if you believe the legends), or just take a dip in the moonlight.

Golden gate

Crimea, Russia
make: close to swim to a huge rock on the boat (it will have to abandon the walk on the big ship) and throw a coin. For 100% fulfillment of your desires — you need to swim under the arch.

Wailing Wall

Jerusalem, Israel
make: write it down on a piece of paper and tuck the note between the stones of the Wall. Come true not only Orthodox Jews of the hidden desire.
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Waterfall El Limon

Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic
Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic
make: just take a dip in the waterfall and wait for fall on the head of a suitcase with a million dollars. To "lemon" on Bank account or other packaging, you cannot: only a suitcase and only on the head.

Trevi Fountain

Rome, Italy
What to do: throw a coin into the fountain to return to Rome. Or two — to get acquainted with the Italian. Or even three — to marry (apparently, for guaranteed second coin Italian).

7 springs of Rhodes

Rhodes, Greece
Thinkstock /
make: to take your shoes off and walk barefoot through the dark tunnel, the bottom of which flows the icy stream. Caution: be ready to provide assistance to those who have the cold water brought stop.

Greenwich Park

London, UK
make: to Stand on the line of the Prime Meridian (another version to rise above it, to one leg in the Western hemisphere and the second in East) and make a wish.

Charles bridge

Prague, Czech Republic
make: or take one hand on John of Nepomuk and the other for the dog on the reliefs of the bridge (you can recognize it by tolerantnosti), or put your hand on the cross with five stars on a marble slab and make a wish.

metro Station "Revolution Square"

Moscow, Russia
Yulia sverchkova
What to do: RUB the sleeve nose bronze dog — this ensures good luck for the exams. If the study is not go to his head, it is necessary to touch the leg of a student with a book — it helps to forget unhappy love.

Blarney Castle

make: to kiss the "stone of eloquence." Caution: you may speak English with an Irish accent. For other desires in the castle there is a "witch's ladder", which must be overcome with your eyes closed.

Fountain Leopold

Innsbruck, Austria
Daderot / Wikimedia Commons
make: to RUB the foot bronze Poseidon, standing in the center of the fountain and make a wish. Caution: the chances of slipping are quite high.

House of virgin Mary

myhsu /
make: to tie the ribbon or cloth to the bars near the healing spring. According to legend, this house was held the Dormition of the Theotokos, who spent the last years of earthly life.


Umbria, Italy
make: to pray the relics of Saint Valentine to married life was happy. His tomb is located in the beautiful Basilica, where the aware and still come couple. And every February in Terni Festival lovers.

Lake of the Pregnant maiden

Langkawi, Malaysia
ApanY2K /
make: swimming in the lake, the water of which helps to conceive. Legend has it that one childless couple finally fulfilled his dream after the couple took a SIP of the local water. Lake of the Pregnant maiden became a place of pilgrimage for Malay couples wishing to have a baby.

Agia solomoni Catacombs

Paphos, Cyprus
Son of Groucho /
make: to tie on the "Tree of health" half of the ribbon, in order to cure all diseases. And after you drink water from a medicinal spring, which is located deep underground in the catacombs.