Lillehammer: the most interesting places

the Capital of winter Olympic games of 1994 had experienced only one take-off in its history: when the city won the right to hold the major sporting events in the world. Since Lillehammer returned to his normal life. Tourists here are few, but enough skiers. Tell them where to go and what to see, once the former capital of the Olympic games, on the road to the ski resorts of Gausdal, Kvitfjell and Geilo.

Norwegian Olympic Museum

Lillehammer, Norway
Norwegian Olympic Museum — the only in Northern Europe — tells the story of the Olympic games starting in 776 BC and ending of the XXI century. In the halls of the Museum contains more than seven thousand exhibits related to historical and modern sports. Here are exhibited the ancient written sources, a collection of commemorative coins, medals, stamps and photos of the best Norwegian athletes.
Main exposition of the Museum dedicated to the Olympic games 1994, held in Lillehammer. The walls of this room are hung with numerous pictures on the screens newsreels, and on local radio continuously broadcasts reports of those years. The Museum is located in the building adjacent to the Olympic stadium. It is a small gift shop where you can acquire trinkets dedicated to the sport and the Olympic games.
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amusement Park Hunderfossen

Lillehammer, Norway
to Travel from Lillehammer to the amusement Park Hunderfossen is best in the evening. At this time here all the fun starts: go out to intimidate children and their parents, the trolls and devils in spooky costumes, fun starts, Snowmobiling, tubing rafting‑tubing, high slides, lights up a huge fairy tale castle.
throughout the Park is scattered with dozens of snow huts igloos, each with a variety of attractions: giant chess, show sled or pool with colorful balls. From the cold save everywhere kindled the brazier, and small restaurants. One such restaurant is entirely made of ice. Even the drinks were poured into frozen glasses. Here you can stay the night in the most southern ice hotel in Scandinavia. Each room in this cool hotel is decorated with various items, frozen into the walls and illuminated from the inside: hammers, saws, rulers. And ice beds spread out the warm skin.

Ethnographic Museum Maihaugen

Lillehammer, Norway
Hohlkörper /
Norwegians claim that the Museum Maihaugen — the largest ethnographic open air Museum in Europe. Here over the years have brought and restored about 200 of the old Norwegian peasant houses, fishermen's huts and churches. Maihaugen — a village where in the summer months is full of life — are held noisy fairs and processions in period costume, concerts and tours for visitors.
With the coming of dusk in the local Church Garmo, built by the Vikings in the twelfth century, is a daily evening service. In the winter, snow falls asleep Maihaugen indoor green turf roofs of old houses. Despite the snow, to walk the streets of the village is still possible. And from the hill on which the Museum is located, offers a good view down to the valley of Lillehammer and lake Mjøsa covered with ice.

restaurant Lillehammer Bryggeri

Lillehammer, Norway
Bernt Rostad /
restaurant Lillehammer Bryggeri occupies the first floor of a XIX century building, which once housed a small brewery. Intoxicating drink is brewed still, using old recipes and impressing the visitors by the variety and delicacy of taste. Here gourmets can enjoy a special beer non‑stop is a small tasting contest, in which you can try the main varieties of freshly brewed light and dark beer.
local chefs also have a twist — they developed a menu that suits every variety of beer we offer. Basically it is the dishes of delicious Norwegian fish — cod, trout, salmon. For the very curious, after a meal, conduct a small tour of an old brewery, which show how brewed beer a hundred years ago.

paddle steamer "Skibladner"

Lillehammer, Norway
First passenger paddle steamer "Skibladner" was launched in 1856. Today it is considered the oldest steamboat in the world, so he was awarded the status of a monument of history. Like many years ago, "Skibladner" continues to carry passengers on a scenic Norwegian lake Mjøsa, which are necessary to Lillehammer. And in the summer months, it satisfied the popular tourist culinary cruises.