Dubrovnik: don't go to the hotels with 5 stars!

In Dubrovnik to go definitely should, but in 5 star hotels — not necessarily. The first and foremost thing that we said — all the hotels marked deluxe are located at a great distance from the city. Go to the surroundings of Dubrovnik if you are not going to hang out in the city more and more, longer and often makes no sense. The exception — the rest of the seal, but then you are not in Dubrovnik because the beaches are so-so.

it is fair to say that a couple of hotels like "Hilton" and "Radisson" near the town‑fortress is still there, however, the first has no outlet to the sea. And yet the bulk of hotels are located not so conveniently.
so, it is necessary to distinguish directly the old and new Dubrovnik Dubrovnik, a piece of which is based resort area. It is noteworthy that the closer to the bus are 3-and 4-star hotels. The "five" are built away from the stop, and often the only way for their residents to taxis. However, some still go by yourself, but it takes a lot of time. And in the evening come back here on foot unromantic, because the road to the area of five-star hotels spread along the cliff, while lit without enthusiasm. We some time even thought there's nothing there, and we had a wonderful overview from the panoramic terrace of the hotel and the balcony in the room.
Accordingly, if you want to enjoy attractions such as the new port or to climb to a picturesque local mountain, to get to you before they, too, have a taxi or have to trudge on foot in utter distance.

in addition, a large enclave hotels of Dubrovnik is located around the Bay. It is here that focused all the beaches, mostly rocky, but still. The beaches are also five-star hotels is a traditional concrete slab which had to dive in the open ocean. With children it is very unsafe. Himself — romantic.
by the Way, on the high seas — there is always waves. Or almost always. So to swim you have to use either the pool at the hotel, or walk to stomp to the common people at Bay. By the way, the inhabitants of the "fives" quite catch the way, a lot. Fortunately, the road to the beach with the "commoners" extremely cute along living with her thick bevy of cats. There must be pros!

Here they are, splashing in the hotel zone with increased stardom
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Actually, where do you live? If you still pull to spend time in the hotel, it offers Vis and Kompas. Different sources awards them a different number of stars, then 3, then 4. We were in the first, but, say, the second all worse. If you want a straight color‑color, it makes sense to rent an apartment right in the old city of Dubrovnik and at night fall into the depths of centuries, the delicate yellow lighted lanterns.