10 most interesting places of the Kingdom of Malaysia

the Bustling Chinese neighbourhoods and gleaming skyscrapers, jungle forests and long sandy beaches is the Kingdom of Malaysia, where the Russians can enter without a visa. Here long and expensive to reach (from 25 thousand tickets Moscow — Kuala Lumpur — Moscow) but very sparingly, (this is Asia!) and while fun and enjoyable, you can relax. Tell where you should definitely visit and what to see.


world Famous "twin towers" Petronas Towers hang here over a hundred years. Chinese quarter (this is the "place, from there went to Kuala Lumpur"), and odorous bazaars Chinatown takes place right at the foot of the business centers made of glass and concrete. The city has a rich colonial history, but to dive into it especially is not necessary, because Kuala Lumpur is recognized as one of the Asian shopping extravaganza. The largest shopping center of the city called Suria KLCC actually underneath the Petronas Towers and located. As for Souvenirs from all over Malaysia should go to the analogue of the Arbat in Moscow — Central market Pasar Seni.
by the Way, Kuala Lumpur has long been a capital of Malaysia. In 2005, the entire administration was taken in a specially-built "bureaucratic reservation" — the city of Putrajaya.
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Batu Caves

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
13 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur is a system of Batu caves, a place of pilgrimage for thousands of Hindus. The complex consists of several cave rooms transformed into temples. The main temple is a famous staircase of 272 steps, which should rise each pilgrim. Some do it kneeling or even crawling.
a Little below the Temple cave is Dark. It is a network of passages that are longer than two kilometers with stalactites and stalagmites. The third main cave is an improvised gallery that stores of Hindu statues and paintings.
At the foot of cave hill stands a 43-foot Golden statue of Murugan the son of Shiva, who is worshiped by many Hindus.


On the main island of this archipelago beaches ring is compressed jungle-covered hills, the cheeky monkeys steal towels from under the nose razzharennoy tourists in the parks lush flowering frangipani trees, the market stalls are full of papaya, rambutan and yellow watermelons. In bars the river pours banana Daiquiri, and a mobile street kitchen blow the spot smells of hot fish soups and noodles in curry sauce.
a Popular resort Langkawi became not so long ago, but it is love with its pure beaches, high-quality infrastructure, stunning local cuisine and spas. By the way, the local sand, because of the high content of minerals and has healing properties.
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cable car

Langkawi, Malaysia
AndyLawson / Flickr.com
On top of one of the hills of Langkawi island you can climb to the cable car. In clear weather the top can see the whole of Langkawi, but even the coast of Thailand and Indonesia.

Underwater World Langkawi

Langkawi, Malaysia
amrufm / Flickr.com
One of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia with four thousand of underwater inhabitants is located on the island of Langkawi. Should come here at least to learn the names of fish that you have time to meet in the waters of the Andaman sea.
Although there's not just fish. In the hall "rainforest", for example, live tortoises, pink flamingos, famous for its black swans faithful, shy little monkeys‑marmosets, striped lemurs and macaws. And the "Ice world" inhabited Antarctic penguins (they are really brought to Langkawi from the ice continent, and they took root and multiplied).


Third largest island in the world divided between three countries: Malaysia, Indonesia and the Sultanate of Brunei. Local attractions include the ancient, destroyed by erosion of the mountains, forests and primitive tribes, yet not lose ties with nature. Here the jungle grows the largest flower in the world rafflesia, wild orchids, live bats, birds of Paradise and orangutans, and in the coastal waters you can meet the dolphins, huge turtles and dugongs.
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Sipadan Island

Borneo, Malaysia
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a Small island near the coast of Borneo are among the best places in the world for diving. The most famous of them — Sipadan, whose coral reefs in the diversity of marine life comparable only to the Australian Great Barrier Reef. Here you can see white-tailed sharks, turtles, barracudas, parrot fish, triggerfish and even a cave with a turtle skeletons (poor tortilla got lost in the cave maze, and was unable to get out of it).
by the Way, once this island was a volcano, which is extinct, and almost all went under water.

national Park Kanibal

Borneo, Malaysia
Kinabalu is one of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia and the highest peak of the island of Borneo, but of the whole of Malaysia (4095 meters). Its surroundings — the eponymous national Park — a UNESCO world heritage site thanks to the huge variety of plants, animals and insects. Alone of orchids — more than 800 species! Local jungle are hunting grounds for 10 species of carnivorous flowers. One of them is eating insects a huge rafflesia, up to a meter in diameter.
Despite the big height, Kinabalu is quite welcoming. On top of it he can get anyone. It does not require the skills of mountaineering and special equipment. Enough to have a good level of fitness and the excitement of the conqueror of vertices.

Cave Gunung‑Mule

Borneo, Malaysia
Gunung Mulu is a national Park on the island of Borneo, a beautiful, well-maintained and known for its caves. While cavers explored only 125 km of cave passages, but their research is far from complete.
largest cave measuring 700 by 300 meters and a height of 70 metres, making it unable to fit forty "Boeing— 747" three or Moscow's Red Square. Tour of the caves takes about an hour, the route length — 3 km.
Another one of the natural "amusement" Park Gunung Mulu is about 3 million bats living in Deer cave and flying from there almost every evening between 17.30 and 18.30. An extraordinary sight!

Isle Mamutik

Borneo, Malaysia
jokalla / Flickr.com
smallest island of the archipelago Tunku Abdul Rahman, however, is not inferior to the beauty of everything else. Coral reefs around Mamutica quite worthy of visiting divers and fans of Snorkelling, and the beaches are clean and not crowded will satisfy even the most discerning guest. On the island there are several cafes and restaurants and there's no shelter.