How to make money in travel

the Internet is rife with legends about the lucky travelers who has traveled the world without spending a penny and earning millions and programmers‑surfers living in Bali all year round, and about the mysterious people who relax all day and enjoy life, it is not clear what money. Picture such a life inspire, but they are difficult to repeat during the next two-week vacation.
So we've put together realistic ways to make money in the journey that anyone can use.

Rent the property at the time of departure

When we travel, housing and personal belongings are idle instead of benefit. Rent your apartment or room with friends of friends via social networks or travelers through Airbnb. But not limited to real estate.
Car, scooter, bike, snowboard, a baby carriage, a chocolate fountain and dehumidifier also build out on sites like Rentmania. Rental equipment usually pay a security Deposit, so even if the thing is that something will happen, it can be repaired or replaced.

Traveling by car with benefits

If you are coming by car and you have seats available, sign up in BeepCar and take passengers to cover the cost of petrol. Passengers conveniently, it is possible to save money, to travel without being tied to the schedule, the flight will not be canceled, and fellow travelers often come across interesting. Besides, this is safe: fellow travelers, you can choose pictures, information, ratings and reviews other drivers. Pay attention to her if the person's profile to email, social networks, sent he into checking account passport.
Driver indicates a suitable meeting place directly on the map, then there is no need to deviate from the route and somewhere to stop for passengers, they will arrive to the specified place. It is most advantageous to take passengers on trips in the 200-500 km: you can regain up to 100% of the cost of petrol and have fun driving.
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If during the journey, the car rolled more than 100 kilometers a day, it becomes more and more profitable advertising medium. To paste over the car advertising stickers in "Reclamamos". So you earn and retain the coating intact, even traveling at gully in difficult weather conditions.

Bring documents or a package

When dates are known, play in an intercity or international courier. Use, which you can use to make money on sending parcels, buying goods in other countries or implementation of other instructions (Sopotra or Gransjoy), enter the dates of your trip and look for instructions on your route. According to the rules of the parcel should be Packed that the carrier can ensure that he will not have to carry something illegal. The contents of the parcel are indicated in the description, and the sender can know better on a personal profile and pages in social networks. Taking 4-5 small gears with documents, Souvenirs, or maple syrup, you can earn 100 euros.

Work remotely

seal Relaxed vacation is not for everyone. Why force yourself doing nothing, if with laptop office everywhere. To write texts, translate, process images, maintain a blog or business account in Instagram, to fill the online stores and to continue other usual office work is possible lowering his feet into the warm sand ankle-deep. However, heat is not the best way affects productivity, and the Asian wi‑fi and then falls off, but these shortcomings do not stop the freelancers.

"Sell face"

In Asia, a special attitude to Europeans and light skin throughout her honor. Traveling to India, you can get to shooting bollywood movies. While in China, Europeans also often invited to professional conferences — it increases the prestige of the event. Ask about these part time taxi driver, hostess at the reception or in the cafes; to go to the organizers-it usually is.
And if there is music, acting or circus skills, go out on a busy Chinese street to play the harmonica, sing a few songs under a guitar, to juggle or to arrange a performance.

Translate the menu and correct errors

Money for it, most likely, will not pay, but will feed and be thankful. Tactfully and kindly point out the error in your menu or on a sign and offer assistance with proofreading, writing a marketing brochure or a mouthwatering description of dishes on the languages that you know.

give a lecture, master class or training

Certainly, if you think you know a lot of things: the promotion of social networks, the basics of makeup, training in self-presentation, osteopathic sessions, etc. all that you can earn. Often schools need informal lectures or master classes, and a cafe are happy that it will come to new visitors.
Write letters to interesting places, to describe their social networking experience, skills and achievements in the field about which you want to tell, please share the announcement in the regional communities and try to involve the local organizer, who for a percentage of the entrance fees will negotiate with the place and gather an audience.

Attach photos and add information to the site‑planners

Earn after the trip, examining photos and impressions. Upload your gigabytes of images in photobanks and the photostocks. This does not necessarily even to photograph at a professional technique high-quality images make and smartphones. In addition, some services paid for the photos and for active participation on the sites. For example, Look at my trips you can get $ 1 for a simple repost.
Tell us about the places that are liked and remembered on the website for travel planning type Agentika. Every time users will be booked according to your hint, the site will share the affiliate Commission.
November 1, 2017 14:04