10 most magical addresses of children's happiness

In the world there are places where children are allowed any prank, executing the most incredible dreams. There can be the brave conqueror of space to put your research experience to get into the story and choose the most delicious chocolate on the planet. November 20, world children's day, reveal 10 magical locations on the world map, which was handed out bags of ordinary children's happiness.

Patrimony Santa Claus

Veliky Ustyug, Russia
PR the Home of Santa Claus
Patrimony of Santa Claus greets visitors with a fork: you can go directly to the tower, or collapse on the Trail of fairy Tales.
If you turn on the Trail, leaving the tower for later, you will meet the man, the Owl, the Bear, the Rabbit and the twelve Months telling all sorts of fairy stories and guessing riddles. Woman Heat entertains with songs and folk dancing, and then treats hot pancakes, cakes and tea. And then, and then in the cold is very important.
Tower of Santa Claus you can walk, accompanied by my grandfather's assistants. In the throne room — to be photographed by the frost, the Room of Wishes — make a wish and ring the crystal bell that it has come true. Santa Claus even let guests into his bedroom, where the walls are hung pouches with dreams. Near the tower, guests ride on a miracle‑the stove, the boat, snowmobiles, horses and deer. In the Birthplace of Santa Claus winter garden, open mental mini‑zoo with ice sculptures along the tracks.
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Museum Miraikan

Tokyo, Japan
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national Museum of emerging science and innovation Miraikan was created as the main showcase futuristic Japanese achievements. With this task, the Museum has done five. The Museum is fully interactive: all that is on six floors, you can (and should!) touch, feel and include. To try all the interesting things at least 3 hours. The main character — a humanoid robot ASIMO. Watching this two-legged contraption up the stairs, kicking a ball and talking with children voice a pretty Japanese woman, you know that in Japan the future has already arrived.
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Amusement Park "the Wizarding world of Harry Potter"

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones with children, Orlando, USA
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World-famous, but still do not understand what wilderness the lost school of witchcraft Hogwarts found. Here is the address: suburb of Orlando, Florida, USA. Opened in the summer of 2010 the local amusement Park "the Wizarding world of Harry Potter" to the subtleties recreates the surroundings of the main children's blockbuster zero. The Hagrid's hut zapravochny "Hogwarts Express", a Hippogriff to ride on horseback, the office of Albus Dumbledore talking to the portraits on the walls of the school — everything on the screen. The only divergence from the original — most of the juvenile visitors to the Park for some reason prefer to spend money on magic wands and other mischief, and on a cold butterbeer "Butter beer", which remain funny foam mustache.
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Shop Candylicious

Dubai, UAE
Main patisserie on the Ground opened less than a year ago in Dubai. But to deal with it alone Arabs seemingly long nabivshim hand on super‑projects like "Burj Khalifa" was not under force. Come look out in one (albeit fabulously wealthy) country for a sufficient amount of sweets for a shop area of more than 3000 square meters. Impossible! So of the thousands of local sweets Dubai — fresh cakes and gigantic striped lollipops. Everything else is collected across the globe. Pound huge Lollipop — from Spain, nut cakes — from Turkey, chocolate cat Hello Kitty — from Japan, chocolates with pepper and corn — from Mexico, 50 kinds of ice cream — from Italy. About Russia like a "chocolate eggs" in blue jars with Beluga and the inscription "Malossol" at $ 10 per 50-gram jar.
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Santa Claus

Rovaniemi, Finland
Finns, and with them the inhabitants of the Western world, are convinced that Santa Claus hails from Lapland. Therefore, in 9 km from Rovaniemi city built a special residence for the Finnish Santa (here his name is Joulupukki), near which it is possible to ride on reindeer, and inside — to receive gifts from the hands of a magical fat man.
Santa receives guests all the year round without rest. Dozens of funny gnomes in his office, sort the bags of letters, who come to Lapland from all over the world. From the glittering lights of Santa's village can send a letter by envelope will be sent with a stamp of the residence of Joulupukki. And here in the passport is stamped with a mark "the Arctic circle. Lapland".
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Science center NEMO

Amsterdam, Netherlands
from a distance the building of the Museum of science and technology resembles the prow of a sinking ship. And inside this "ship" — a lot of interesting things. Here you can find out why lightning that occurs during a kiss, as work companions and why earthquakes occur. The acquisition of knowledge is accompanied by audio and video, is both fascinating and addictive, so the option to "run for show" — not about Nemo Museum.
Most importantly, it is allowed to touch, twist, dig, and even shake the exhibits to understand how it all works internally.
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île-de-France, France
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Just 40 minutes by train from Central Paris, and you — in the magical Kingdom his grandfather Disney: noise, uproar, hullabaloo, roaring locomotives, vintage cars, huge puppets, Pluto and Mickey mouse and prancing around their children.
Main street Park — Main Street (no rides, but with shops and cafes) — leads directly to the air castle of Sleeping Beauty, the miracle of pink with blue turrets, slightly copied disney with the German Neuschwanstein. It is worth climbing the stairs spiral to the top and see out the whole Park, and then down to the castle cellars and meet fire-breathing dragon. Behind the castle lies Fantasyland for the little ones. Here you can ride Dumbo the elephant, or sail on a boat along the miniature Royal castles from different cartoons, watch the dancing dolls and to repeat the flight of Peter pan from the bedroom window over night London to the mysterious country Neverland.
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Submarine ride, Sea Walker

Bali, Indonesia
Inventors of the attraction of Sea walker in Bali Sanur beach managed the seemingly impossible — to collect in one place the characters of "the little Mermaid", "finding Nemo" and "Sea of friends" and arrange a tour directly to visit them. And just then, and it took that look more beautiful coral reef, buy a dozen suits with a panoramic view and to find a good guide diver, who now leads a group of children in the 30-minute boat tour on the seabed. Marine life in contrast to the above-mentioned multi‑hits are much more varied (around the "walkers" circling swarms of colorful reef fish) and safer (sharks and other predators are not).
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Copenhagen, Denmark
If the school course in physics, chemistry and biology would be to read in places like Copenhagen "Experimentarium", the number of losers would have quickly disappeared. In the guidebooks "Experimentarium" called one of the most popular museums in the Danish capital. But, by our standards, a Museum he did not pull: all the exhibits here can and should touch, pick and experience. You can, for example, to throw thunder and lightning (literally), or standing at the helm, to make the harbour a virtual ship. Or to study the human circulatory system, crawling inside his giant layout. "If you're in Copenhagen with children, I advise you to bring them in "Experimentarium" is the coolest museums!" — wrote in his blog one serious milf, tsakovska there with 11-year-old son all day. What can we say about the kids?
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Toys "R" Us Times Square

new York, USA
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There is nothing surprising in the fact that the largest toy store opened in America — the eternal craving States to megalomania. Super‑stor at the famous new York square times square turned out such an extent that the old "Detsky Mir" on Lubyanka would seem in comparison with him a tent. Apart from a few dozen toys inside a giant "child" fit two-storey house of Barbie, a five-ton t-Rex from "Jurassic Park", a 12-meter copy of "Empire state building" from Lego blocks and running 18-meter Ferris wheel. By the way, birthday on it allowed for free VIP tickets. Bonus tickets — bundle of balloons and branded birthday crown.
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