Rome: how was I going to the Eternal city barefoot and got over it in the hands of the police

so, Florence and the third day of my journey was behind. Sunday I had allocated for rest, and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday took him on visits to Rome. That is, every day planned to go to the Italian capital from Minturno‑Scauri. It's 1.40 in the way at one end.
From the Central station of Rome to the "typewriter", that is, to Piazza Venezia, my friend and I rode the bus. In the process of moving we realized that our plans for a walk through the city do not match dramatically. She was here for the second time, wanted to see not so famous sights and sit steadily in cafes with a glass of wine and view wonderful landscapes. My plans were to March on the most important must-see. And that's just we're friend, no offense, but each goes his own way, she moves away from me to a distance where it will not reach my cries for help as... I have torn the slate.
Here it is necessary to make a remark that my phone has decided that he will not catch the local network as soon as we landed at the airport of Naples. For 15 days he broke that rule twice for five minutes in the aggregate.

"Day torn flop"

Colosseum, Rome, Italy
And here I stand near the Roman Forum in a torn slap, which already fell to his feet, looking towards the Colosseum and have no idea where the nearest shops, and money especially is not.
come To mind French words completely out English, you have the option to ask for help, too, as it itself disappears.
So sit on uspap near the lantern and trying to fix the flop, after putting it on the breeches. Flip flops, of course, not fixing, but a dirty mark on my white breeches remains notable. Funnier of all the situation subsequently beat my former classmate who saw my frame in social networks on the day of the walk, wrote: "are You yourself now?".
And I have in the guide 9 of the city and 3 days in Rome. Means we have to go through 3 tours per day. And I accept the revolutionary decision — to go for a walk around Rome barefoot.
By the way, I tried to attrait breeches in the fountain, but it came out lousy. In the sense that it got worse. At times. Now they were not only dirty, but wet.
In the Colosseum I to go did not dare, for in the Museum I'm probably not allowed to be barefoot. Therefore, just stared.
that day I took a long route from the Colosseum to Capitol hill, across the Piazza Argentina and the Teatro Massimo, and then to the Turtle fountain and back. In General, fulfilled the plan "3 excursions in 1 day". However, it is not so difficult. The key point, of course, that that was the day I was barefoot. And it was raskalennoj hot day. And walk bare feet in a hot southern sun paving was Jolly fun.
Men all the while looking at me with awe. Two of them tried to meet you twice and wrapped my long-suffering slate tape, which is hopelessly off one hundred meters. But these men so loved to feel the saviors, the heroes, I was sorry to upset them and say that their brilliant plan will fail, not after five minutes.

Angry guards, and a 100 Euro fine

How do I know that? But before they went to me chest, the Italians guarding the rest of Capitol hill, and along Palazzo Venezia. Seeing my indiscreet silhouette, they glibly swore at me. It was very frustrating, considering how lovely and wonderful people the Italians.
Here it should be noted that I don't know Italian, but understand a little Spanish sister. So I could be wrong, but the word "prostitute" from the mouth of the Italians, it seems, was heard. It was a shame. And with the eyes of a cat from the cartoon about Shrek and I started to show them the ill-fated flop. This allowed the ladies to relieve the heat, to remember the kindness and to bring the tape. Unfortunately, that glue and not poured inside.
Some passers-by stopped and advised me to immediately go to via del Corso with its numerous shops. Only when I bought it a couple of days later jeans and coats, I realized that this was sound advice. But in the "Day torn spanking," I somehow thought that the prices are prohibitive, since the stores are located in the heart of the city.
In General, almost finished your trip, I ran into my uncle a COP who, unfortunately, stood under the sign "Walking without shoes is prohibited" on the Piazza Venezia. He began a long tirade in Italian, because in English it was difficult to Express their thoughts. But then something switched in my brain and the French phrase for the first time since arriving in Italy switched to English. Especially after the quotes that the penalty for barefoot walks is € 100.
of course, I wanted to philosophize on the subject of how hard life homeless, but decided to stick with the same strategy as with the protection of Capitol hill.
However, the peace officer so worn out in the sun that he definitely wanted to serve, and much more interesting, he was just with me to flirt, to say Jura. Very quickly he let me go with God at the second to last train to Scauri.
yeah, and from the station Scauri another 15 minutes home. A friend saw me and said I was crazy. But now there is something to remember. And I now know the best recipe from the broken heat-soaked on the pavement feet — the glass of Italian wine on the balcony of the Italian Villa.

that picture where I am "to itself has come." A guide bag covering the trace of the Thong. On his feet on the slates still holding the tape, issued by the Italian-warden
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