A long test drive Volvo XC90: part I&nbsp

new generation Volvo the XC90 is easy to utrechtse ears: elegant, classy, luxurious, and smart model. Does this sense at a closer look — find out "Газета.Ru".
three years ago When I first saw the new XC90 on the European model will be presented in Sweden, I was very impressed if not in love. Crossover seemed to be riding automotive engineering, a novelty, a couple of steps ahead of the competition. A more vivid impression was from the design of the car.
So today, three years later, beating around the test of the SUV, climbing into the salon, I was not surprised that the car did not seem out of date.
So if you now choose a big four-wheel-drive premium crossover and don't look at the Volvo XC90, only because this generation came out a few years ago, this you do in vain.
Because the crossover was not just a fresh model, but the firstborn of a global restart of the Swedish brand, which took several years and $10 billion Believe that a radically upgraded model in the near future, the Swedes are unlikely to solve. Even in the XC90 facelift is not particularly needed.
Outside, the XC90 looks good, but catharsis experience at the salon. There is a great perforated leather, honey and a beautiful tree. But, next, graphic dashboard, like from the movies about the future. And no buttons!
the Chair as well, and all the rest inside, made from scratch. But they want to focus separately. Settings in the driver's and front passenger seats — as many as possible. Especially great that you can adjust the length of the seats, as for example in BMW. Configured and lateral support rollers. In the end, sitting like a glove, and the chair gives it to you (there are many versions of this procedure).
On the touch screen is also possible to speak only good words: big, responsive, easy wipe clean (it even comes with special polishing cloth).
I like and not for the first time was in the car which is able to distribute the Internet, but for the first time this feature worked. The XC90 has a modem c SIM card and a built-in router can distribute an Internet on ten gadgets at the same time. And it's perfect!
in addition, the Volvo XC90 is probably still the only car (except for the other novelties of the brand), which more or less works fine, the voice control system.
the crossover sees a normal human phrase. For example, say "I'm cold" and "artificial intelligence" will increase the temperature by a few degrees.
For a long test "Газете.Ru" got all-wheel drive XC90 with a diesel engine D5, outstanding 225 HP, 8-speed "automatic". Both nodes are at least relatively new test car, working flawlessly. Motor — quiet and high-torque, automatic — quick.
Crossover can be equipped with air suspension with five modes of operation. Ground clearance varies from 227 to 267 mm. In neutral mode, the ground clearance is 238 mm. to Raise the crossover right in motion, but the speed should not exceed 50 km/h. But to set the minimum clearance to move is impossible. This mode is provided to facilitate "loading" of the passengers in the Salong and heavy items in the trunk.
Danger under control
In 2014, during the presentation of the XC90, brand head told reporters from the scene that by 2020, ushering in an era of zero deaths in traffic accidents in the Swedish car brand. This ambitious bid has impressed me more than the car itself.
Since Volvo introduced the world to several conceptual solutions to this problem. For example, the intelligent communication system between vehicles in the stream. Well, the wait is not long. Meanwhile, even the XC90 is very, very safe.
That's one of the chips: if the electronics detects a vehicle too close to the rear bumper of the crossover, it pulls the tighter the seat belt, and starts blinking the lights, hinting to the speeder that distance ought to increase. It seems that a couple of times a month test this trick worked!
Yet the XC90 is automatic braking system CitySafe. Using cameras and sensors the crossover sees other cars, pedestrians, cyclists and other objects, assesses the risk of collision and brakes himself if necessary.
There is a "Nineties" and the active system to prevent run-off-road — Pilot Assist. It's not such a novelty — for the last three years this option has appeared at many car brands. The system is called active because the car not only warns the driver about leaving the band, but he taxis back.
When the layout system works perfectly — this is understandable. But the fact that the camera can see the markings worn or dirty, surprised me.
If you also include adaptive cruise control, by and large, outside the city, moving the XC90 does not need the driver. But finally did not succeed: each time you counter steer the car will be a heart-rending squeak and disable this signal it is impossible.
I Admit, the XC90 is almost perfect, and any shortcomings not want to talk. At least as long as the relationship still is new. But still, removing the veil of love, I will say: you had a machine a couple of problems. One of the mirrors regularly seized and not decomposed by ignition. The trunk, which should open waving your foot under the rear bumper, not open. At least not on the first attempt.
there were minor flaws in the interior. The armrest creaks and it seems to do nothing. However, this is the only creaking part of the interior.
Most annoying for me personally the drawback: the smartphone does not connect automatically to the multimedia system, no Wi-Fi, and every time to connect need to manually. At least several attempts to set up an automatic connection failed. And here's another annoyance: nowhere to put a smartphone. It seems to be there — retractable wooden panel, behind which hide the Cup holders. But in practice the phone flies with this piece of wood on the first turn, so you have to put it in the Cup holders.
other characteristics of the crossover in the second part of the long test.