A long test drive Skoda Octavia Scout: an introduction&nbsp

In Russia, like all crossovers, all crossovers on the go, all want to buy the crossovers. However, there are those who car segment SUV's seem too cumbersome, poorly managed, and is simply unreasonably rasparennye. Is there an alternative? Universal elevated terrain — one of the options. We took on the long test Skoda Octavia Scout in order to understand what the pros have this model in the battle with the crossovers.
Octavia is consistently in the top best in its segment. And in Russia it is better the Czechs manage to sell only "public sector" Rapid. After the update, when Octavia got front optics with separate headlights, which caused a mixed reaction from the public, it seemed that the Russians can fall out of love with the model, but this did not happen.
in November alone, it sold nearly 2 thousand Octavia. And the success of Skoda is quite understandable. Cars of the Czech brand in terms of quality are no different from cars Volkswagen, at the same time they are more available. Plus, the company is trying to play in segments where it has very few competitors. The Octavia Scout it is trying to do.
Car is built on the basis of the Octavia Combi, but differs from it increased by 30 mm ground clearance (up to 171 mm.). Scout got a plastic body kits and other bumper with simulated off-road protection. The rough road package is standard and includes composite underbody protection, fuel and brake lines.
Inside, you find a tangible difference from the usual Octavia will be very difficult (to distinguish one version from another will help the Scout lettering on the steering wheel and thresholds). However, this does not change the main thing — quality of materials at height, and ergonomics.
soft plastic Everywhere, and the skin very soft to the touch. Liked the insert in the upper part of a door, made of an unusual material, like aluminum powder-soaked wood.
All controls are located in one place, you don't need to scour around the cabin, searching, for example, press the heat or the cruise control.
to Find a comfortable position in the driver's seat also not difficult — adjustments enough. Skoda would not be a Skoda if the interior was small. Front and rear living space very much.
And for the second row passengers to be in possession of leather sofa, a pair of USB connectors, a power socket 220 V in the legs, hanger and holder for the tablet. Although it is clear that during the last two things will have to pay.
One of the main advantages of this universal is, of course, the trunk. Its volume is 610-1740 liters (22 liters more than the regular version). And the main thing here is not numbers, but what the Czechs have to offer with them. Such number of niches, hooks, grids and special mounts, hardly anywhere else you will find. This is really important and very convenient — you begin to understand when transplanted to another machine, where it is not. And once more appreciate all the useful "chips" Skoda.
Our test car is Packed. In addition to the above heated rear sofa heating got: a leather steering wheel, windshield, front seat, side mirrors. Also in the Arsenal machine had: seat upholstery in Alcantara and leather, front and rear Parking sensors, rear view camera with washer, acoustics Canton 10 speakers (by the way, the sound is excellent), electric trunk door and led lights.
total price of the Octavia Scout has passed for 2 500 000 rubles. But the starting cost of the basic version starts from 1 962 000 rubles. Whether the car justifies the money invested in it and how the raised "barn" behaves on the road, read our next part.