The long test Toyota Highlander: study of competitors and the cost of ownership&nbsp

Buying a large SUV Toyota (even if it is in fact a crossover), you automatically renounce such automobile values as addictive dynamics, refined handling and exquisite appearance. These machines have the advantages of quite different plan — and a Highlander, with whom I spent a month of my life, not an exception.
I do Not want to fall into cliches, but the turn signal on any healthy "Toyota" works about the same as a couple of escort cars filled with men with stern faces. Flicked the lever and in the next row instantly formed a place that will be empty until, until there will be I on your "Highlander". Not gonna lie: Yes, it is a little embarrassing, but still more lovely.
Fear or respect? What's the difference? Miss, I do not honk, do not throw in your direction reproachful glances and scathing comments — that's great. The magic of some kind.
But if natural modesty does not allow you to consider it a serious advantage emotions from Highlander will not be as magical. A month passed and it still feels like too heavy, too clumsy and not very fast, despite the quite decent and a torquey engine. However, we have already stated, that in the case of large "Toyota" is a given. But complete with the laziness should go and soft, and she's not here!
Highlander is quite hard, and in large pits or powerful joints — even excessively. And I in this opinion is not alone: our managing editor Efim traveled by car a few days and overwhelmingly agreed with me.
But not even that annoys me the most. And the fact that this car put only halogen headlamps. Yeah, in big and expensive "Toyota" and there may not even be xenon, although retailinga he was! The company this is kind of like a logical explanation, saying that the machine was originally American, but there nobody cares what the light sources used in optics.
But damn it, we are not in America! We live in the country, a large part of where the night lasts six months, and where the only light source — the stove. And then, if the fuel is delivered by helicopter. What you are saying, we do not live there? Well, just look out the window. To penetrate not only the darkness, but to illuminate the objects around, covered with a thick word camouflage dirt, need something more serious than a couple of incandescent bulbs, right?
And yet from Toyota bulk of modern lighting. There are discharge lamps, and LEDs. And I think that at least something from the buyer machine for the money to count right.
speaking of money. The motor in the Highlander for Russia, as I wrote in the first part, only one — a 3.5-liter petrol "six" at 249 forces and 356 Nm. Also uncontested transmission — eight-speed automatic. But the configurations there are as many as three, and the cheapest of them is worth a... 3 226 000 rubles. Yeah, more than three million for the base. However, it is very poor.
it includes three-zone climate, leather seats, electric driver's seat, third row, rain sensors and light, front and rear Parking sensors, Keyless entry and cruise control. Another 148 thousand rubles, you can get ventilated front seats, power passenger seat, colour screen, two-section, eight-inch multimedia and the Navigator.
Well, the stuffing will rise to 3 524 000. It is mostly added to the mountain of security systems and electronic assistants, including adaptive cruise control and cameras of the circular review, and as a bonus you will get and even a JBL audio system with 12 speakers. And no xenon.
If I had the choice of what to buy Highlander personally, I would make 3 374 000 rubles for average equipment. Without electronic assistants to live, however, as without the system of the circular review — although the machine is large. And JBL, with all due respect, never Burmester or Bang & Olufsen to to overpay for him.
even if you have arguments against this position, but now I'm going to convince you. Because saved 150 000 rubles to the buyer, the Highlander is still useful because the contents of the car will cost a pretty penny. First, as I said, crossover is a serious appetite for fuel. Second, the service "Highlander" should appear every 10 000 kilometers. That is, if you drive in a year twenty, your inspector, even if it's not too unpleasant, will see twice as often. And, perhaps, is money — namely high entry threshold and a third of a million a year in order for this to go — explains why every Russian, or at least the Moscow court there is no dominance of "Highlander". Besides, almost all the direct competitors will be cheaper.
Fact: Highlander's expensive. And as for the price, and further content. But in exchange for that amount you get a car that all of the boundless respect and love. And though it cannot be measured in any objective values, to deny this fact is unfair and wrong. In relation to his classmates I'm such a reaction has not yet recorded.
Yes, in this car you will be bored, as the session art-house cinema, you fell in company with friends. But for the family and their belongings will be designated with a reserve that's in the car, in principle, it is possible even to live. Yes and cheaper it will be almost as fast as real estate — that is, slowly.
Few previous instances that are now on sale, with mileage of 70 000-90 000 kilometers are on average two and a half million rubles! That is, more expensive than some competitors, with zero on the odometer. Here is the notorious toyotovskie liquidity with residual value — do they not escape.
Why all the Highlander like I do? I guess I'm just still too young to fully experience the full feature. After looking at a new car the first thing I think is how it turns, accelerates and stops (that is what "Highlander" is not too strong), and not about how much it will cost after three years. Or what is the girth of an index finger have a new urologist, to which I inevitably get this car going. All the time? /m