Test drive of Renault from the future in autopilot mode&nbsp

we Have quite a bit of time, the usual French highway and Renault Symbioz — the car of the future, without mirrors and with the autopilot. Autopilot is not for movement in the tube, which requires you to keep your hands on the wheel and fully Autonomous system — if you want artificial intelligence that is now looking at me from the other side of the dashboard. Finally behind the wheel, you can do anything?
Schedule "Symbiosis" is painted on all day and I had to sit behind the wheel first at 8 in the morning — and someone can sleep up to ten. Sorrow? Yes, if you are not dealing with a prototype, which could partially apart at the seams.
four Years ago I got into the vault with the concepts Opel and the handles of their doors were literally in our hands — everything is so flimsy. And today, a few hours later — when Renault Symbioz drove my colleague — the autopilot did not want to get involved. Naughty?
When Symbioz is approaching us from the corner, I want to hear the background song "thus spoke Zarathustra" — so important to think this time. For my grandchildren Autonomous control is commonplace, but you know — your grandfather tried it first. And today I'm not the one driving, and she with me.
On the right wing of the electric vehicle are already visible scratches — a prototype has already ritenuti. One journalist on the first day of the tests began to talk about their experiences on camera, and put the car on target (autopilot can only be enabled on the motorway). In the end, everything was canceled, and his colleagues and sent home. C'est la vie!
But not only this makes the Renault purchased pills. The day before the first test, "Symbiosis" for journalists died in it electronics, and fixed it only to three in the morning. Where to look for parts, if you have a machine from the future? It's like having a "Tesla" in 1953.
the French came but drove to the event all the test mules, which Renault fulfills the technology of electric vehicles and autopilot and now the lift can remove from them any desired detail.
Retractable prototype door handle opens a wide door opening. The body plops down in a chair with a gray pile, a cozy and wide, reminiscent of the home design sofa for 10,000 euros, and the armrest is raised under the right arm. Welcome home!
to the Right of the instructor sits Sebastien holds on his knees the coolest joystick Atari which you could only give the commercials in 1985 for his birthday. Driving on autopilot is still prohibited by law, and this thing he can constantly control the process of movement. In General, regardless of the mood of the autopilot, we'll stay alive — and that's good.
square steering Wheel, which is usually uncomfortable, but in the car of the future all must be a little strange and unusual, and the French don't want us to disappoint.
Composed of the display front panel is reminiscent of the modern "Mercedes" but there are third — sloping bottom screen. To create all this beauty, the guys from Renault turned to a longtime supplier of LG and they sent them to the developers of mobile devices.
a Narrow target on any machine I drove casually, but after all the misfortunes that happened with prototype, I'm trying it on to him as a carrier-based fighter pilot before landing. Objectively assess the value of this prototype is impossible — in fact, it is the result of two years of investments of Renault in research and development.
Visibility of the "Symbiosis" is very good, and the rear view camera instead of mirrors used immediately — they are located almost the same place where ordinary glass. On the street still just getting light and it can be seen as replacing the salon mirror the screen flickers digital noise from unscrewed until it stops ISO. And as soon as we leave on a wet asphalt road, the headlights of other cars spread out in this shining highlights.
Maybe remove the camera from a formula one car, "Reno", where a transparent element in front of the lens rotates around its axis and is self-cleaning? We so often deceive that the Formula 1 team will improve civilian vehicles, but why no one will improve contaminate the damn camera?
Side "eyes", by contrast, is located very well and transfer the image clearly. Yes, and look at them to carry easier than for extended as mugs, mirrors.
Suspension "Symbiosis" is harsh, but swallows the bumps, like a big sedan Renault Talisman, so you feel that big weight here is concentrated at the bottom — in the area of batteries. And Yes — it's electric!
the Feeling of the steering wheel is very similar to the game in the simulator with some advanced device Logitech for PlayStation unpretentious settings. Raw, mechanical sense of rotation of the shaft inside the motors and gears, and the reaction is not severe, but responsive. Rear axle steering from what the electric car with a length of almost five meters on the move seems much shorter than it really is.

motor.ruGo on a busy road and proezzhaya past Renault Master painters, the passenger turns his head so that it seems that it is now rotated around its axis. Symbioz is the same as "Lada Vesta" in Tolyatti city centre 15 years ago.
But even here there is a sport mode!
Press the button and then you need something like hypercache through the black hole in "interstellar". Home chair, like a carnivorous flower, a semicircle embraces the body and the motors under the frantic whistle push kick car forward.
Two electric motors with a total impact of 680 HP. here are so big that I had to go to a small specialized company for their production of electric cars Renault produces engines themselves.
And on the dashboard you fly a myriad of stars. What a simple and cool graphics solution that enhances the feeling of speed, monosodium glutamate in the world of automotive interfaces.
Both motor twist the rear wheels. "To provide a better dynamic performance and greater driving pleasure," explains French. That's just asphalt in the morning is too wet: slip on acceleration, and the prototype can be set as an art object "UFO Crash".
So maybe it's time to shift the responsibility to someone else?
Riding on the line, I let other cars and simultaneously press these two buttons enable the autopilot on the steering wheel, as if confirming the launch of nuclear missiles. You chose the red pill, Neo, and the world will never be the others.
Weather conditions for autopilot terrible: front-facing stereo camera while sees only water clouds from cars, but electronic brains can fill in the picture using radar, lidar, ultrasonic sensors and incorporated in the memory of the virtual 3D space maps company, TomTom. And if the autopilot suddenly completely blind — it will remain a guide. Symbiosis!
Main thing for electronics is to correctly interpret the data from the sensors and not breaking anything. Engineers at the Google car, for example, once faced with a woman in a wheelchair, which raced on the road for the chicken. For the human brain to understand what is actually happening in this moment, pretty simple and for autopilot is hellish, chaotic dance of unknown and unpredictable objects.
From the speakers you hear a warning signal and the car jerks like someone quietly touched on the shoulder in the dark. I still keep hands on the wheel, but Sebastian demands that I didn't touch anything — will you put the effort in and the autopilot disconnected.
Now we're not going — sail, slicing through the gray morning. Sebastian raises his palm, showing that he has nothing to do with it. The explosion of the brain. Silence and magic!
French show journalists the Renault Symbioz is not the first day, but it becomes their routine. To open up to someone completely new world and see his reaction — don't get tired of this? It's like being Thomas Edison, or the bearded father of Jurassic Park.
head-up display in front of my eyes should show the arrow navigation, but instead I see going forward strip that is curved to the left.
So electronics makes it clear what path she plans to follow in the near future, overtaking the truck. And indeed a few seconds Symbioz include the left turn signal, said as a joke, to three, and gradually shift to the left, taking to the millimeter level position in the middle of the strip. Some of the stuff this thing is already doing better than us.
And what will people of the future, when there will be no need to steer? First, the management of the basic functions of the electric vehicle at this point will switch to a smartphone is more convenient than reaching for the front panel.
lying on the chair to change the temperature, music, watch movies, Instagram, sleep... And not only! Renault turned to his compatriots from Ubisoft, developers of assassin's Creed and Far Cry, and invent the first ever practical application of VR glasses. You usually have fun with them for ten minutes and throw it on the rack.
Wearing sunglasses, you are transported into a virtual Renault Symbioz, which goes through the city from some Japanese manga about the future. The interior of the car is empty, but you hear voices of real passengers, like ghosts. Hear cars passing by, which appear in the virtual world. The series "Black mirror".
And most importantly — all backed by a real sense of movement that adds to the innocent fun a whole other level of interactivity. the
Especially when the virtual machine suddenly begins to rise into the air and now flies between hanging in the air of the Islands, falls into the flock of swallows that seem to be touched by hand. A fantastic combination of a non-existent world and real experiences.
take your glasses Off, looks around and just now notice that from under the seat sloppy stick some wires, interior door somewhere wrinkled... But still this is the most perfect prototype that I've ever seen.
Usually, running the concept reminds in motion the creaking sarcophagus for the mummy, but here not even heard of special vibrations, only the rustle of the stones in the arches. Almost a full car on every day.
let him in "Reno" in small series, it would have caused more hype than Bugatti Chiron. What is a lot of power against the feeling that you are inside a movie about the future? And here still these cameras, sensors, radars...
But then, off to the side of the road, nervously twitching autopilot, taking the usual bump for the truck. While he in the minds of a lot of theory but little practice.
And yet. Most importantly, the discovery — Autonomous driving does not require from us that painful transition when you are learning things that made my life completely different. Hands do not sweat and not enough reflex for rim, the mind is not going crazy. Remember how in my childhood I let go of the handlebars?
And don't listen to a handful of nerds, who will call it nonsense, heresy and insulting the feelings of believers in the ideas of Karl Benz. Our brain does not see anything unnatural occurring mental and we are ready to give the wheel of the robot. At any time.
to Give that one day in the future to sit in an old car with a conventional steering wheel and again to experience the incomparable feeling of euphoria from management. The symbiosis of the senses. /m