Four rooms: Creta Hyundai and Renault Kaptur vs Mitsubishi ASX and Nissan Juke&nbsp

a Deafening crash, which the Russian market recently flew to hell, was heard not only in niche segments like the hot hatchback is about them we Kononchuk already perigali. Decimated even the greatest hits, which at the time were huge queues lined up!
Remember: while some people are foaming at the mouth to prove that Nissan the Juke is so ugly war hangover in the morning, the other bought his copies, which would have envied niches of the model. And I understand these people. Because "Juke" — the machine interesting. She's like Kirsten dunst or Uma Thurman. But in 2016 Nissan Juke, the Russian market has left. Because the ruble has driven his price tag in the space, and counter-arguments like a local assemblies of the Japanese was not found.
Then, in 2016, from Russia retreated another pillar of the segment of compact crossovers — Mitsubishi ASX. The difference between these similar events in the mood in which they were perceived. "Juke" was still hurt, and the disappearance of ASX affected the Russians as well as the military coup in Burundi. That is, passed almost unnoticed.
But the Holy place is never empty. So while Nissan and Mitsubishi it is not clear which wandered company Hyundai and Renault, for whom Russia is almost home, cooked for us a couple of new crossovers. Creta and Kaptur are not only plugged the gap, but took a bite of the pie from their fellow state employees — the Hyundai Solaris and Renault Logan.
And against the background of growing market Juke and ASX decided... to come back. But was it worth it to do it in order to re-prove their worth before daring youngsters? Let's deal. To evaluate the machine we will be in the same sequence that usually accompanies a trip to the dealer got the price, sat behind the wheel, drove on the test drive, walked around again and decided something.
In Russia Nissan Juke with the recent times is only a monodrive, the aspirated 1.6 with 117 HP and the CVT. On the background of former wealth of choice, the picture is so-so. And if you open the price list, the sadness will not leave you even for a minute.
This machine, as we have, in top configuration LE Perso, 1 288 000 rubles. You would think that the car-sized sandal and such a price tag should be bursting at the seams with Packed in her meat. But no. For almost three hundred million is possible to obtain contrast panels inside and outside, 18-inch wheels, the old multimedia graphics level Motorola E398 and single-zone automatic climate.
Mitsubishi ASX business with the pricing are almost the same as the Juke, only... worse. Entrance ticket — 1 099 000 rubles. And these are the same forces 117 and monodrive, but with the "mechanics". Want two pedals? Cook 1 339 990 rubles for four-wheel drive and a 150-horsepower engine 2.0 with a CVT. And the test sample is more expensive — 1 479 990 rubles. Almost half that of RA.
However, in Mitsubishi for 140 000 rubles top-loaded ASX a very sour set of options. Bend your fingers and prepare your legs: chrome handles, led daytime running lights, tinted rear Windows, cruise control, leather interior, power driver's seat, lights in visor, six speakers, Bluetooth with USB, Keyless entry, rear view camera, rain sensors and light.
Renault Kaptur machine itself is bright and interesting, but we were given the keys to picking Extreme, the most fancy and overdressed. With led headlights and leather interior. Everything else is the same as that of the top, but non-extreme "Capture": two-liter (143 HP) four-wheel drive and four-speed (!) machine. Ask for this magnificence 1 254 990 rubles.
Closes the arithmetic parade, the leader of the Russian market, a crossover that was able to fight invincible "Duster" — Hyundai Creta. For purity of experiment it is, of course, also in the top configuration 1 229 900 rubles — all-wheel drive, six-speed automatic transmission and 150-horsepower engine 2.0. Yes, you guessed right, "Kret" — the cheapest! However, on the test machine were even packages of options 125 000, which includes 17-inch wheels, leather and heated rear sofa equipment is not the most essential. And even with him in Korean ASX is cheaper, but more expensive "Juka" and Renault Kaptur.
Not for nothing after all, Nissan and Renault are in the same Alliance. And because Juke and Kaptur ergonomics is lame — however, on different legs. On the rights of the winner of the first round starts with Renault.
Basic automotive knowledge in Kaptur will be useful only to start the engine and turn on the radio. Everything else will have to deal though about the strangeness of Renault already written so much that this will be enough for a small volume. Let me remind the most important: the power button is the cruise control here is under the handbrake, but the cruise control itself is placed on the wheel. Keys heated seats hidden on the sides of the seats (the on indicator — burning in the buttocks), and control music should be a joystick under the wheel, which over several years of cooperation with Renault vehicles, I have not used.
Sadden materials, which are hard to even look, not pleased with the visibility. Massive a-pillars and side mirrors not only that of ourselves a little, and cropped from the bottom. And this problem of the driver, as you might imagine, not the end.
Because the mutual position of the steering wheel and driver's seat invented by someone who imagines the structure of the human body only by reputation. Steering column adjustment on the flight there, and the seats themselves, may no longer is the nightmare of "Logan" or "Duster", after a while forced to beg for mercy — they are too soft, no lumbar support, and any significant lateral support
Adjustment steering wheel column hight and have a Nissan Juke. But the seats here are about a thousand times better: comfortable, with good lateral support and the profile of the back, designed for a person with spine. But here's the problem: to adjust, it is necessary either to be an orangutan, or to lay the risk two to three fractures.
there is a mechanical Adjustment, and all the levers are located between the seat and the door on which is mounted a baggy armrest. But the Central armrest in the "Juke" no, buttons heated seats installed so that it is easier to press them from the second row, and a niche for the smartphone under the front panel as its size and shape reminds of the times when men were real choice between push-button phones and "cots".
upholstery "Nissan" not too excited, but in all it looks much better than the Renault, and the control unit climate combined with the block mode selection control electronics twice standings. To make the buttons and the screen had a dual purpose in a small car — the solution is so ingenious that partly covers the remaining failures.
Once after "Juka" in the ASX, I want to yawn mightily. Because even at the turn of the decades when this machine is still being developed — interferece Mitsubishi decided to not bathe and did everything as simple as possible. The only difference is that in 2017 the "just" is to manage a TV from a smartphone and send messages to the refrigerator, and reheat food on a fire.
have a good Visibility ASX, ergonomics intuitive, and the fit could be called comfortable, if not the back of the driver's seat. Profile it such that the person at the wheel constantly rests in the back (and adjustment is not subject) Yes side support for sparse.
Hyundai Creta is, of course, not the highest quality materials, that these materials are inserted and embedded, does not cause any issues. There are warm-UPS of everything, including the windshield, as well as multimedia system devices background of the other participants looks like a Playstation 4 near Dendy.
The "Crete" when switched on and off. Adjustable steering column and seats are generous, so possible to get without problems, and the visibility is no worse than the ASX, and certainly better than the Juke and Kaptur. And how convenient to see the screen of the onboard computer display of the selected mode lights and wipers! So why not everyone else?
I Confess: I have a soft spot for the Renault Duster and is ready to include it in the list of the most important automotive events of the 21st century. So "Capture" in my eyes there is a small handicap. In isolation from other test takers, I wouldn't have any complaints against him because there would be no inflated expectations. But they — other machines — have today.
Sores in Kaptur is the same as any other car built on the platform B0. For example, the steering wheel is overloaded with force and hits it on bumps, and to operate this machine boring than watching concrete pillars are rising. But thanks to energy-intensive suspension "Capture" really can go fast on any roads.
driving Fast, however, opposed four-stage "automatic". He then moves on the switch, then all will forget to switch, I sort of remember, but go somewhere not there. Yes, this box is a thousand times better than any cheap "robot" with one clutch, but that doesn't mean she has to like me.
And all these fads almost can't see the motor. He seems to be well drawn is closer to the average momentum, but then the box again, something otchebuchit — and "Oh, everything."
But the CVT Nissan Juke works without surprises. So no surprises that much annoying. Stepping on the gas and all of 117 horsepower together continuously variable bogged down in a swamp. Three thousand revs, the four — the only difference is the volume. Therefore, the "Juke", though it's the smallest and lightest on the dynamics of the passport ahead of only one of the largest and most heavy vehicles of the Quartet — the Mitsubishi ASX.
But where it is not necessary to tear from a traffic light and have to turn and change trajectory, the Juke will give light to the whole Trinity. Short wheelbase, low center of gravity, tight suspension, precise steering — traits, and because the cockroach is really nice to drive! So nice that I would be willing to give him first place in this round — if not for the CVT, damn it.
Closest handling to a "juke" in this test was "Crete". The wheel is not overloaded with any information or effort but not trying to break you hands on bad roads, and with the reactions it's fine: how many turned, as received.
in addition, in the "Crete" with a locked clutch and shut off antibottom you can even hand out sideways in some empty, snowy and icy Parking lot. While the rest of the car for this test will sadly slide to the front, not the rear axle.
Suspension "Cretu" on the intensity not worse "Capture", but the softness is superior to the Frenchman. The machine is not so sensitive to seams and three-dimensional patches, allowing you to take a course of something that will make neighbors downstream very slow.
the Most vague was the Mitsubishi ASX. The wheel very long, neoformations, and mild, as in "Capture" who loves to break the two hands of the driver in the pits. A kind of suspension tolerant to defects, but in the field grabbed breakdown on the mound, which the other choked. And colleagues have documented breakdowns in the city.
But the most annoying noise. Yes, it's one in a test car on studded tires, but I'm 99 percent sure that even in the "summer" rumble of wheels in the cabin ASX would significantly exceed guests maximum.
But the variable-speed drive from Mitsubishi is configured better than the Juke drivetrain. It sewn up six virtual stages and to at least a little to cheer you, he's trying to fool with them, imitating the work of "automatic". The plausibility of this little, but anything is better than watching the tachometer needle doesn't move at all.
In this discipline, the chances of "Juka" is initially close to zero. The trunk is small not only at the stated numbers — 354 litres, but in fact. But Nissan is the cellar, which is hidden under a very bad compartment without clutter. Under this subfield would fit even a spare. And that, given the size of the Juke, pleasantly surprised.
However, on the second row in the "Jook" — oppressive melancholy and sadness. The doorway is narrow, the door opens at a slight angle, and no free space on any of the vital signs: neither legs nor feet, nor head. The narrow sofa — three on the second row of Nissan will be quite painful.
the Other machines in this round go head to head. By the numbers the largest trunk at Hyundai Creta, although upon inspection it seems that it is not less than Kaptur. All about extra pockets on the walls of the "Crete", which cuts out about 20 extra liters. They are in the ASX, but the length of trunk with raised backrests of the second row there is less, hence the loss of the Korean.
On the second row from ostavshiesya Trinity the same parity. With the stock seat everything is about the same, except that the height of the ceiling at the Kaptur much more. While ASX has a armrest with a couple of Cup holders, and heated Creta. Alas, optional.
so, in this fourth round — "Juke". Even two adults and a four year old child in this car closely, and in the trunk with a put in place the floor standing and doesn't fit a paper bag of IKEA is not passed in height.
Third place in ASX. In this test, it is almost the largest on the outside, but not pampers extra liters in the trunk, losing Creta and Kaptur, and also has some luxuries on the second row, with the exception of the armrest.
Second place gets "Kret". Yes, she has the biggest trunk, but we already figured out why. But the length of the room and height under the curtain Korean loses Kaptur. And on the second row of seats at the Frenchman a little more.
But "Crete" is already firmly't care who won in the last round. Because the amount of points Hyundai wins, and with a stock. This machine is really good for most of the parameters. Good rides, richly equipped spacious front and the back, but without the option packages, is cheaper than the rest of the members of the Quartet! Yes, the interior is boring, the materials of a design, frankly, for the Amateur, but in the aggregate strengths of the new crossover for the money in Russia yet.
Second place Renault Kaptur in our test finally explained to me why this car is not chopped with "Krutoi" for leadership in the class. Just she has plenty of room to grow. Trim, transmission, visibility, ride, handling are the main flaws of the French. But it is beautiful, large and impenetrable. So there is a chance!
But newly arrived in Russia Nissan Juke and Mitsubishi ASX will have hard times. And if dignity "Juka" face — bright design and good handling, the ASX fared is not clear how. He's just so average that provide something truly valuable and important too difficult. It is almost impossible. But to count on success in the company Creta and Kaptur, to stand out you need. Yes, The "Juke"? /m