BMW X5 in Las Vegas without gasoline

Recipe for a perfect hybrid vehicle is very simple — take a popular SUV BMW X5, add to it a motor and a small battery, a charge which is usually enough to travel from home to the office. But whether the sense of the use of hybrid plants in long-term travel? To verify this, the reporter "Газеты.Ru" went to test the BMW X5 xDrive 40e on the stone deserts of the Wild West.
Nothing in the appearance of the BMW X5 xDrive 40e does not give his kindness to nature and love for humanity is still the same aggressive and status of the SUV, seeing that in the rearview mirror, drivers hurriedly trying to leave the left lane of the highway.
So very strange to see the X5 on the Parking spaces designed for electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrids. No less strange to see and owners of the Bavarian premium car, fill a special form on tax deduction for green vehicles.
Whole philosophy of the BMW shudders as the earth in California during the next earthquake. The head does not fit, the company producing and positioning their cars as machines for pleasure from the process of driving the most powerful and fastest in their classes, produces X5 with average fuel consumption of 3.3 liters per 100 km and two hatches for the fuel tanks.
Looking ahead, we note that the driving pleasure of the BMW X5 xDrive 40e iPerformance did not decrease, despite the 200-pound battery in the trunk. On the other hand, closer to the manufacturer the fuel consumption also did not work.
Hard to believe, but under the hood, the BMW X5 xDrive 40e is a small 2-liter 245-HP engine. To help him "attached" motor 75 HP
total power capacity of an SUV turned out the wave enough: 313 HP and 450 Nm of torque. When there is electricity in the battery is not the lightest car accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 6.8 c — dynamics "hot" hatchback. So that "light" BMW X5 40e even on the Californian serpentines, where the SUV clearly follows the directions of the driver, with almost neutral steering characteristics. The BMW turned into the Prius. And this is important.
But in order to "light", it is necessary to constantly maintain sufficient charge in the battery. And to do it not so simply — the capacity is only 9 kW/h and electricity is quickly consumed.
In a quiet mode without a drop of fuel, you can drive only 30 kilometers. Charges the battery in three ways: under braking, the engine and from the outlet.
And the socket can be both home and special (AC, type of connector, Level 1/2). In the US, where the total number of connectors in the fall of 2017 exceeded 50 000 units, to recharge the BMW X5 from the network can be anywhere, ranging from free terminals at shopping malls and hotels, ending with stations of electric charging on the wooden piers of the Pacific coast.
But even using the recovery system you can charge the battery very efficiently. During the descent into the Valley of death I managed to recharge the battery in a BMW X5 11 miles — and that more than half of its capacity. Nice to know that the resulting braking energy is spent not only on heating of the brake, but accumulates in the car for further use where it is most appropriate. For example, in cities with intensive traffic.
One of these cities is Las Vegas, the rapid development which is directly connected with the construction of the Hoover dam and power plant on the Colorado river in 1936. Since in the Nevada desert to the lack of electricity is not observed, therefore, charging stations for electric cars around here.
Until you lose the next twenty slot machines, your electric car is charging for free Parking at the casino. By the way, drive to the Hoover dam on the electric range with one charge, covered the distance in 30 miles from the gambling capital of the world to the great engineering structures. Then near the dam can recharge and drive back to Las Vegas without starting the main diesel engine.
the driver is a 3 mode hybrid installation in BMW X5 xDrive 40e: automatic, energy conservation and maximum use of electricity.
In automatic mode, which by default is activated each time you start the SUV, electric motor, according to its algorithm that helps the main engine sometimes completely disabling it. Find this algorithm on the gas pedal fairly easy — a reaction to the non-linear accelerator and each subsequent time is different from the previous one. I press a bit stronger, as the SUV with a well perceptible impetus to rush forward.
to the dependence of pressure on the right floor pedal was linear, it is necessary to translate a hybrid installation in the power saving mode in which the electric motor is switched off, and with it "off" and 75 electric horsepower, which significantly affects the vehicle dynamics. On the other hand, moving on cruise control for perfect American multilane highways, the dynamics of the supercar is not particularly required. Here the locomotive needs more stability on the road and good insulation of the cabin.
In the "electric car" BMW X5 for some time becomes "Tesla" so the only sound you will hear is the soft sound of wheels on asphalt. And here we have to be prepared for the fact that pedestrians can you simply ignore. After all, long been accustomed to the distinctive sound of the engine and exhaust system of the BMW X5 calling quickly jump to the side, and here and there a hint of insolence.
it Should be noted that the wheels of the BMW X5 hybrid can rustle up on asphalt, but on dirt road.
ground Clearance is 209 mm and a proprietary system of a full drive xDrive allow freely enough feel on rough terrain.
Only on such hard terrain, as in the Western United States, we must also try not to "catch" side of the cut tires on the sharp stone. About the spare wheel here it is not and is in sight. And district of Death Valley in California and areas nearby in the picturesque deserts of Nevada, Arizona and Utah, which hosted a test drive BMW X5 with the battery in the trunk, just famous for their "traps" for carefree tourists.
Trunk, by the way, not especially suffered from the presence of a "bunch" of extra batteries. If the "normal" X5 its volume is 650 litres, here in hybrid version of the Bavarian SUV — 500 L. This is enough to load bulky Luggage 2-3 travelers.
Even if you consider the BMW X5 mainly for long trips, it is possible to take a closer look at the hybrid version of the X5 with economical 2 litre petrol engine under the bonnet.
On the slopes will accumulate the energy to ultimately save fuel and make the world a little cleaner.
But if your usual route is from home to office and back with a stop at the store, a cinema and a gym, so this is a good option for a personal vehicle.
BMW X5 xDrive 40e iPerformance sold in Russia for 4 680 000, which is only slightly more expensive than the "input" of the petrol version of the SUV. Besides hybrid X5 is going in Germany, but not in Kaliningrad region. Maybe for someone this will be the deciding argument for buying high-tech BMW X5 with a hybrid power plant in the presence of your own home with a charging station or at least indoor Parking with an outlet near the car.