The long test of the Toyota Highlander, which for some reason almost everyone likes. Part 1

We, the industry, journalists often become hostages of their own stereotypes. When you make a year is more cars than in the lives of many people (we really sorry) in the mind are inevitably shaped by the way of the unicorn. Such cars does not exist, but we firmly believe that it should look so ideal. The funny thing is that every journalist has a car of his own. And then you encounter the opinions of people who buy cars for a hard earned, and not taken from the press of the Park, and realize that your stereotypes are all wrong.
what am I all that? Yes to the fact that all the people I drove in the updated Toyota Highlander, was overjoyed. In General, you know?
And I moved the many. Family, parents, friends and even combat squad of mothers with their offspring. And they all, with one voice, and said, "nice car!". Although my car is a unicorn Highlander has nothing to do. The normal slap, right?
Argument of the respondents was always roughly the same: large, comfortable, solid, roomy. And the lack of practicality of this car really do not blame.
Standard boot capacity Toyota Highlander — 813 liters. And it's so much that compartment, like any great, but for some reason not occupied space immediately turned into a mobile closet. First there was a bike son, then added to his scooter, and then we put the stroller on long walks. After some time settled there a box of dishes, which we had to take the parents, but we forgot about it. And while in the trunk "Highlander" still had plenty of room. Cool? How!
Yes, when there is a need in the third row of seats, the space was reduced to 269 liters, and all the excess had to unload. But even this amount was enough to, for example, to remove from children's party packs with gifts and remnants of the holiday table.
the Third row in the Highlander is not quite boiling hot, but better to let those who care or those who have not yet reached the right to vote. But on the second row — almost limousine comfort. Sections of the sofa are regulated longitudinally, the angle of the backrest is also changing. There is a separate area of climate and warmups, and the hidden door sun blinds. But this isn't it.

motor.ruAnd in that back seat so much that this car really can be used for travel with the driver. The stock is for legs and head. And, quite magically, there is no Central tunnel, and all wheel drive! Therefore, even the three rear passengers will be just as good as on the train Moscow-Chita with a meek attendant, tea, chicken in foil and clean linen.
But the front is a typical Toyota. The center console is simple and is made of the fact that there is always in stock. Ergonomics, as in any Toyota, is not without sin: some important buttons are hidden on the left under the steering wheel, the steering wheel keys in bulk (about half of which I touch while I'm afraid), and the multimedia system Toyota Touch 2 I still don't like. Graphics from the beginning of the two thousandth, with the logic of the menu control has a problem, but my gadget on Android for some reason she refused to play the music. Both via Bluetooth and via USB. With the "iPhone", however, everything worked fine.
Yes, I agree that almost all of the above draws an image of "Highlander" as a great family car. But if the creators of all barrows took into consideration these aspects, we would live on the most boring planet in the Universe!
However, and this Toyota Highlander is trying to answer. After updating Russian motor gamma was reduced by half to a single engine, very curly. This motor is a 3.5-liter V6 power of 249 force, perfectly integrated into the Russian system of taxation.
however, after restyling torque insignificant grown — from 337 to 356 Nm, and uncontested in the automatic gearbox, there were two additional steps, and now it's eight.
Engine, as befits a big atmosferico, very decent pull throughout the Rev range, peaking to 4700 rpm, good running 92 and quite a nice sound. But wow-effect does not produce.
passport Toyota Highlander accelerates up to hundreds for a very brisk 8.8 seconds. That's just in this car, they never excite, and indeed it seems that the 2.1-ton crossover spends on this exercise more than the allotted standard. Although the roar of "six" is like down there, tires worn to the cord.
this is an illusion, even good. Because the brakes in this car have to get used to. They seem so inefficient, that I want to go to the dealer and check their viability. But everything is normal. Just they're like that: not very informative and not very grippy. After a couple of hundred kilometers to their settings used and the initial fear has remembered with surprise, like a phantom limb.
But the fuel consumption is causing the pain is very real. When I was going to take the Highlander for a month, the choir experienced colleagues warned me about his excessive gluttony. I was smart enough not to argue with them on anything serious, but I still said, can make "Toyota" to consume no more than 11 litres a hundred.
I couldn't. My best indicator is 14.5 liters per hundred kilometers. No movement at the same pace with the half-empty trucks on the ring road, nor a waiver of drive by traffic, and the maximum gentle attitude with the gas pedal wouldn't let me drop the data cluster below this level. Well, at least ' 92 — in fact it leaves a slight hope that the family will find something to eat in the next week.
fortunately, the Highlander and is not urged on the chase, stopping in the corners so that others froze in the pose of a woman with a paddle. The wheel is long and uninformative, and progulivali, though not too alarmingly, the body cools the ardor abruptly sudden Ice Bucket Challenge.
If you try to extrapolate Toyota Highlander for traditional household items, you get a pet sofa, where every evening the family gathers for a good time. It is a bit littered with crumbs of food, a little frayed in the habitat most overall members, but it is not necessary to wait for surprises in the spring, decided to diversify leisure and bites you in the ass. No, but really, what could be the delight of the sofa?
however, remind you that all who went to Highlander besides me, was from him in delight. That is, it was not a simple "well, well", and "wow, what a cool car". And I still have two weeks to understand — why? Most likely, as a classic said of memology, there is the compelling and terrible reason. /m