Test drive the Range Rover Velar: the Power of the elements

Modern philosophy distinguishes four elements — water, air, earth and fire. Range Rover Velar is very closely linked with all, but represents only one — wind. He's quick, daring, expressive. He makes your heart beat faster as the driver and passers-by, looking at him from outside. He is just perfect. All over?
Concept car to run in the series? Who on a dare? From the conservative Brits this just was not expected. But they decided even without shoukara to study the demand and, it seems, is not lost. After all the noise of the discussions of the previous show-stopper Evoque has long subsided, so the time has come to remind myself again. New crossover SUV from Range Rover Velar is designed for young and ambitious young buyers who "Ewok" is small, and the Sport — too big. Let's examine more info that can surprise new, except for the hidden door handles. Questions about them for a week test drive I was already tired to answer.
Remove the extra
Straight horizontal lines making the appearance of the British crossover. Look, they're everywhere. Both simple and noble — over door handles, thresholds, head and rear optics, podshtampovkami on the hood, and decorative panels in the kit and on the wings. Dodger, by the way, there are two options — regular and the R package-Dynamic, consisting of more complex bumpers and overlays "on copper" on the hood and fenders. In this embodiment, just as the hero of our test.
We, the editors agreed on the opinion that if the designers Velar could remove from the car rearview mirror, they would. But I had to hide only the door handles. They come out when you open the car, and hide at a speed exceeding 8 km/h, or when activating the Central locking. Assumptions about their fragility unfair. They are actually massive and even willing to break the layer of ice in the ice up to a thickness of half centimeter. If you do wear out the battery, driving the knob can be extracted mechanically because of her hidden lock cylinder for the key.
a Huge sunroof the panoramic sliding roof has several provisions. For crossover there are several variants of wheel disks with a radius of from 18 to 21 inches, and has a 22-inch — by special order. On our "Velare" — a relatively modest 21-inch. On cars with spring suspension clearance is stable and equal to 213 mm And in versions with air suspension ground clearance range from 205 to 251 mm, having three fixed positions. Interestingly, the owners of the "pneuma" can drop to the ground from the left side 8 mm for ease of boarding and alighting of the driver.
Led headlamps on the test car is very interesting. In automatic mode they can turn on and "near" and "far" — depending on, does the car in front of someone can blind. But if you want to forcibly turn on the high beam, it included "the most far", it's a real diesel the spotlight — or the ship, I do not know! In the dark of night in front of the machine is formed like the light-flooded tunnel that you can drive quickly and confidently. And that our version had not been fixed matrix laser headlights, which are generally "hit" at 550 meters!
Rear camera zabryzgivaya road slush, but the Range Rover is not the problem. When you activate the rear washer, and the injector is triggered the camera. Surcharge "British" can get a system of the circular review and "avtoparkovka", default same — sensors sensors on the perimeter.
Jump into the new era
Standing on the gray asphalt take left side surface of the handle. The heavy door opens, and it opens a completely strange world are not yet generally available to other carmakers. There, in the cabin, the luxury and the realm of new technologies. And both are extremely intertwined organically. Of course, touch screens us today is difficult to surprise. But of course to fit them into the interior could not be anyone else. And to write was what we're talking about two ten-inch screens.

drive.ru the First monitor plays the role of the instrument panel. By default, it shows two dials and a small window card. But we can all be personalized, to the point that you leave the navigation map on the entire screen. The second monitor is in the usual place at the top of the center console. It is designed for multimedia system or navigation, and has seven provisions of the tilt angle. Third TV fit below, in the place of management of climate control. It also serves as a service screen: temperature display, modes of suspension or motor to change, which is heated to activate. But all of these things are conditional, if desired, can be a lot to shuffle.
Seat a lot. Only in one direction at a tall driver will be a small margin of freedom is over my head. Nothing can be done, it is the panoramic sunroof eats up a few treasured inches. Sitting behind the wheel, not as high as in the models-the older brothers. The road and the hood are perceived well, only in bad weather dead space janitors left "utolsaet" front stand, in the corners you need to carefully watch for pedestrians. Hight adjustable armrest he finds the right hand, but the doors ground under the arm lower than I would like.
Electric adjustment is located on the chair on the door made only a memory. Opponents of natural leather can enjoy a specially created fabric Kvadrat which 30% consists of wool. Don't worry, the cost of such options is not lower than expensive leather package. On the second row almost straight, the sofa allows you to sit the three of us. From the options at the rear of the riders — only the air vents and outlet. The surcharge — your climate control system, monitors in the headrests and other pleasures.

drive.ruthe trunk capacity 673 litres to ship something large and dusty don't want it too luxurious, while the materials and finish look practical. On each side — 12-volt outlet and hooks for bags. Blind and backrest of the second row are only mechanical and make it more convenient from the residential compartment. Under the floor — "stowaway", she relies on our version, with its big wheels, and cars with "rollers" smaller fifth wheel can be standard. In this case, the cargo area is obtained per 100 litres of less.
the Wind like the wind
Who is responsible for the strength of the wind and the free-stream velocity in "Velare"? There are no hybrid solutions or electrosorption. Range of power units consists of a pair of petrol engines of 2.0 (250 and 300 HP) and 3.0-liter (380 HP) and two turbodiesels of the same volume. Diesels give 180 and 240 forces in 2.0-liter and 300 HP with the 3.0-liter. Our Velar — "middling". It features diesel "kopeck piece" with the 240 HP of power and maximum torque of 500 Nm. How does it drive? Yes, just fine! Hurricane thrust propels the car forward and after 7.3 seconds we gain the first 100 km/h.
Yeah, you don't feel like a wild overload and your shoulders are not buried in the back of the chair. But the acceleration Velar gambling becomes so fascinating that you cannot stop acceleration, or rather don't want to. The water is shut off only when the speedometer exceeds 180-190 km/h. In sport mode the engine and 8-speed automatic transmission driving the tachometer needle in the red zone and switch after 4000 rpm. /min. And it happens almost unnoticed!
Appetite of a Range Rover in the city can reach 9 liters per 100 km On the highway the same in uniform motion with active cruise control at permitted speeds, the flow rate does not exceed 6.5 liters.
But sporting character and appearance are not deprived of "BRITA" off-road nature of the Land Rover. Permanent all-wheel drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics is triggered quickly. Low-range, which is legendary for the Discovery SUV, was missing. But available as optional cross-axle lock the rear differential. If you raise the air suspension to the off-road position, you get more ground clearance 250 mm, and when slipping automatics even slightly raises the body. Of course, in the "cocked" position, the crossover seems tougher. Depending on the selected mode in the Terrain Control system, you are changing the settings of the accelerator, transmission and stabilization system.

drive.ru to Load the Range Rover in the water we did not dare, although it could. A car Braves the murky depths to 650 mm. off-road "cruise" ASPC on homogeneous soil goes fine, but if wet grass alternates with stones and gravel, the change of coatings can be confusing electronics wise.
On a flat road the air suspension seems more comfortable than hard sports. With a sharp "perestavnoj" heavy and long hood gives small rolls. But descending on the track body and wide 21-inch wheels allows you to be confident in turn. Slow "Velar" obediently, evenly dosing the pedal at any speed.
this is the temperament!
to Harness the elements and direct it into creative direction is very difficult, but the Range Rover did it. Their Velar does not seem extreme, all performance figures are held in the tenacious line security systems that will give young and hot souls naturalcity. And off-road machine is not afraid, unlike many of its competitors: "Range" will travel almost anywhere. Importantly, the clumps of dirt managed to fly from the tires, until you can reach the fashionable night club.