Movement for dance for beginners: learn how to dance video

to Master the basic movements for dance for beginners is easy thanks to clear video tutorials. Importantly, honestly assess their capabilities and to choose the appropriate dance style. Some directions are too complex and not suitable for beginners, so before you start your first classes, you should carefully examine what types of dance are there and which one suits you.

Club dance Go-Go

Dance go-go originated in the 60-ies of the last century in the night clubs of America. It was originally based on dance movements twist that girls performed directly on the tables. Then the owners of one of the clubs thought to put dancers in cages suspended from the ceiling, and through this technique, the dancing Go-Go have become incredibly popular: elegant and sensual movement attracted to the club a huge number of visitors.

This dance requires the performers to great physical strength, great flexibility, looseness and impeccable sense of rhythm. Usually it is performed to modern pop music includes many different styles such as strip dance, hip-hop, twerk and others. Beginners will find it difficult to learn the dance from scratch, but try still stands. The advantage of go is that dancers are allowed to improvise, and clear rules, which are evaluated movement does not exist.

Latin American dancing

the Group of Latin American dancing includes the famous salsa, Rumba, bachata, cha-cha-cha, merengue. This direction is ideal for beginners easy movements for dance for beginners easily learn, they can develop a special grace, sensuality and plasticity. Thanks to the video tutorial you can learn how to dance beautifully and after a few sessions to Shine on the dance floor!

At the heart of Latin American dances are passionate, energetic movement of the hips, relaxed and filled with freedom, straight, proud posture and chin up. It is important to note that all steps are performed on bent legs. This area requires a good physical preparation, so beginners should not expect lightning fast results, but perseverance will bear fruit.


This beautiful and passionate dance that is usually performed in pairs. There are several varieties of tango: Argentinean, Finnish and ball. The first option is the most popular, and the latter, ballroom, often chosen as a wedding dance a happy couple.

Learn the basic steps and positions can even beginners, but in order to learn the real skill, have a lot of sweat. The dance moves for beginners are easy to remember, and the pair always moves counter-clockwise.

belly Dance

One of the most popular destinations for girls - Oriental dance, as the movements are very simple and beautiful, helps to relax and awaken sensuality. Belly dance is much easier than strip dance does not require physical training and special flexibility, so you can learn it in the shortest possible time.

Originally this ancient dance was performed concubines for his master, but today his dance even discos. The basic movements for belly dance for beginners include rocking hips, the soft movement of hands and chest. Video tutorial will learn to move rhythmically and beautifully.

to learn how to dance, you need to overcome shyness and my laziness. Due to the simple videothreesome beginners can try yourself in different directions and choose the one that does best and delivers the greatest pleasure. Basic movements for dance for beginners is easy to learn and regular practice will allow you to achieve the desired skill level.