How to draw Troll Rose from the famous cartoon?

Many kids are fond of colorful and musical animated film "Trolls". It tells of the cheerful multi-colored men that love to sing, to dance, to have fun and to cuddle. The main character became crown rosette. She inadvertently infects the audience with his optimism, invites you to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. How to draw a Rose cartoon "Trolls" to raise your spirits on a dull day?

Make sketches

To work we need: paper, pencil, eraser, and lots of bright colours to depict the rainbow world of trolls. How to draw a Rose? First make a pencil sketch:
  • Draw an oval, which then becomes the head of the heroine.
  • Guide inside it three horizontal lines at the level of the eyes, nose and mouth. Now, add a vertical bar in the place where it will be in the middle of the face. It should be slightly offset to the left, as rose is sideways to us.
  • Label dress, drawing a triangle under the oval.
  • Lines mark the hands and feet. Her hands and feet indicate small rectangles.

Draw face

we Continue the conversation about how to draw a Troll Rose. Go to the image of her face:
  • Draw eyes on the top horizontal line. First one circle inside another - less. And the tiny pupil. Add eyebrows and delicate lashes.
  • Draw a smiling mouth, broad nose ball and the nostril on the side.
  • Ears are large Roses, oval. In the middle for reliability, as depicted by curved lines.
  • Now came the turn of the bangs. Rose lays her on two sides. The hair is rather long and reaches to the cheeks.
  • Above the bangs draw rim, decorated with flowers.
  • Hair trolls are raised up and are in the shape of an elongated cone. Depicted with wavy lines. Upstairs they break down into a few pointed curls.

Finish the picture

How to draw a Troll the Rose in all its splendor? Like any girl, she loves to dress up. Therefore, depicted a beautiful dress with a collar and pattern on the hem. Draw arms, legs. And take up the paint.
We need different shades of pink for painting the body of the heroine, her hairstyles, her nose, her cheeks. For the dress and headband on the head need green, blue and blue paint. Pay special attention to the background. It can sparkle with rainbow colors, creating a festive mood.
How to draw a Troll Rosette? Most importantly, have a positive attitude, without which it is impossible to convey the character of the irrepressible heroine. And everything else is minor details, with which you must cope.