How to draw a decorative black and white still life in different ways

Black-and-white still life can be drawn in various ways. He may look like a standard pencil sketch, and as an interesting illustration of spots or letters. Today we will talk about different techniques that you can easily repeat at home.

picture spots

Black-and-white still life is often made of decorative. Why? Yes, because it is so advantageous looks. Realistic image, devoid of color, may look appropriate if it is a portrait, illustration or something similar, multipart. Realistic still life considered not very interesting. Therefore, many artists prefer works of arts. Still life black and white is drawn very simply. First you need to set the composition. You can draw from that it would be easier, or come up with a statement in mind. In our case on the table is a jug and bowl of apples. On the wall hung a bow and drape. When all this was found a suitable place on the sheet, and the details worked out, you can go to the division of objects into parts. And this must be done not in a chaotic manner, and clearly thinking through to the white side by side with black and none of the items are not lost.

line chart

still life black and white you can draw in different techniques. One of them – the image of the pattern with lines. To draw such a picture, you need to take items that have a distinct texture. If it is not, then the relief will have to come up with. Start drawing black and white still life with the compositional. First, all of the proposed items. In our case this mug with flowers, apples and a wood Desk. After all the items have taken their place, we begin to develop the form, and then details. Final action – image of the invoice. The circle becomes horizontal stripes, flowers and apples – black and white border. Be sure to show the texture of the table. Preferably in a still life combining the horizontal and vertical lines, so that the objects are not merged, and stood out on the background of each other.

picture letters

This image will look like a black-and-white graphics. Still life consists of letters that fade into words and even sentences. How to draw such original decorative composition? You should first draw a sketch. Outline the Cup and the newspaper, which will be in the background. Then you need to divide the figure by colours. For example, coffee in the mug, should be the most rich in tone, the second is a drop shadow, and the third – private. Thus, it is possible to divide the whole sketch lines. After that, if you are confident in your abilities, you can paint drawing gel pen, as if worried that something will not work, first, make underpainting letters with a pencil. However, in this case, to trace the letters have ink. Gel pen bad draws in pencil. To apply the letters follows the shape of the objects. And be sure to play with the height and width. One word can be very narrow, and the other two to three times more. You can encrypt in this picture some of the phrases, and it is possible to write arbitrary words.