How to dance hard bass: user manual

Hard bass style of music and part dance, which is widespread across Russia and is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. On his fans laugh on the Internet, as the overwhelming part of them are football hooligans and aggressive teenagers associated with the criminal world. The dance movements are very primitive, so no need to worry about how to dance hard bass.


In the early 2000s in St. Petersburg younger generation was suffering from a spiritual crisis. Russian rock is gradually pushed to the background. He was practically extinct. The adult generation was obsessed with chanson. POPs everyone already tired, so the youth remained nothing how to create something completely new. For the first time hard bass included in the clubs where going to Gopnik, the hallmark of which was sports pants Adidas. "Cultural" population demanded some kind of replacement of the Caucasian lezginka. The replacement came in the form of hard bass. Here joined right-wing supporters. Hard bass has become the hallmark of okolofutbolnyh.


Peak of popularity in 2010, when four young Petersburger has posted a video where he taught how to dance hard bass. Video scattered across the Internet and became the new meme. The authors of the video are Paul Zhukov and Val Stoletov. These two people brought a culture of hard bass to a new level. After that, people from different parts of Russia began to make parodies of popular videos than it promoted and helped to gain international popularity that has not waned to this day.

the Essence of dance

the Essence of dance is rhythmic movement underneath the low bits. Movement is simple and energetic. Even the most humble person, hearing the rhythm of the music, will want to understand how to dance hard bass. But then, is not required. The movements are simple. You can dance how you want and how much. Words in music are the most straightforward. The look in them something sacred is not worth it. And the movement match the music. The bit rate in the compositions is one hundred fifty beats per minute. Deep metaphor there. There is brewing some kind of joke: drunks, dancing hard bass, urge people to follow a healthy lifestyle. Such a discrepancy is obtained. Style that vocation was supposed to encourage people to bad habits, doing the opposite. At the same time rock, reggae, and many other musical directions called for unhealthy lifestyle - sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.

How to dance hard bass

Certain rules in this matter does not exist. Just gather ten people in the city centre or on public transport, and dancing to fast music. The most common movement is waving his hands at a time with stomping with the heel, but it's all individual. You have to follow your body, not obey some certain rules which tell you how to dance hard bass.
Meme this dance has reached the point that any irrational movement, which is found in movies and TV shows takes the hard bass. For example, a very popular video, where the character of the movie "It" Pennywise dancing hard bass. If you look at everything with common sense, the antagonist of the novel of Stephen king and film adaptations of just jumping on the spot. But it's also considered hard bass.
Say exactly when will be the hype with this dance, it is impossible. It is distributed worldwide, but any meme ever die. Probably, this is no exception. His homeland - Russia. For many patriots, this is pride, but most people from abroad, who saw this dance and jeer at the performers. So the pride of the country it certainly cannot be considered.