How to draw a fireplace?

a Perfect decoration for your home for the upcoming Christmas holidays can be a fireplace. True, of course, very expensive, and in the apartment a fireplace and does not place. There are electric fireplaces, but they are also not cheap. Where is it in this case to take? Not remains nothing how to draw a fireplace - an inexpensive and fast way. This requires minimal drawing skills, simple materials and a desire to create. You will easily cope with this task in one evening.

What you need

in order to have an idea on how to draw a fireplace, you need to find it a suitable example on the Internet. Once the picture is found, you need to choose a place that will host painted the fireplace and what size it will be.
Now you can safely go to the store for art supplies, of course, if you haven't got all the necessities of home.
You will need the following:
  • drawing Paper. It is better to take the format of paper, with a margin. Extra, if necessary, can be cut, but if not enough, then it will be very unpleasant.
  • pencil.
  • Eraser.
  • Ruler.
  • Paint is better to take gouache as they are easier to paint a fireplace on the flipchart. They are easily overlapping each other and you can apply several layers.
  • Two brushes, thin and thick.
  • Jar of water to dilute the paint.

How to draw a fireplace

to place the fireplace on the paper better vertically, although this will depend on where you have it then attach.

first you need To use the ruler to mark and draw the side walls and apex in the mantle, as well as the center to plan a place for the furnace and wood in the form of an arch.
Facade of a fireplace will look more impressive if the "stoning" him with a brick. Bricks can be lined with a ruler, so they will look neat, or to draw the brickwork by hand. It depends on your imagination.
Now draw the furnace of blazing logs.

If you are not sure how to draw a fire in the fireplace, then you will get a suitable photo. Of course, you can simplify your task by depicting only the fire without firewood. Draw the flames upward flowing meandering lines.

Start painting

Before you start to paint, attach a sheet with a pencil drawing of the fireplace to the wall and he went forward a few steps, evaluate your work from a distance. Check the evenness of the walls and placement of the furnace. If there are no errors and you are completely satisfied with your work at this stage, you can start painting with gouache.
To begin, mix red and brown paint and paint over the bricks, not forgetting to leave a distance between them. You then will be painted with black paint. Brown cover the top of the fireplace. You can add a thin dark brown lines to simulate wood.
it Is the turn to enliven your fireplace, drawing in the furnace of fire. Your task is to make it as bright as possible, mixing red and yellow paint. It will be the main color. They cover a large part of the fire. Its base draw a pure yellow color and add a few individual flames. Let the picture dry completely before proceeding to the final step.
Now we need to darken the place around the flame to make it sparkle even brighter. Carefully, trying not to touch the flame, trace it with a dark brown color and paint the mouth of the fireplace. Not be amiss to add bright sparkles on dark background around the fire.


After the pattern is completely dry, you will just have to put the finished fireplace in the right place. Do not have to glue it to the wall, especially the Wallpaper. You can use a piece of cardboard or box.
since you have a fireplace, drawn on New year's, the picture would not be complete without holiday decorations. One of the most popular traditions is hanging over the fireplace socks for Christmas gifts. Decorative socks you can make yourself from construction paper or felt. Or draw on paper and cut out. You can stick to the fireplace Christmas tinsel and all that you feel is appropriate.
actually, following the instructions and holding before him the examples is not too difficult to draw a fireplace as it might seem at first. Of course, try to have, but the result of the work will delight you and your loved ones, and create a cozy atmosphere and new year mood.