The Arctic is beautiful! How to draw a Arctic with children

outside the window the snow, and selected for the next picture theme of the Arctic. For a child is a journey. Adult can to give him a lot of knowledge about the natural world.

the Arctic – it is very beautiful and very cold

to understand how to draw an Arctic, get to know with her closer.
not all adults know that the polar bear does not live with the penguins. Because they live on opposite ends of the Earth.
you Can watch with your child in books or Internet pictures of animals and birds living in the Arctic.

Main attractions are the Arctic – of course, the polar bear and the Northern lights.
Tell your child about the polar day and polar night. Together, consider photos of the Northern lights. Note the shape, color. Explain to the kid what is this phenomenon and why there is in the Arctic.
In the book or online read how the lives of a polar bear. Look carefully at the picture. How does he look? What this bear is different from others? The value of drawing that generates the observation. The child learns to analyze.

Ready to paint

this time the picture of the Arctic is done with pastels and chalk.
  • paper black;
  • special eraser that erases pastel (called Klyachko);
  • pastel crayons;
  • photo or picture of white bears when walking.
note that body of the polar bear resembles a pear, which lies on its side. The color of the eyes and nose of the beast? Consider a baby how powerful the bears paws. Let the child several times with a finger will turn the bear body contour. If possible, print the pattern on printer. Then you can trace with a pencil many times. So hand gets used to the coordination.
Now, you decide how to draw the Arctic. It will be a polar night. Beautiful Northern lights and stars. And snow is white bear.

Draw on stages

a little Adult help, for example, draws the connection of the feet with the body, erase the unnecessary lines.
  • Draw the body of a bear lying like a pear. Will doricum paws. The bear goes, but not hanging in space, and not flying. So, we need to draw a track for him.
  • Now turn to the contours of the icy hummocks (chunks of ice). Represented.
  • Paint the bear.
  • Flip the piece “upside down”. Proceed to Northern lights. It usually green, but occasionally there are wonderful colored flashes. Its lines are vertical, because it is in nature. Begin to draw yellow. The little finger slightly rubs an intermittent tape along the lines. Got the glow.
  • Add the Northern lights the other colors. It may be blue, orange, green. Don't forget to pound.
  • Paint the hummocks. Take the white and blue pastels to show the roughness of the ice.
  • Draw black eyes, nose. White chalk and put dots in the sky. It stars. Good outline of the bear contour, white is also fine. So it is better visible on the background.
  • Coloring the surface of the ice, which is a bear. Has light and shaded areas. Paint them white and blue crayons. Tell your child about the shadow. If there is sunshine then we can show you.
Picture is ready. Figure out her story.

so, was it the Arctic. To draw a picture it will be able the child is six or seven years. And ahead for a new journey across countries and continents!