Artist Fedor Petrovich Tolstoy: a biography

a unique and multi-talent of Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy, biography of this remarkable figure of the late classicism worthy of the attention of modern art lovers. Know about it much less than, for example, Repin, Shishkin or Vrubel. We offer information about this amazing person, revealing interesting moments of his life and creativity.

the Wind of inspiration

Count Fedor Petrovich Tolstoy belonged to the estate of nobles, the baby was recorded at the Life-guard regiment. the Father of the future artist led the war Department to provide the army with uniforms, food, allowance. The boy's parents longed to see her son among the officers and he predicted a military future. However, first degree small count Tolstoy received in the Polotsk Jesuit College, where he studied languages, theology was a faculty of liberal arts. Perhaps there is to the studious and inquisitive boy touched the Muse, inspiring in a child's heart faithful love for art.


Soon, a small graph was taken from Belarus, home to St. Petersburg and gave the Marine corps. As a cadet, Fedor Tolstoy had the courage to visit the Academy of arts as an auditor. Dream to become a professional artist grew stronger, so that Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy, decided to abandon military service. Against the advice of relatives and the opinion of others, he resigned, dedicating himself to art. These were years of hardship, but for a moment twenty-year-old listener Academy of art did not regret his decision. He diligently mastered the skill of the sculptor, were done under the guidance of his friend Orest Kiprensky sketches of plaster models.

a Breath of Hellas

Favorite era of the artist – Antiquity. He enthusiastically copied ancient Greek and Roman statues, plastic reinforcing the accuracy of a careful study of the history, traditions, and customs of the people of earlier times. Already two years after the start of training, drawings and bas-reliefs of thick aroused widespread interest, and the Emperor Alexander the First allows the artist to work in the Winter Palace. In 1809, after he has presented on court of spectators the bas-relief of the triumphal entry of Alexander the great in Babylon, Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy was elected an honorary member of the Academy of arts. Then he created his first medal dedicated to the educational activities of Chatsky. A year later, the Emperor appoints Tolstoi to the post of medallist to the Mint.

First in the medal case

the Love of detail, ease and accuracy and allowed the master to create unsurpassed quality memorials. Impact resistant artist's opinion that the medal should be embossed so that everyone could understand for what reason it is done. St. Petersburg Academy of arts for many years awarded the best students with medals Tolstoy.
Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy did 20 expressive medallions in memory of the Patriotic war of 1812, created a dozen medallions, devoted to the events of the Turkish-Persian wars of 1826-29. Historical facts the author understood allegorically, and why the product has acquired a deep meaning and of great artistic value. The excellence in medallic art, Tolstoy wrote a work about the secrets of the Creator, who longs to become a medallist of the artist, not a craftsman. Medallions of count Fyodor Tolstoy is well known abroad, the master was elected as a member of a European Academy of arts.

What kind of deal did the artist Feodor Petrovich Tolstoy, his heart and hand were always motivated by the creative impulse, patriotism and aesthetic sense, and not a desire to please the interests of those in power and senior officials. He avoids realistic play hell statesmen, and uses symbols and allegories in memorable images.

the Gift of the sculptor

Not all of the work of F. P. Tolstoy came to modern admirers of his talent. However, what we can enjoy in museums today, is truly magnificent. In the Tver art gallery exhibited a convex embossed work rose wax “Bathed the kids” and “the Boy is under the covers”. They betrays a passion of the author to the refined grace of Greek culture. So his “Darling”, exhibited in the Hermitage. The elegance of the contours, the softness and expressiveness of the lines are forced to remember the figure of a girl for a long time.
Profile portraits of yellow, pink and white wax, placed on a black Board or glass, show a gift of the artist, who understood the psychological component of the portrait genre. In the State Russian Museum you can see sculptures created by the hand of F. P. Tolstoy. This is done in the marble “Head of Christ” with bowed brow and downcast eyes, full of wise love and dignity. Or terracotta bust of the God of sleep Morpheus, tightly closed eyes which invite the viewer into the sweet world of slumber. The talent of the sculptor have not remained without attention of the Council of the Academy of arts, appointed Professor of Fyodor Tolstoy prestigious educational institutions.

Brush miraculous Tolstoy

the gift of the painter – a special page in the creative life of Tolstoy. Many of the drawings depicting a family of artists, closely connected with the biography of Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy. A photo of the painting “Family portrait”, where the master has painted himself, his first wife Anna Fyodorovna and their daughters Mary and Elizabeth, are presented below. The liveliness and volume to the picture gives the ensemble settled down at the table group on the background receding into the distance a Suite of rooms, where full everyday life at home.

Attention to realistic detail and impact in other paintings Fedor Petrovich Tolstoy. Beautiful work “rooms”, which repeats a favorite term in the world of open doors, gives an idea of the artist as a master of composition and light. The appearance of graceful antique statues resonates with slim feminine silhouettes in the depth of the rooms, shiny mirrors – with the pouring out of the Windows world.
F. P. Tolstoy dabbled in the genre of landscape. Sketches of Naples, the views of Bergen and the village of Pargolovo, near St. Petersburg harmonious and refined. Pushkin mentioned ‘a brush of the miraculous" in Tolstoy's great novel “Eugene Onegin”, describing the albums pretty girls.
From simple still lifes Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy not to tear off eyes. Here piercing the fresh beauty of a painting “a Bunch of flowers, butterfly and bird”, but it is authentically detailed with a weave of Burgundy, yellow and blue spots in the middle of the green “a branch of a raspberry, butterfly, and ant”. You can endlessly looking at the peerless beads red and white currants or amber matte hradynky juicy grapes.

a Fighter for human dignity

About the biography of the artist Feodor Petrovich Tolstoy briefly tell hard, she was so multi-faceted. For example, one of the important aspects of the master's life was his political activity, based on a progressive citizenship. He was a member of the most advanced movements of his time, realizing that it is necessary to change the obsolete social order. Feodor Petrovich Tolstoy was in a Masonic Lodge, participated in the creation of Lancastrian schools, designed to spread literacy among the people, at the age of 35 years, he entered into a secret Decembrist "the Union of Welfare”, becoming one of its leaders.

Personal life

Fyodor Tolstoy was married twice. Life the way it ended, surrounded by the daughters from his first and second marriages. Two boys born of the Union with Anastasia Ivanova Agafonova, died in infancy. Life twice was a gift to Tolstoy harmonious marital relationship. His first wife, who died of a stroke, the artist combined a touching love for art, with the second – a unity of beliefs. Together they secured the release and sheltered at itself the fighter for the independence of Ukraine of Taras Shevchenko.

In gratitude

In the years of his life quirky combine the same numbers: was born in 1783, died – 1873. Fyodor Tolstoy lived 90 rich years. This is one of those people who give chance to all new, boldly abandoning conservatism, when time throws people a call.